RESTORE TRUST - Economic Solutions to dysfunctional politics

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Poverty is a structural problem created by economic thinking errors and institutional poverty traps, revealed and discussed in detail in this book. Neff argues that America is a welfare state. The
working poor are a social problem created by politics. The low minimum wage does not support a most basic lifestyle and as a result, food stamps, free medical services and other social programs
become necessary to cover the gap. Half of the Federal budget supports the poor and the elderly across the country. Americans, mostly the middle class, subsidize this insufficient minimum wage with
their taxes and unknowingly and indirectly support the bottom line of companies that underpay their employees. Economic thinking errors are the source of our entitlement society. Democratic
principles are distorted. The current political system allows the wealthy and large corporations to covertly influence legislation and bend economic laws in their favor. Too many Americans are
blinded by dreams of success and vote against their real interests and values. This is the American voting paradox, institutionally supported by gerrymandering and voting restrictions that favor
the libertarian ideology. RESTORE TRUST is an invitation to take a fresh look at the current socio-economic reality. I discuss economic solutions to dysfunctional politics and offer a conclusive
call to action to help Americans restore trust and defend their needs and core values.

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The U.S. the Welfare State

Submitted: September 18, 2018

Americans fear that the U.S. will become a welfare state following the model of European countries—yet, America cannot become a welfare state because it already is a welfare state. All Federal
social programs are funded by the American taxpayer, including Social Security, as explained above. Because of this economic thinking error, Social Security benefits today are paid out of the
Federal budget instead of the Social Security fund.
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