My Phantom Lover 3

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Talking to someone you have a crush on is as scary as fighting a super-villain.

Jon Watts

Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



My Phantom Lover 3

My Heart Beats Only For You

My handsome Phantom Lover this letter is rose scented of me

Daydreams, I cannot escape, my passion needs to flee

Allow my emotions to flow as you come to set me free

Embellish your being in my desires as we lay or on my knees

Forgotten you not

Sprinkles of spicy seasons I give unto thee has already been stirred in the pot

In my misty rainfall of pleasure to please

Give me liberty as you come, release my depraved needs


Carnal words of yearning as I stand here and emotional bleed

Sinking and worshipping, bathing in the abyss of my butter rum creed

Such sweet serenity of your body blankets my skin, kisses of infinity

Today, I give you your secret manly just due

Basking in the taste of your mental food

You really do give my heart such craving palpations as you so casually roam

Words from your belief of honor has my mind so far pass gone

Only echoes I hear is the beat of two hearts and its melodic song

Debonair as you are

In the sky, there is a name for you, it’s the brightest star

It feels so good to know this letter is written with your name inscribed on it

So smile and take my heart as you give my mind a seductive uplift


One of these day, you will not be able to escape our true fate

Just thinking of the right alluring hook and bait

Have crossed my throne, the shyness has fled

Will sweetly pursue in a game of fun until I have you mentally dazed and carnal fed

Thoughts of me laying under you while in my Queen Size silken bed

Take my breath as lust filled dreams dances around in your head

Mm, breathless with anticipation just thinking about what I’ve just said

My handsome Phantom Lover

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