Rise Of The Bloodmoon Vol#1

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Chapter 4 (v.4) - Day 4

Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



Suddenly Shin’s door bursts open and the curtain is opened and it makes Shin jump up it is none other then Kohaku and he has Shin get up real fast and he looks very worried and like he is in a little daze.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Something wrong?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Very!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “What is it?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “The young miss..She never made it to school.. I had to take Yamaguchi to work and when I got home she was already gone Thirty minutes went by and the music teacher called and asked if she would be making it this evening.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Maybe she went over to a friend?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “She doesn’t hang out with no one...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Huh...”

Shin hurry’s and gets dressed and they both run to the front door and slip into there shoes and they hurry to the car of his because it will be much faster. And they start speeding down the road and looking everywhere for her and then they see Chiyo in a van and they catch up to the van.

[Kohaku Hayate] “Shin!! Can you reach the van?”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Just hold it study I have an idea!!”

Shin then climbs on to Kohaku’s hood of the car and gets in a jumping position and leaped onto the van and she moved to the driver side window and busted it out with her fist. And then she grabbed him by the throat and he started losing control to the point the van flipped with her still on it.

[Kohaku Hayate] “Shin!!!Chiyo!!!”

He stops the car really fast and runs over to the wreck and yells for both Shin and Chiyo but he got no answer.

But then he heard the click of a gun and ran over to where he heard the noise and kicked the guy in the face knocking him to the ground. And then he hears rustling on the ground and called out to them again and finally, he gets an answer. It was Shin and her shirt was ripped open and she was bleeding a little from the mouth and holding her arm full of blood and she noticed Kohaku looking right at her.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Huh...”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Shin?”

[Shinzuku Misato] Thinking: (I don’t think he sees me..Is there something wrong with his eyes?)

He walks over to the van and kneels down and feels the ground then he smiles and looks up at Shin.

[Kohaku Hayate] “I know you are there...I can feel your vibration and hear you breathing...”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Kohaku? You can’t see?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “No..Ever since a little boy I couldn’t see but be taught to use my other senses..”

[Shinzuku Misato] “You do such an amazing job I would have never known... ”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Please keep this between us... I need this job!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Sure thing!”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Thank you! I will get the girl she passed out from all of this!..”

Kohaku then walks over to the young girl and picks her up in his arms and Shin walks over to the guy passed out and steals his shirt and hurry’s to put it on before someone see’s her. Then he lays her gently in the back seat and Shin gets in the car and they drive off back to the mansion. They get Chiyo and head inside and waiting there for them was Daisuke and Hiroyuki and they looked really worried about her and they saw how injured Shin was and offered to help her and she refused. Then Junko comes down and makes Shin go upstairs so she can help clean her wounds and help wash her up. Daisuke walks up to Kohaku and starts to look at him and was about to say something when Kohaku walked away.

[Haru Daisuke] “Hey!! What is going on here?!!”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Haru! I will go and find out what’s going on right now... Wait here!”

Kaito then chases after Kohaku and meets up with him at the Limo as he is wiping it down with soap and water.

[Kaito Heroyuki] “What happened to you three?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Chiyo... She was kidnapped... And we had to go get her back...”

[Kaito Heroyuki] “Do you know who it was?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “The police got him now...I don’t know who it was though.”

Then Hiroyuki goes back inside to talk with Shin upstairs and he runs into Tsukiko and she asks him what happened and he tells her and she has a surprised look on her face when they look near the kitchen and see Amarante staring in at them. Shin comes downstairs and was changed back into her butler uniform and Hiroyuki told her about he had to call Akito home. Thirty minutes later Yamaguchi comes in the door and put his shoes on the rack and hurried to get his slippers on. Tsukiko goes up to Yamaguchi and lets him know Chiyo got a little hurt but she is ok. He then rushes upstairs to check on Chiyo and she wakes up and he sits on her bed and she reaches to him then she hugs him.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Everything will be ok... I am so sorry this had happened...”

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] “It’s ok you should have seen it...Shin leaped from the car and got the guy to stop!..”

His eyes open widely and anger in his eyes when he hurries out of her room over to Shin’s room and slams the door open. He then makes Junko leave the room and he turns to her and tells her to ask Tsukiko for the extra maid uniform and he shuts the bedroom door on her. And Shin starts to worry about why he is so angry at her and he grabs her both arms and slams her into the wall.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Mr. Yamaguchi?!!”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “You could have caused Chiyo some serious damage!! What the Hell where you thinking?!!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “I was thinking of saving her...I didn’t mean to cause harm...”

He then lets go of her tossing her onto the ground and he starts to get upset and walks out on her and heads to his office. And Shin gets up and goes to his office and peeks in on him and see’s him holding a picture of his whole family and he starts drinking a glass of Sake. Shin then knocks on the door and he hurries and cleans up his desk and Shin walks over to him and grabs the glass. She then puts it away along with the bottle of Sake and closes the cabinet and turns to him.

[Shinzuku Misato] “You need to hang in there... We are all worried about you..”

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Quit worrying about me!! And leave!!..”

She then reaches over to him and draws back her hand real fast and backhands him across the face and he holds his cheek and is stunned by it. Shin then starts to breathe heavily and looks stunned as well since he has never done that before and Yamaguchi stands up and looks at him.

[Akito Yamaguchi] “Leave!!”

Shin then walks out of the office and yells in through the door that she is going for a walk and he tells her it is midnight and she just walks away and gets her shoes on and goes to the address Kohaku gave her.

It is an old looking warehouse and she goes in the door was wide open and his car was outside she starts to yell for him. And the door suddenly closes and she turns around real fast and the lights start coming on and she is looking around for him then suddenly a cloud of smoke. It is Kohaku but he is dressed in a Shinobi Shozoku and no sunglasses so you can see his eyes are pure white.

[Shinzuku Misato] “Huh...Kohaku?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Yes! I am glad you could make it!..”

[Shinzuku Misato] “What is it you wanted to show me?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “You will be trained to be more stealthy...If you wish to catch the guy who did that to your friend.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “I already know how to take care of myself..”

Shin then turns around and starts to walk away and he runs ultra fast and ends up in front of her kicking her backward.

[Shinzuku Misato] “How did you do that?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “I am the leader of the Shinobi Clan!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Wha...But I thought he was some old guy?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “What is the rumor and they also say he rides on the back of a Chinese dragon.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “They do?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Of course not!”

Then he starts to laugh and Shin begins laughing as well and he then prepares himself and starts throwing Shurikens at her. And she starts dodging every single one and she jumps over the last one and looked shocked at him.

[Shinzuku Misato] “What the hell..? You trying to kill me or something?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “No! wanted to test your reflexes.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “A little warning next time!”

[Kohaku Hayate] “You have great reflexes!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Thanks! I was taught when I was a child as well.”

[Kohaku Hayate] “I would like to meet with you again. On Sunday which is tomorrow. Same time and come prepared!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Sure!”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Now head back to the mansion before morning.”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Is this where you live?”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Sorta!”

[Shinzuku Misato] “Talk to you tomorrow then...”

[Kohaku Hayate] “Yes!”

Shin then walks out and heads back to the mansion and outside of the mansion standing there is Amarante and she looks at Shin and grins.

[Mai Amarante] “Stay away from Master Yamaguchi!!”

Shin then walks by her ignoring her and takes off her shoes and then slips into her slippers and she goes upstairs first to check on Chiyo and she is sleeping but then she sneaks over to Yamaguchi’s room and he is fast to sleep his blanket on the floor. She sneaks in and covers him back up and turns out his light and heads back out and she hears him grumble something about herself. And she turns around and smiles back then she heads back to her room and gets in her pajamas and takes off her slippers and gets into bed and falls asleep. But then Amarante comes into Shin’s room again and stabs the bed where Shin is sleeping and she grins and pulls back the blankets.

[Mai Amarante] “What the hell?!! Where did he go?!!”

Then Shin kicks her onto the bed and gets on top of her and she manages to cut shin in the side and notices Shin is actually a female.

[Mai Amarante] “Oh..My...God! You have been a female this whole time?!”

She then punches her knocking her unconscious and she wraps her up from her waist down so she can't move her arms or legs and her duct tape her mouth shut. Then she pulled out her sword and knife and looked her and grinned when she chopped her head off and put it in a plastic bag and put the sheets and blankets in a separate bag and took her knife and carved a full moon into her chest and she then cleaned up the evidence and dragged her body into a dumpster. And she went back into the mansion and straight up to bed and closed her curtains and laid in bed and fell asleep.

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