KIA - Season 2 Episode 1 (Death at Birth)

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Troy attempts at hacking the national military to obtain nuclear accessories for his weapon design. In between, it's also learnt that Kaiser as ways of getting to KIA himself, just as KIA wants to
get to him. The question lies in how Kaiser has relationships with people like KIA, Troy, and even Mitch Hutchinson.

Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA' Season 1]

(Judge is slamming is striking his mallet onto the wooden desk to get everyone's attention)

CALLER - The court will now begin.

JUDGE - Members of the Parliament, Mayor's Cabinet, Jury; thank you for sparing time to be hear today. As we all know, it's a crucial hearing for this state as it will decide what's to come forth for the future. We have our distinguished Commissioner in charge with us too.

(The Commissioner salutes the judge)

JUDGE - I would first like to hear from the Mayor's Cabinet, and what their explanation is to all of this.

MINISTER 2 - I'm a member of the Cabinet, my role is to help law enforcement in the state.

JUDGE - Why don't we begin with that. I'm afraid one of the early actions taken by your estate was the release of psychopathic criminals from the mental asylum. I'm sure we all recall the disturbance this caused, not only to the elites but also the general public. (Wears his glasses) I have hear the statement from the mayor himself; it was a voluntary decision to transfer these individuals to a place of enhanced medical attention rather than being trapped in detention centers. Now see, a mental asylum does indeed offer those forms of medical attention. I don't see why they had to be taken from that sort of a setting to someplace else.

MINISTER 2 - (Makes eye contact with Gary, then speaks) Well your honor, in case you haven't visited these asylums, let me brief you on their working conditions. Some of these places had cells, meant to contain individuals with extreme psychological conditions. While a cell is ideal to trap such a person, it simply catalyzes the person's intentions to grow more sadistic. It was why we chose to place individuals like such in a setting where their mind can be at pace and more open to positive possibilities.

JUDGE - (Reading through the case files of that bill) Well see, when I read through the bill which was passed, it has no mention for how these particular group of individuals would be of greater benefit than those who were already gaining ample care in the same asylum; you get what I mean?

MINISTER 2 - Y-Yes your honor.

JUDGE - Considering the damage, the disturbance this has cost to the city; it kind of outweighs the benefits mentioned in the bill.

(Silence from the Minister)

JUDGE - I would like to call upon a member from the Parliament to give his or her assessment of the various bills and decisions taken by this administration. (Reads the names off a print-out) Melanie Vaughn from Parliament Correspondence, and Derek Matthews; a spokesperson at the parliament.

(Melanie walks to the front to talk)

MELANIE - Thank you, your honor. Members of the court, I thank you for you time once again. I speak on behalf of the Parliament Correspondence, and all the work we've done the create a medium of transparency in our governance in this state. If I could just give you all an overview of the various courts of decision taken by the administration. We've already covered the release of psychopathic criminals from the asylum. Next we have the controversial convictions, which were recognized as a fatal attack towards the public. The police were found rampaging across the streets, making fierce arrests of innocent lives. When questioning the administration, it came to our attention that it was a drill or a means of fighting terrorism; the attacks which were directed towards the mayor.

JUDGE - Thank you very much. (Reading the documents) It says here, the emphasis was directed at fighting terrorism, and this required arresting innocent civilians. Mr. Norman, I feel you should take responsibility for responding to this.

(Gary Norman walks to the front to explain his stance)

GARY - Listen, I envy the decision I took that day. That was simply because the state was under grave danger. We were gathering a series of assassination attempts directed towards me, as well as those in outside institutions. We had to drastic action because while I could blame the likes of my enemy in the past, Simon Pearson, I know I'm not that guy anymore. I don't know if you heard results from latest forensic tests, but let me tell you, Simon Pearson is dead. He was trashed by the huge fire that blew off his secret hideout. That's the only man who has a nerve to go against a man like me, and if he's not with us, then the state is under a new lens, new forms of danger. The law enforcement sector has worked day and night to crack this very case but it was just a huge gathering of loosely-connected clues, making literally everyone the possible victim of treason.

JUDGE - Now then, when I read these documents, they initiate a plan in accordance to safeguarding the mayor, and not for public interest. It says the decision was to protect the administration from all danger, and not the institutions you were just talking about.

GARY - But hear me out! It was also an implied call of action.

JUDGE - The problem is it needs to be explicit on paper.

(Gary is silent)

JUDGE - If I have the statistics right; the event lead to nearly two thousand brutal arrests of innocent civilians and the likes of those who were released psychopaths. Another casualty was the death of twenty innocent civilians, including a student from Chiltern South High School.

(Derek Matthews approaches the front)

DEREK - As a spokesperson of the parliament, it's my duty to report of the appropriateness of these actions and how they fare against the parliament regulations and law. If I may (reviews the psychopathic criminals release case) the executive order for releasing psychopathic criminals. The approvals have been provided by the administration, as well as the facility in charge. However, before the house could commence to support for and against this notion, the plan had been initiated. Just so I interest you in the statistics of what the house favoured; there were 67% of members against the idea. This strikes a violation of parliament regulations. The same situation applied during the time of the civilian arrest case. Before the house could vote in favour of the notion, the action was already taken in hand by the administration. If I may quote one of the members of the mayor's cabinet, "to be frank, the house takes up too much time to decide on any executive action. While it causes little impact towards long-term issues, it does no justice to immediate scenes."

JUDGE - Thank you, Mr. Matthews.

(Derek Matthews returns to his seat)

JUDGE - Now then...I'm afraid the jury will only share 50% of decision to the final verdict, as it is an issue involving members of the government as well as the public. If I may (goes through the provided evidence). I would like both parties to present their final decisions.

(Every citizen of Chiltern, including KIA, are eagerly watching the live telecast of the mayor's court trial)

MELANIE - (Steps up to the front) On behalf of the parliament correspondence, I would like to announce our decision to deem Mr. Norman guilty of political abuse of power for the administration's gain. This decision is based on the complaint documents filed from the Human Rights Commission in response to the controversial arrest order. This is also a witness of political malpractice amongst competing candidates in the recent mayor's election, in which Mr. Norman was found and proven guilty of emotional blackmailing. Thank you, your honour.

(Gary is slowly getting stressed out as well as frustrated)

DEREK - (Steps up to the front) On behalf of the parliament, I would like to announce our decision to deem Mr. Norman guilty of abuse of parliament regulations and the law. We have carefully considered and observed the various loopholes taken underhand by this administration; these include, but not limited to their early action of executive orders without compliance with the house's decision. The parliament strongly condemns abuse of executive order without obeying the court of law in this state. Thank you, your honour.

JUDGE - Has the jury reached their final decision?

JURY MEMBER 1  - Yes, your honour. The jury has reached the decision of deeming Mr. Norman guilty...

(Civilians of Chiltern rejoice on the streets and at home. Edgar smiles at KIA, and he smiles back to him as well as his mother. As Gary is handcuffed and escorted to jail the following words echo in his mind)

JUDGE - (Echoed words) Mr. Norman will face impeachment from office as well as a jail term of upto ten years.

MINISTER 2 - (Echoed words) No one wanted you to abuse your mayor's power to cause all of this.

(Once the police officer locks him up in his cell; Gary sits silently on the flat concrete surface, contemplating his fate in a content manner)

KIA - (Echoed words) One man, that's all it was to make you start this fire.

(Meanwhile, we are now in Troy's room. It's past midnight and he's quietly working on his developing his weapon. While he's working, we hear the following from Kaiser - in the background)

KAISER - The universe was designed for anarchy. Manmade systems are no match for this universe's self-engineered canvas of chaos. We might as well throw back whatever was thrown into us; rather what this universe intended to throw at us. Obey to disobey conventions - that's it.

[Scene 2 - KIA's Room]

(KIA is seen closely observing the word 'reciprocate' on the wall. He recalls the context in which his mother mentioned this very word)

EDGAR - (Walks into his room) Straight for him?

KIA - I don't know who the kingmaker is.

EDGAR - Meaning?

KIA - There are only so many possibilities. Gary and Kaiser have nothing to do which other; a mere coincidence that I met eye-to-eye with that tattoo. Gary and Kaiser have everything to do with each other; one can't be without the other. Or...

(Edgar waits for KIA to finish)

KIA - One of them is a proxy.

EDGAR - Meaning?

KIA - One of them is the kingmaker, or both are plain proxies.

EDGAR - (As he walks out of the room) Try and stay at a safe distance.

(KIA misses out on hearing his point)

[Scene 3 - Chiltern East High School]

(Troy is at the nurse's office due to a headache)

GEORGE - He said he was having a headache after class.

NURSE - I see. What block do you have now?


NURSE - Alright. I'll take care of him, you can go to class.

(George leaves)

NURSE - Here, take one pill, and here's a glass of water.

TROY - (Takes the tablet with water) Thank you.

NURSE - Why don't you rest here for some time, until you don't feel that heavy-head sensation?

TROY - Sure.

(While lying down; Troy is calculating a time to say he's good to go. He waits for 20 minutes)

TROY - Nurse, I feel a bit better now.

NURSE - Sure? No giddiness?

TROY - Yes, thank you.

NURSE - Okay, it's probably because of this seasonal change.

TROY - True.

(Troy swiftly moves towards a the boy's bathroom, and enters a cubicle with his school bag. He is seen opening his laptop and communications device. As he rolls up his sleeves, we spot his Kaiser Tattoo. He is seen hacking into the national military database to obtain nuclear accessories)

STUDENT 1 - (Barges into the boys bathroom after PE class) Damn! That was sick!

STUDENT 2 - Fucking pass next time.

STUDENT 1 - You missed the freaking penalty.

STUDENT 3 - Hahahaha!

STUDENT 2 - The pitch is shit, dude. It's AstroTurf; not even the real deal.

(Troy takes note of commotion and tries to be as quiet as possible)

STUDENT 2 - (Tries opening one of the cubicles to change; he tries opening Troy's cubicle by mistake) Sorry, bud.

(Once the students leave after changing, Troy completes the delivery transaction via a black market dealer)

TROY - (On the phone with black market dealer) Order No: TZH194560P. I'm calling in for a payment of $150, no more than that.

[Scene 4 - Kaiser's Place]

(We  view Kaiser's front profile: a man with a double-iris, Gothic hair and facial appearance)

KAISER - (Looking out of his window) That tiger claw, Gary. That encounter, Gary. He's neither man or animal; just a failed creation of mankind. If it means, what I think it means, let it happen - let the world gaze upon this beautiful war. Of course, no war is fought, without the enemy himself. Who are you?

(Kaiser is then seen walking on the streets in his Gothic Outfit and Look. As he walks around, he is constantly utilising his sixth sense to understand the minds of by-passers. He stops by Chiltern Central Police Station, where he finds Mitch Hutchinson storming out of the station in anger)

MITCH - Get those bastards in! What the heck are you doing?

CONSTABLE 1 - Sure, sir.

MITCH - Right (he makes eye contact with Kaiser).

(Now they both make eye contact with each other; Kaiser now uses his sixth sense to disturb Mitch)

MITCH - (Feels a painful sensation in his neo-cortex) Ah!

(Kaiser grins as he walks off. Mitch is left wondering what just happened to him)

CONSTABLE 1 - They've been taken care of.

MITCH - Give me a glass of water, will you?

CONSTABLE 1 - All good?

MITCH - I guess?

(Sits at his desk wondering what just happened to him)

[Scene 5 - Edgar's Laboratory]

(Edgar is seen monitoring KIA's health and genetic design for abnormalities)

EDGAR - Any strange sensation ever since I gave you that camouflage serum?

KIA - Not that I remember.

EDGAR - So that means body temperature is stable?

KIA - I guess.

EDGAR - Right. Claws?

(KIA whips out his tiger claws)

EDGAR - Hmm....(Polishes his claws) this claw is a bit clipped off.

KIA - I clawed a few; it's a matter of technique. Hopefully it's sharper now.

EDGAR - Alright.

(Checks his cardio system)

EDGAR - Systole and Diastole is under control.

KIA - Okay then.

EDGAR - Listen, I've been getting some notices from the Sciences Faculty; raising a point about abusing scientific power.

KIA - As in?

EDGAR - Your new vigilant venture, it's brewing some tensions amongst those in the Sciences Fraternity.

KIA - Science is not useful when not applicable. What you've done to me is not just a marvel of microbiology and genetics engineering; I've become this monopolistic force of justice. I am now this evolved being designed to fight battles against injustice. Millions of normal people can entrust us the same way they entrust their police and military.

EDGAR - I-I understand.

KIA - Now that I think about it: how does a double-iris form?

EDGAR - As in?

KIA - How common is it? Can it be genetically transferred? As far as I see it, it's not as popular.

EDGAR - See, Tim. It can't be genetically transmitted. It's an extremely, rare genetic disorder. Not even a handful have such problems.

KIA - Concerning those few people who have it; how does it happen for them and not the others?

EDGAR - Hmm....(thinking) some random genetic mutation, or human error in medicinal genetics.

KIA - What's that about?

EDGAR - Sometimes through processes like artificial insemination and baby designing.

(Edgar walks out of the room. KIA is left wondering about the clues given by his father. He then requests the Mental Asylum for a complete report on Kaiser's case. He is now seen thoroughly reviewing his behaviors and social disturbances)

[Scene 6 - National Military Agency]

I. OFFICER 2 - (Checks over an unknown transaction on the database) Hey Stuart.

STUART - What happened?

I. OFFICER 2 - What's this?

(He points at the transaction made by Troy)

STUART - 100 kilograms of Plutonium.

(The entire office hears this and is startled. Stuart turns towards the others behind him)

STUART - Someone start explaining! I thought halted distribution deals on Plutonium?

I. OFFICER 5 - We shifted to Thorium didn't we?

STUART - Yes, but what the fuck is this?! Start tracing the IP address.

(Officers and technicians begin tracking down the transaction source)

I. OFFICER 9 - The source address has some sort of encryption. I can't break through to trace it.

STUART - Are you serious? Don't tell me those bastards got into our system again.

I. OFFICER 7 - No it's not them. The source is within Chiltern.

STUART - Alright, block the transaction somehow, or I'm sending in squads for a search.

(Meanwhile, Troy's Black Marter Military Dealer manages to transport the Plutonium load on a truck and off to Troy's specified location)

MOM - Take care of the house. You know what to do right?

TROY - I got it covered.

MOM - So happy your father agreed to go out for dinner tonight.

TROY - See you guys! Have a good anniversary dinner!

(Once they drive off, Troy rushes back to his place and checks the status of his delivery. He immediately uses his jammer to prevent video and audio recording communications on the streets and neighbourhood telephone landlines)

DEALER - Inside?

TROY - Upstairs.

DEALER - No one's there, right?

TROY - Just go in.

(Troy checks around and later deals the $150)

DEALER - Careful, Nowitzki.

TROY - Done this so many times.

DEALER - National Military just stopped distribution of plutonium. Now they'll really be onto you.

(Troy rushes back inside, drops off the plutonium load into a thick lead box next to his piano)

[Scene 7 - Kaiser's Place]

(Kaiser is seen quietly researching about Mitch Hutchinson. Ever since he made that eye contact, he's been wanting to understand his relationship with KIA. He opens up his police records and service credentials)

KAISER - (Narration) Mitch, it's a pleasure for me to open this window for you. People like you are hard to find. It's natural to be corrupt at some point; you're as clear as crystal. Here's some advice; don't put too much faith in your system. It's bound to collapse....someday. I don't know when....but I know why.

Not a problem, I'm here to fix your path. Too much personal restrictions, just to embrace the system - can't find a bigger scam than that.

(Meanwhile, we find Mitch Hutchinson working over time to process the moment he had with Kaiser)

MITCH - Spencer?


MITCH - I need your help with sketching something.

(Spencer brings in his forensic sketching equipment)

SPENCER - What are we looking at here?

MITCH - (Tries recalling the facial features of Kaiser) Sharp Gothic Facial Appearance, with black eye-liner, semi-long dark brown hair, a double-iris...

SPENCER - A double-iris?

MITCH - Yes.

SPENCER - Alright.

MITCH - Aged, probably somewhere in his 30s or early 40s.

(Spencer completes the sketch and presents the appearance of Kaiser)

MITCH - Does that ring a bell for you?

SPENCER - Not that I know of.

MITCH - (Thinking) Right then.

(Once Spencer leaves the room, Mitch is left staring at Kaiser's Facial Appearance)

[Scene 8 - Outskirts Farmland]

(We see Kaiser from his back, walking into a farmland. He notices how the farmers are asleep in their little cottage house. He is now narrating as he enters into the Poultry Barn)

KAISER - Death at Birth; a truly fascinating concept of reality. Take notice of how, when we come full circle, the displacement is just zero. This is the fundamental truth behind death at birth.

It's a simple idea for spawning chaos, yet....(observes chicken eggs resting at separate nests from the chickens themselves) systematic control, restricts contract between these two. These entities don't meet this way; the final destination being death....(tosses the chicken on the ground, such that they shatter; now the chickens are flapping about in panic) gives them the opportunity to meet. How do these meet at death? For is true we are not even 0.0001% conscious of our ends?

Let that statistic sink in. The chicken and the egg both started together, under this anarchic rule of death at birth. Now you no more see it as a cycle, but a form of enlightenment; no systems can explain the following as simply put by anarchy.




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