Rise Of The Bloodmoon Vol#1

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Chapter 2 (v.2) - Day 2

Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



Dawn breaks and Junko rushes into Shinzuku’s room and tries to wake her. Nothing was working so she rushed to the kitchen, made a bucket of ice water, and dumped it on her. Shinzuku wakes with a jolt and jumps out of bed shivering as she stares at Junko.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Junko!! What the hell were you thinking?”

[Junko Nao] “Trust me you will want to take this call!” Shinzuku then takes the phone from Junko and answers it but before she answers Junko hits the switch on the choker so she can talk to the person on the other end of the phone.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Hello?”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Yes! Am I speaking with Mr. Misato?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes!”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “This is Hiroyuki! Mr. Yamaguchi did your interview and we discussed it and you have the job you start as soon as possible.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh wow!! Great! But I will need a day to get this ready!”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “No!! You have 15 minutes to get ready and an hour to get here! Is that understood?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Ye...Yes! Thank you!” She then hangs up the phone, Turns to Junko and smiles. “I got the job!”

[Junko Nao] “Congrats! You better listen and head over there...You don’t wanna get in trouble on your first day.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! Oh, can you clean up here for me? I also have some laundry in the washer that needs to be dried.”

[Junko Nao] “Yes! Of course, I can!”

Shinzuku then rushes to get dressed in the black butler outfit and slips into her shoes. She rushes out the door, Runs into the Manager of the apartments again.

[Apartment Manager] “Mr. Misato! Where is that sister of yours again?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “She is at her new job and told me to tell you that at the end of the week she will have your money.”

[Apartment Manager] “She better or she is out of here!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “I know..I know!”

Then she runs out the door and hails a cab. When enters it she tells him where to go and an hour later they arrive at the address. As she steps out, the driver yells at her.

[Cab driver] “You’re going to work here?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yeah! Why?”

[Cab driver] “Well good luck with that. If you haven’t heard about that place, I’ll let you find out for yourself.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Why? What happened here?”

[Cab driver] “There was a string of murders there including the parents and brother of the young Master!”

The cab driver then drives off and she turns around, goes up to the door, and rings the doorbell. A nerdy looking guy answers the door wearing a private school uniform and glasses. His hair is black and neatly combed, She is just standing there staring.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Ah yes! I was told about how you like to space off and there will be no room for spacing off here.” She nods and bows, He invites her in. She puts her shoes on the shoe rack.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Mr. Yamaguchi is busy at the moment, but you will see him again and the young miss will be home shortly.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Young miss?”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Ah yes, You were not informed of that... She is Yamaguchi’s younger sister. She is Grade 7 and you will be helping her with her studies...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “May I ask who used to help her with her studies?”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “That would be me. Now follow me so I can introduce you to the rest of the staff...”

She then follows him to the kitchen and he yells for all of the staff to gather around. An older gentleman comes out from inside the walk-in freezer and smiles.

[Natsu Zenshiro] “Yeah yeah! Stop yelling I am not deaf!”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Oh Mr. Misato this here is Mr. Zenshiro. He is the cook, so anything you need from the kitchen, he is the one you come to.”

[Natsu Zenshiro] “Stop calling me Mister. We’ve known each other since you were in diapers, boy! Plus it makes me feel old!”

He bows to Shin, In return Shin bows back as he giggles a little.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Over here in the light blue maid outfit is Miss Amarante and the other maid is Miss Tsukiko.”

[Keiko Tsukiko] “Oh my... What a cutey you are!” She then winks at Shin and he bows to them and then the Limo driver enters the kitchen and looks over at him.

[Shinzuko Misato] Thinking: (Wow... He has a really cold stare!)

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Ah yes! Meet Mr. Hayate!” He bows then he turns around and walks away and Kaito looks over at her.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Now I’ll show you which room is yours. Please follow me.” She follows him up a big flight of stairs and to the room at the very end of the hall and she turns to him and asks him.

[Shinzuku Misato] “My room?”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Yes! You did know that you are to live here until otherwise, right?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes...But what about my apartment?”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “We will send the chauffeur to pick up the rest of the things, clothes and whatever else you may need while living here.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Nooo!! I mean no... I will have my friend do it. She is sorta my roommate anyways...”

He looks at her in surprise and pushes his glasses up as he clears his throat. He hands her the list of chores and times to take care of the younger sister. The door opens and Shin walks over to the balcony to see who has entered. The little girl comes in and she puts her backpack on the floor and yells, “Amarante!”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Aah Welcome home Chiyo!”

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “Oh hello Kaito!! What are you doing here?”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “I had to take care of things for the new butler that your brother hired. You had better be on your best behavior.”

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “Wait! A new butler?”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Yeah! He just started today. I will call him once he settles in...” She looks up and sees Shin standing on the balcony. Then the door opens and it is none other than Haru and Master Yamaguchi. As they were talking, Yamaguchi turned to his little sister.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “I take it you were filled in about the new butler?”

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “Yes! But why?” she whined.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “We needed the extra help after the old butler passed...” She storms off to her room and slams the door. Master Yamaguchi puts his hand on his forehead and turns to Haru. They removed their shoes, slipped into their house slippers and they went into the living area.

[Haru Daisuke] “Akito you should really come out and drink more... Meet some nice ladies!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “I don’t really have time for that, what with taking care of Chiyo and things..”

[Haru Daisuke] “Come on Kaito! Talk him into it!”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “It’s his choice but sorry to cut this short. I got him set up with how things are done around here. Now it is time for me to head out. I have a lot of studying to do.”

[Haru Daisuke] “Awww... Kaito! You are no fun! No wonder you have no girlfriend!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Enough!! The both of you... I have a headache!” Kaito stands up, goes to the shoe rack, and puts on his shoes. He puts the slippers back on the rack and he gets ready to walk out the door. When Shin comes downstairs to see him out, she bows to him. He turns to her and bows back smiling at her.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Don’t let these guys harass you here...” She nods, smiles back and Kaito leaves. She closes the door behind him when Yamaguchi yells for her to come over to him and Haru.

[Shinzuku Misato] “May I get you and your friend something Master?”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Yes! Get us some tea and bring it to the table in the living area. We will be there, In a minute.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! Master!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Oh Mr. Misato, this is Mr. Daisuke!”

He then smiles and bows to him, Starts to walk away as Haru says something under his breath.

[Haru Daisuke] Whispers: “Where did you find this guy?”

[Akito Yamaguchi] Whispers: “He replied to an add in the paper.”

He then walks into the kitchen and asks the chef to make Akito’s favorite flavor tea. After the tea is made, Zenshiro stops her for a minute to give him a little advice.

[Natsu Zenshiro] “Mr. Misato... Come here for a second before giving them the tea.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! Mr. Zenshiro?”

[Natsu Zenshiro] “Please call me Natsu... Mister just makes me sound too old.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! Of course and you can call me Shin!”

[Natsu Zenshiro] “Well, hello there Shin!”

He then smiles at him and he smiles back at him. Natsu pulls Shin closer so they can whisper to each other.

[Natsu Zenshiro] Whispers: “Remember don’t let these guys get to you. The young Master can be sometimes uptight and Mr. Daisuke, well he is tough to handle sometimes.” He nods and smiles at him. Then she takes their tea to the table and they’re already sitting there waiting.

[Haru Daisuke] “What took you so long?” Haru asked him and he smiled at him.

[Shinzuku Misato] “I am sorry Master! I was preparing it...” Yamaguchi said nothing to him and he started drinking his tea. He just gave him a look from the corner of his eye.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Are you going to be standing there all day?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Huh...?”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “My sister Chiyo! Go let her know it’s time for supper!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh... My... Terribly sorry...”

He rushes off up the stairs and he knocks on Chiyo’s door. Chiyo tells him to come in and Shin stares at her intently.

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “Well what do you want?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “I am sorry but your brother told me to let you know dinner was ready.”

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “Whatever! I’ll be there, In a minute...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “I don’t mean to intrude but is there something the matter?”

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “We did just fine without another butler... The only one we needed was Seiya!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh, he was the butler before me... Right?”

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “Yes! And he died just like the rest of our family...” Chiyo begins to cry. Shin then turns around to leave. Chiyo hops off her bed and puts her slippers back on. She walks downstairs with Shin. Shin walks her to the table with the rest of the family. Shin overhears Haru talking about another serial killer on the loose and Shin’s eyes begin to get wide as he starts to breathe kinda heavy. Master Yamaguchi looks over at her, gets a little mad and raises his voice at him.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Is there something the matter?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “N...No! So sorry Master. I will go get your food right now...”

[Haru Daisuke] “Wow! Akito! You sure know how to pick people to serve you.”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Mr. Misato! I need you to have Hayate take you shopping in town. We need a few things. Natsu will give you a list of what we will need.”

[Shinzuku Misato] Yes! Master!”

Shin turns around and goes to the kitchen to tell Natsu what Yamaguchi said. He hands her the list and he runs off to put his shoes on and heads to the Limo. He tells Hayate that he must run to town to get a few things for Yamaguchi, so he gestures him to get in. He gets excited because he never been in a Limo before and Hayate looks at him and smiles.

[Kohaku Hayate] “I take it you have never ridden in a limo before?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Of course I did! I have been a butler before!

Then she sits back in the seat and pretends that she has seen the inside of a limo before. As they drive to the market, she looks out the window and notices Kaito walking down the alley and a guy following behind him. She tells Kohaku to stop the limo and jumps out of it to follow Kaito and the man down the alley. Kohaku parks the limo and follows behind her. The guy waits until Kaito gets far enough from the marketplace, then tackles Kaito, yelling at him to stop squirming. He hits Kaito in the head with his fist knocking him out. Shin then rushes the guy and kicks him off of Kaito. The guy looks at her then starts yelling.

[Bully] “What the fuck do you think you are doing?” He pauses for a moment. “Ohhh I get it. He is your lover... How sweet, you came to protect him!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “What was the big idea picking on him like that?”

[Bully] “Don’t worry boy!! I’ll show you a good time to!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “You sick fuck!! Is that what you were planning??” He gets up and walks toward her while she is knelt down by Kaito. Then he starts laughing while he reaches down and grabs her arm. She breaks loose leg sweeping him knocking him to the ground again. She puts her foot on his neck and starts to lean in. He starts to yell as Kohaku steps around the corner yelling at her to stop. She stops what she is doing and walks over to Kaito. The guy then runs off and Kohaku walks over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

[Kohaku Hayate] “You did a good thing but it wasn’t worth his life!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “He would have killed him!”

[Kohaku Hayate] “You don’t know that... Let's get him home... I’ll explain to them as to why we didn’t get the stuff on the list.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Thank you!”

He then throws Kaito over his shoulder. She starts to walk but he is kinda heavy so it’s hard to get him into the limo.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Wow he was heavier then he looked!”

They both start to laugh as Kaito starts to wake up. He looks over to Shin and then at the driver.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Thank you Hayate!”

[Kohaku Hayate] “It’s not me you need to thank...” He then turned to Shin and smiled at him and he was holding his rib on the left side.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Thank you! Mr. Misato!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Please! Call me Shin!”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Sure! Shin!” They all smiled at each other. When they arrive at the mansion, Shin and Hayate help him in through the door. Yamaguchi and Haru runs over to them, helps him into the chair by the fireplace and asked what had happened. He explained what took place, that Shin scared the guy off and helped him back to the Limo. Yamaguchi goes over to him, looks at him standing there he smiles at him.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Are you hurt?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “N...No! I am fine! Thank you!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Get something to eat! I’ll take care of him the rest of the way...”

[Haru Daisuke] “See there Kaito... You need to learn how to defend yourself... If Mr. Misato wasn’t there who knows what would have happened to you.”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Shut up, Haru!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “You both shut up!! Miss Tsukiko!! Come in here!!”

Chiyo goes up to Kaito, looks at him and she starts to tear up a little. She asks him if he was going to be ok. He responds and tells her he will and smiles softly at her. Tsukiko then comes over to him and helps him up the stairs and smiles.

[Keiko Tsukiko] “Come now... Master Hiroyuki... We need to remove those pants to see if you are injured anywhere else.”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “What!!? No..No...” And she starts dragging him upstairs and to the spare bedroom and Haru’s mouth drops. He turns to Yamaguchi and grins.

[Haru Daisuke] “Oh man! I think I have a leg cramp. I need to have it looked at.” Yamaguchi calls in the assistant to the cook to help look at his leg. She is a big, heavy-set woman who is happy to help and she drags him off to the side room. He starts kicking and screaming as she closes the door behind her. Yamaguchi starts to laugh and so does Chiyo even though she is a little confused and Yamaguchi goes over to Shin at the dinner table.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “You did a good thing tonight... He is a good friend and I don’t know what I would have done without him.” He then puts his hand on her shoulder and she starts to blush badly to the point she can’t even breathe. Then suddenly there is a knock at the door and Amarante answers the door and there standing is Junko.

[Mai Amarante] “Yes! May I help you?”

And Junko peeks in and see’s Shin sitting at the table and pushes her aside and rushes in and runs over to her.

[Junko Nao] “Where have you been?? I have been waiting at the house for you for hours!!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Oh my god... I forgot to call and tell you that this is a living position...”

[Junko Nao] “Never make me worry about that again!!!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Mr. Misato, are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

[Junko Nao] “Oh...My!! He is...(DREAMY!!!!)” She then clears her throat and goes over to Yamaguchi and starts bowing to him. He bows back and she accidentally clashes her head into his.

[Junko Nao] “Oh my god... I am so sorry!” He then holds his head and motions for Shin to have a look. Shin nervously stands up and goes over to him checking his head. She goes to the kitchen and brings back ice for his bump. He then grumbles as he walks away and heads to the master bedroom. Junko pulls Shin off in private to talk with him.

[Junko Nao] “Well your boss probably hates me now...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “I doubt he hates you...” Shin starts to giggle and the chef comes over to him as he looks at Junko and smiles.

[Natsu Zenshiro] “Say are you going to introduce me to your friend?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Junko... This is Natsu! He is the cook here..”

[Junko Nao] “Well hello there, Natsu!”

Natsu then goes over to Junko, grabs her hand then kisses the top of her hand looking into her eyes.

[Junko Nao] “Oh wow! That was awful sweet of you...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Was there something you needed Natsu?” Natsu goes back to cleaning up after supper.

[Junko Nao] “So what's going to happen with your apartment and your classes. Any thoughts on that yet?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “I haven’t thought of it yet, but it's getting late. Why not stay in my room tonight?”

[Natsu Zenshiro] “Ummm... Master Yamaguchi won’t like a girl sleeping in a man’s room...”

[Junko Nao] “You wouldn’t tell the Master on me, would you Mr. Natsu...”

[Natsu Zenshiro] “N..no! Of course not! But as for you Shin... Don’t do anything I would do....” Then he starts to laugh at Shin and Junko, as they start to head up to the bedroom. Shin noticed Yamaguchi’s door cracked open, so out of curiosity Shin peeked into the room and seen him remove his shirt. She then began breathing heavily and her heart started pounding harder and harder as her face turned beet red. Then Junko pops out of the room and asks if she is coming to bed. Shin stepped away slowly and to his surprise, Yamaguchi comes out of his room because he heard something.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Is everything ok? Mr. Misato?” He speaks with his back towards him.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Yes! Sorry, I thought I heard a noise, but I am heading to bed now... Goodnight!” He then rushed off to his room and closed the door fast. Junko went over to him and asked if everything is ok. He replied by nodding his head. They went over to Shin’s bed and got under the blankets. As they start to fall asleep, Shin hears the bedroom door creak open and it’s Mai peeking in on them. She goes over to the bed and grins as she pulls out a butcher knife, about to stab Shinzuku, but Shinzuku turns over and Mai rushes back out and straight into her room.

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