This Is What Happned to Me After I Died

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A man who has recently died is asked to describe what several unusual events that occurred during his lifetime meant to him.

Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



This Is What Happened to Me After I Died

The first thing I was aware of was not knowing where I was. I could see myself, the same way as in a dream, as an observer. The only memory I had was being in my bed surrounded by my wife and children and feeling a pain in my chest. I had no sense of time. I had no ability to move. Then I heard a voice. No, I didn’t actually hear it, I sensed it. If I was still alive I would have described it as hearing it in my head. The voice said hello.

Where am I, I thought?

In infinity, came a reply.

Why am I here?

Every sentient life in the universe comes here after it dies.


That is the system that was created in the beginning.

Who created it?

The creator

Where is the creator?

The creator is infinity.

Somehow that seemed to answer my question. I was trying to think of what else I should ask, when the voice spoke again.

I know your thoughts and concerns. I have processed many millions of sentient life forms before you.

Are you a computer?

No, I once was a life form many eons ago, in a galaxy far from yours. I have proceeded through the system to the level where I greet new arrivals in infinity. My assignment is to place you in your next position, either as a sentient life form or in the system, according to my evaluation of your previous life. The system is designed to achieve perfection in the universes so that the cycle can eventually begin again at a higher level. This will continue forever.

May I interview you now?

What do you want to know?

The important memories of your life were sent to me when you died, in a manner similar to that of data being sent by WIFI. What I want to know is what those events meant to you when they happened and how they affected your life. Your interpretation of events is not recorded in your memories, and those are what determine what your next assignment will be.  I have made six of them available to you.

I realized that I now had some memories from my lifetime.

Your memories all relate to a dream you had, some would call it a “vision”. You know what I am referring to. Start there.

Yes, it is as clear to me now as it was when it happened seventy years ago. That would be twenty-four years after I was born. I don’t know how long ago that is here, if there is such a thing as time.

There isn’t. Please continue. Describe the dream and then tell me what effects it had on your life.

It was a hot, smoggy weekend day in Los Angeles. I was tired and laid down on the couch in my apartment and fell asleep. That was very unusual, I never took naps in the afternoon. The dream, I never considered it to be a “vision”, took place somewhere in the Middle East. That was strange, because I had never been to the Middle East at that time, although my father was born in Bagdad. I was walking along a dock where the men were dressed in the kind of robes worn there. There was a clear blue sky. That was another unusual thing, I seldom dreamt in color. I came to a small boat sitting in the water, sort of like a life boat, filled with people. I looked down at them, and they all looked up at me. I had the sense that they were expecting me, I don’t know why. There was a young woman in front of the boat that I noticed was staring intently at me, and I held her gaze for a few moments. I then saw myself walking slowly to the front of the boat. Everyone was watching me. Then, without a word being said by anyone, I stood at the bow, tilted my head back to see the sky, and raise my hands out horizontally. I don’t know why I did that. A beam of light suddenly came down from the sky and struct me, and my physical body reacted to it. My body trembled violently for a few seconds and then I woke up. I was completely relaxed and at ease. I just wanted to lay there and make the feeling last as long as possible.

 I started trying to make sense of it, why I would have such a strange dream. I wasn’t religious, but the dream was full of religious symbolism. I can’t say with certainty how the dream affected my life. I can only tell you about some unusual events that occurred during my lifetime and let you evaluate them.

Proceed, that will be the other five memories.

One day I was driving my small sports car on my way to college. I was on a city street about a half a block behind another car. Suddenly a car crossed into my lane and hit my car head on. The car in front of me had swerved to the left to avoid it, and I never saw it coming. Cars didn’t have seat belts or air bags at that time, so there was nothing to restrain me. I don’t know how long I was unconscious, but when I opened my eyes I saw people looking in at me. I realized that blood was dripping from my chin onto my clothing. I was afraid to move. I saw an ambulance arrive. I noticed that my steering wheel was deformed by the impact of my chin hitting it. I didn’t feel any pain. I slowly moved my arms and then my legs. They seemed all right. I tried to open the car door, but it was jammed. I rolled down the car window to ask someone to open the door. “He’s alive!” someone yelled.  “Don’t move!”, someone else said, so I didn’t. The car door was pried open and I was placed on a stretcher.  “I’m all right.” I said, but they ignored me and carried me to the ambulance that was parked in front of my car. I turned to see the demolished front end of my car before they put me in the ambulance.

In the emergency room a young doctor examined me and told my how lucky I was to have survived with no major injuries. The only problem I had was the plastic from the steering wheel that was in imbedded in my chin. He gave me a shot of something and then proceeded to remove the plastic. He then had to stich the wound. He asked me, ”Do you want it quick and dirty or slow and neat?” Being a young bachelor at the time, I chose slow and neat.

How did it affect my life? Being essentially able to walk away from a head on collision that demolished my car made me think about how lucky I had been. Then I realized that luck had nothing to do with it, if luck was involved it must have been bad luck. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I thought there might be some connection to the dream I had recently had, but I didn’t know how that could be possible.  But when similar events happened throughout the course of my life I always recalled that dream.

Yes, that accident was your second marker. Please continue.

What is a marker?

It is a way of evaluating your life’s experiences to determine what your next assignment will be.

Oh, then this isn’t the end of everything for me.

There is no end, just as there was no beginning. Infinity always was and always will be. Consider you symbol for infinity. The number 8 made horizontally. It has no beginning or end either.

Somehow that was both reassuring and worrisome at the same time.

Please continue to your next marker.

That would be how I met my wife. I didn’t know it at the time, but the odds of us meeting must have been several million to one. Did something here arranged it?

I cannot comment about how our system operates. You will be given the information you need if you are assigned here. Please describe the event and your reactions to it.

My friend and I had been on vacation in Europe for about a month, when he was injured while riding our rented motor scooter. While he was in a hospital I went to an American Express office and changed our return trip to the next available ship going to New York. We were in Italy, and it was leaving from Barcelona the following week. I bought train tickets and transferred our reservations to that ship. My reaction at that time was a feeling of helplessness. My friend was in pain and our vacation had been cut short. I just wanted to get back to California as soon as possible. You want to know what I was feeling then? Why did this have to happen? Everything was going so well, and then this had to happen.

When we got to the dock on the evening of our departure our ship was already anchored there. I was surprised that there weren’t large crowds of people waiting to board it, because we had arrived at the scheduled boarding time. We were the only ones getting on the ship. We boarded and went to our cabin. Then I heard the ships engines start and its anchor being raised. That seemed odd somehow, but I was exhausted and went to sleep without thinking about it. The next evening the ship had a get acquainted night in the ballroom. My friend was still in pain from his injures and didn’t want to go down. He told me to go if I wanted to. I went and sat at a tale with a few of the other passenger that were about my age, but I was still feeling depressed and worried about my friend, so I didn’t intend to stay long. I noticed an elegantly dressed young women sitting at a table near us. There was something about her that attracted me, I don’t know what. Perhaps it was when I heard her say that she was from Lebanon. She was surrounded by other people at the table and they were engaged in lively conversations. I went back to my cabin. The next day the ship entered the Straits of Gibraltar and began to roll. I had often gone deep sea fishing with my father, so I never got seasick, but I noticed there were considerably fewer people in the dining room at meal times. That evening I was feeling better, so I put on my one good suit and went down to the ballroom to have a drink and mingle. My friended just wanted to stay in our cabin. The ship was rolling more severely now, and the room was almost empty except for the band and a few of the younger people. I saw the women that I had noticed the night before sitting alone at a table. I walked over to it and introduced myself and sat down. She looked at me for a long moment and then said that I somehow looked familiar to her. In that moment I was thinking the same thing, but knew that it was not possible, because I had never been to Lebanon. I mentioned that my father was born in Iraq and she asked if I spoke Arabic. I told that I didn’t because my mother was born in Poland, so English was the only language we spoke at home. She was fluent in English, so it wasn’t a problem communicating. She talked about Lebanon, a beautiful country, and I talked about California, a beautiful state.

Then she asked me how my friend was. That caught me by surprise, he hadn’t been to the party the night before and he wasn’t here tonight. How did she know about him? She saw the expression on my face and said, “Didn’t you know, you two are very famous on this ship. You are the reason we were told we were making an emergency stop in Barcelona. We weren’t scheduled to stop there. You are the famous emergency”

I don’t know how to describe what went through my mind at that moment. It was a combination of “that’s not possible” and “it actually happened’. There was no way in the world that a ship would make an unscheduled stop just to pick up two ordinary people, and yet it had. The cost of doing it must have exceeded our fares by thousands of dollars. Why would they do it? I didn’t know it at the time, but this was only the first of many unanswerable questions I would have before the voyage was completed. I told her about our accident and how I had to reschedule our return.

“I wasn’t supposed to be on this ship either,” she said.  “I was scheduled to fly to America. A plane crashed last week and many of my family’s friends were on it. My parents were terrified about my getting on an airplane, so I had to cancel my reservation. This ship was completely booked, but my uncle has a friend who is a high government official, and that man made some calls and got me on this ship.”

How can I describe the confusion caused by what she said and those unexplainable events? The attraction I had felt towards her the night before? The ship’s unscheduled stop? Both of us not being scheduled to be on this ship. My being attracted to her out of all the hundreds of people on this ship? The sense that I had seen her before, her thinking that she had seen me? Then I recalled that strange dream and realized why she looked familiar and I was completely bewildered.

I don’t remember much detail after that. I remember asking her to dance with me. I remember the ship rolling severely, causing us to slide along the dance floor. We laughed, and I was going to return to our table when she asked me if I would like to go up on deck. The rolling of the ship didn’t bother her at all. When we got there, we were surprised by how calm the surface of the water was., all the turmoil was below it, and in my head.

After that night we were constantly together for the rest of the voyage. She gave me the address where she would be staying in Atlanta, and I gave her my California address. We wrote each other many letters over the next few months, realizing that there was an undeniable bond between us. When I asked her to marry me she didn’t hesitate to say yes. I had been hesitant because of my family’s Jewish history and her family’s Christen one. But, somehow, I knew that this was meant to be. We had been married for fifty-nine years when I died.

Yes, that was a strong marker. What did those events mean to you?

My life’s trajectory changed. I no longer wanted to be a carefree bachelor living for today. I loved being married to a woman I loved. I looked forward to having a family of my own. We often talked about the unusual events leading to our meeting, but there was no logical explanation for them, so they eventually became a distant memory. But occasionally things would happen in our family that were just as unexplainable.

The other markers. Please describe them.

Almost all of them involved automobile accidents. That seems to have been a pattern in my life. When my first child was seventeen he was delivering newspapers by throwing them out of our car before he went to school. It was a winter morning and still dark when he finished his route and was on his way home. He had stopped at a stop sign and looked for oncoming traffic. Not seeing any he entered the intersection and was broadsided by a car being driven by a young girl. Her car was black and did not have any lights on, so he hadn’t seen it.  Our car was totaled, but he walked away from it without a scratch. His main reaction was anger at the girl for not having her lights on and destroying our car.

I had mixed emotions about the event. Although I was not a religious person, my wife was a devout Christian and prayed often. I recalled my survival of what could have been a fatal accident and the strange dream I had. The thought that something was protecting us came to me. It gave me a strange feeling that occurred a few times during my lifetime, as other members of my family faced life threatening situations.

Tell me about them.

One day my wife was driving home after shopping. As she approached an intersection the traffic light turned green. She was about to go through it when an oncoming car made a left turn in front of her. When she turned to avoid it she saw a woman standing at the corner pushing a baby carriage, waiting to cross the street. She steered the car into a tree to avoid hitting her. The car was totaled, but my wife was not seriously injured. She thanked God for protecting her, but I didn’t know who or what to thank, I was just thankful.

 One night our youngest son  was driving on the interstate from Arizona to California. That same night his sister, who was very close to him, had woken up sensing that something was wrong with him and had prayed for him. About that time an animal had run in front of his car and he had turned to avoid hitting it. He hit the dividing barrier instead. His small sports car had rolled over twice. His computer and luggage were inside the car with him and were thrown everywhere. A helicopter was sent to take him to a hospital. His only injury was a bruised elbow.  I now felt certain that something was protecting our family and told him that. I did not try to explain what it was, how can you explain the unexplainable?

The last event is about our daughter. She became ill with the lymphoma cancer a few years after graduating from college. It was not diagnosed early and was already in its late stage when it was. She had to undergo chemotherapy. She is a devout Christen like her mother. Her mother and our friends prayed for her, and she recovered. Then history seemed to repeat itself.

Her church was given permission by Castro’s government to send missionaries to Cuba. While there she sensed an attraction to their group’s interpreter, but they were never alone and seldom spoke to each other before the group returned to California. A year or so later another mission was being sent to Cuba. She asked to be on it, knowing that they usually didn’t send the same person more than once. She told the group's leader about the attraction she still felt towards their interpreter and her need to find out if he felt anything for her. He agreed to let her come, and they got the same interpreter. The group leader arranged to let them have some time to talk to each other.

She learned that he was the pastor of a small Lutheran church whose services were held in his home. He told her that God had told him that He had a wife for him, so he had never married.  When he saw her the year before, he knew that she was the one, but could not say anything. The government did not allow interpreters to talk to tourists about personal matters. He believed that God was in control, and that if she was meant to be his wife he would see her again. Now she was here, and God’s will had been accomplished. He asked her to consider marrying him and she agreed.  After more than a year of communicating by internet, telephone and mail they both wanted to be married. It took almost another year to arrange his coming to the United States and their being married. They loved each other as much as they did when they were married at the time I died.

What was I thinking at the time? Conflict. I wanted my daughter to be happy, but she told me that she wanted to marry a man from Cuba that I had never seen, and she wanted my approval. My daughter is a very logical and intelligent women. This was very unlike anything she had ever done before. I had complete confidence in her judgment. The most baffling thing of all was how similar things were to the way I had met and married her mother. I did not hesitate to approve of it.

I don’t know what to make of it all. My life was very normal expect for those strange events. We weren’t wealthy, and we weren’t poor. We had good times and we had bad times. We took life as it came and made the most of it. We were a close family that loved each other. That’s what I’m the most thankful for.

Thank you for your cooperation. You have six significant markers. That qualifies you for an assignment in infinity. You will never be a sentient life form again.

Is that all there is to it, I thought. How much more pleasant my life would have been if I had known that. Everyone should know it. If only I could tell them.

Can I go back, only for a short time, to tell people about infinity? I asked.

Your question is  one that I rarely receive, generally from life forms with a high number of markers like yours. You will realize in your next position the that average number of markers is between one and two. It is possible. You no longer have a physical presence on your planet. If you go back, you will only be an observer.

I had a computer. Can’t I get into it, to write on it?

Yes. That is possible. What would you say?

I would tell them about infinity and make their lives easier.

All right, I will give one revolution of your planet and then recall you. It will not change anything, because no one will believe your story.

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