Monster Baby

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Submitted: September 17, 2018

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Submitted: September 17, 2018



Monster Baby


  Well tonight viewers from Sydney Australia we hear that

the monster baby that was orbiting the earth for months

has crash landed on their famous Bondi Beach. The baby

is dead unfortunately, but the local lifesavers have 

organised a huge barbecue, and are cutting flesh off the

baby and cooking it, and making hamburgers that they

are selling to the visiting tourists. The proceeds are been

donated to their surf life saving club.

  As its meat cooks toddlers are playing on its skeletal

remains, using their plastic buckets and spades to build

sand castles on  what's left of it. Some enterprising child

has even planted small Australian flags into the vacant eye

sockets in its skull.

  Sadly is been reported that some of the tourists who 

have eaten its meat have become quite ill, and are

vomiting into the waves, and onto bikini clad beauties

sunbaking on the sand, while others have gone insane, 

and have attacked preganant women at the nearby

shopping centre, ripping apart their stomachs with wolf

like teeth, to liberate their babies from their wombs.

  Needless to say the authorities have cancelled their 

visas, and they will soon be deported. We will be 

reporting any further developments including the 

mysterious disappearance of the baby's brains, eyes,

and tongue, what exactly happened to them? Did 

someone eat them? In our next late night edition

of fake news, and now here is our transgender 

weather girl in a burka with tomorrow's all inclusive 

fake weather forcast. Chow!



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