Rise Of The Bloodmoon Vol#1

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Chapter 7 (v.7) - Day 7

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Akito comes into Shinzuku’s room and shakes her but she turns over waving her hand as to brush him off. Akito starts to get annoyed to the point he flips her out of bed she lands on her face it wakes her up to the point she jumps up.

[Shinzuku Misato] What the hell?!!

[Akito Yamaguchi] You’re coming with me...Get dressed!

Akito leaves the room Shinzuku starts to get dressed she turns the necklace on then leaves the room. She heads downstairs to see Akito standing there at the entrance way Shinzuku puts her shoes on then slips into her jacket. Junko runs up to Shinzuku then hands her a book as she smiles at Shinzuku. Junko grabs Shinzuku by the arm to lead Shinzuku to the living area as she leans into Shinzuku to whisper in Shinzuku’s ear.

[Junko Nao] Whispers; (You don’t have to go with him..)

[Shinzuku Misato] Whispers; ( I will be fine..Junko!..Please watch out for Chiyo..)

Junko nods to her as Shinzuku turned to head back to the entrance way Akito there waiting for Shinzuku. Akito and Shinzuku both go out the door to leave then they both head to the limo. Shinzuku bows to Kohaku as Akito motions her to get in the limo she heads inside the limo Akito gets in on the other side. Not even looking at her he tells Kohaku were to go but then gives Shinzuku a cold stare.

[Akito Yamaguchi] Once we get to there know this...You open your mouth about being a girl.

I will fire you...Are we clear?

[Shinzuku Misato] Yes...Why are...

Akito then puts his finger to her lips as to hush her up she turns away looking out the window. Thirty minutes later they arrive at Akito’s job Kohaku gets out of the limo goes to Akito’s door to open it for him. Akito steps out waiting for Shinzuku to get out of the limo she opens her door to go over to Akito. Kohaku goes up to Shinzuku and smiles down at her she looks up with a nervous look on her face. Akito yells for her to come with him she looks around in amazement.

(Shinzuku Misato) Oh..My... This place is huge!!

(Akito Yamaguchi) *Sighs* This is no time for sightseeing!!

They both walk into the building Akito is greeted by the guard he grins at them they start to walk by him as he stops them.

[Guard] Who is the boy with you?...

[Akito Yamaguchi] He is here to help out...There a problem?

[Guard] No..Mister Yamaguchi!

Akito snaps his fingers for Shinzuku to follow him they walk down the hall her trailing behind then a man peeks out at them. The strange man walks up to them it’s none other then Kaze

from Shinzuku’s school.

[Kaze Toshiro] Well what do we have here?

[Akito Yamaguchi] Is there something you want? Toshiro!

[Kaze Toshiro] Well...You’re little friend here...She was offered a job working for me!

[Akito Yamaguchi] So..You know who she is then...You keep your mouth shut about her!

[Kaze Toshiro] Sure...But what about you sweety?!

[Suzuku Misato] *Sighs* Whispers” (Here I thought I would never have to see him again.)

[Akito Yamaguchi] Come with me, Shin! Remember what I said Kaze!

Akito grabs Shinzuku by the wrist and drags her off down the hall they get into the elevator but Kaze follows them in. Kaze looks over at Shinzuku and grins they finally arrive at there floor as they get off the elevator Kaze follows behind them.

[Akito Yamaguchi] What is it you want?!

[Kaze Toshiro] We are both needed to the meeting room...

Akito gets annoyed with Kaze he makes Shinzuku follow in close to him as we all enter the meeting room.

[Buisness Man 1] Oh...Good morning! Mister Yamaguchi!

[Akito Yamaguchi] Good morning! What is the problem?

[Buisness Man 1] We lost a company...They withdrew there funding...

Akito slams his fist on the desk it was so loud it kinda startled Shinzuku she looks over at Akito as he is talking.

[Akito Yamaguchi] I don’t get what this has to do with Kaze!

[Buisness Man 1] He..He...Is willing to have his fathers company fundus...

[Kaze Toshiro] Yes...In one condition...We become partners!

[Akito Yamaguchi] Over my dead...

[Shinzuku Misato] Wait!! Is this really in the best interest of your company?

[Buisness Man 1] Who is he?...

[Akito Yamaguchi] My butler..Go get me some tea!!

Shinzuku’s face turns red and she bows to them then heads out of the office she starts walking down the hall to find the area with refreshments. Shinzuku goes over to the tea to

start pouring Akito’s Tea for him.

[Kaze Toshiro] Well hello! Miss Misato!

Startled by him Shinzuku drops Akito’s tea onto the floor she looks at Kaze while bending down to pick up the cup.

[Shinzuku Misato] What is it you want?...

[Kaze Toshiro] Why do you put up with his crap?... He is an ass!

Shinzuku continues to clean up her mess when Kaze goes over to her kneels over to help her clean it up.

[Shinzuku Misato] Why do you care?...

[Kaze Toshiro] Wor...

But before he could finish what he was saying to Shinzuku Haru and Kaito show up then walk over to her smiling at her.

[Haru Daisuke] This jerk! Bothering you?!

Shinzuku then jumps to her feet in surprise at seeing them Kaze slowly standing to his feet he grins over at Haru.

[Kaze Toshiro] Just think about what I said...

Kaze the starts to walk off to head back to the office Shinzku turns around to finish getting Akito his tea.

[Kaito Heroyuki] What was that about?

[Shinzuku Misato] N...Nothing...

She then hurries back into the meeting room Shinzuku goes up to Akito to hand him his tea as Haru and Kaito step into the meeting room. Shinzuku’s phone goes off in the meeting room her face beet red she goes out of the room to read the text.

* Shin! The guy name Kaze Toshiro...

There is a person working for him.

That been killing members of his staff.

You might wanna find a way into there to


-Kohaku- *

Shinzuku’s eyes get wide she starts to breathe heavily but then she looks over by the meeting room standing was Kaze. She goes up to Kaze kinda nervous she leans into him to tell him what she had decided.

[Shinzuku Misato] I..I will do it...But can I at least say goodbye to my friends?

[Kaze Toshiro] Huh...Really?...In that case no...We left straight from here...I will tell Akito!

Shinzuku nods at him she then gets in the elevator to the ground floor the limo already outside. She waves over to Kohaku he then nods at her as she gets into the other limo the driver then shuts the door. They sit there to wait for him to leave she gets nervous in the back of the limo waiting. Meanwhile back with Kaze, he steps into the meeting room Akito looks up at Kaze.

[Kaze Toshiro] Hope you didn’t mind...I borrowed your butler!

Akito jumps up in an angry voice yelling at Kaze but all he could do was stand there and grin at Akito.

[Haru Daisuke] What the hell!! Is that why you was talking to her!! You son of a bitch!!!

[Kaito Heroyuki] I am sure! Shin had good reasons for leaving...I am just sad to see him go...

[Akito Yamaguchi] Fuck off!! I am not signing this deal!

Kaze smiles at Akito then turns around to leave but right before he goes in a pompous voice he tells Akito to discuss it further at his mansion. Then he walks to the elevator and gets into it heading to the ground floor. Kaze leaves the building heading over to the limo his driver opens up the door for him. He gets into the limo looking over at Shinzuku at how nervous she is. With one hand he sits it on her leg as they drive off he doesn’t see that she starts getting misty eyed. She looks out the window as they drive away seeing Akito, Haru, and Kaito leaving which makes her feel worse. Finally, they arrive at the mansion the limo driver opens Kaze’s side to let him out then he heads over to Shinzuku’s side opening up her door she slowly gets out trying to hide her tears.

[Kaze Toshiro] Don’t worry...You will be treated way better then he could have treated you...

Shinzuku not saying a word to him they both enter the mansion to be greeted by his maid.

The maid bows to them both as they remove their shoes to put on there slippers she looks over at him.

[Shinzuku Misato] What of my things?...

[Kaze Toshiro] You will be giving everything you need here...Even a whole new wardrobe!

Shinzuku just looks down at the floor Kaze goes to get her the new uniform to where she takes it. Then she looks at Kaze he turns to look back at her then grins as she walks off to put the uniform on but before she does he grabs her arm.

[Kaze Toshiro] I can help you put it on?...If you wish!

Shinzuku pulls her arm from him then continues to the restroom to put on the maid uniform.

She comes out of the restroom Kaze smiles at her then walks over to her putting his finger under her chin then grins.

[Kaze Toshiro] You look so much better as a girl...

Shinzuku pulls away he then yells for the staff they start to come over to him, Shinzuku’s eyes fix onto the cook.

[Kaze Toshiro] This is all of the staff they will help you with what you will need...

[Shinzuku Misato] Where is my room?

Kaze pauses then motions all of the staff to get back to work as he leans into Shinzuku whispering softly into her ear.

[Kaze Toshiro] Well in case I need you for something you’re room is connected to mine...

Her eyes get really wide she starts to get to work with cleaning up but then he grabs the broom from her and hands it to the other maid.

[Kaze Toshiro] No..Right now I have a special job for you...Akito will be over here soon..You will do as I say when he is here. Understood?

Shinzuku nods to Kaze an hour passed by Shinzuku just kept staring at the clock then suddenly the doorbell rang.

[Kaze Toshiro] You answer the door! But don’t forget to put on a smile. You don’t wanna make him feel uncomfortable.

Shinzuku walks over to the door then takes a deep breath as she slowly opens the door she slowly lifts her head and standing there was Akito. Akito’s eyes shoot over to Shinzuku she starts to turn beet red from him staring at her.

[Akito Yamaguchi] Haru and Kaito went to tell everyone about you leaving...

But before she could respond his eyes grew dark he then slips past her as she starts to tear up from the sight of him.

[Kaze Toshiro] Miss Misato!! Go get me and Yamaguchi some tea!!

She then rushes to the kitchen but when she reached for the tea the cook suggested to give the cup on the right to Yamaguchi. That it was special tea for him the way he likes it but she didn’t think at first and did as he said. But then her eyes grew wide then remembering about people mysteriously being poisoned at the Toshiro mansion. She then yells out to grab the tea from Akito it spills all over Akito’s pants.

[Kaze Toshiro] Not sure what your problem is...But go fetch a towel and clean Yamaguchi up!

Akito looks at Shinzuku kinda shocked but then his eyes focus to Kaze as Kaze grins at Akito.

[Kaze Toshiro] You should have treated her better...She looks better as a girl... Don’t she?

[Akito Yamaguchi] I am not here to discuss my thoughts on Miss Misato...

Kaze grins at Akito then leans in very slowly to whisper to Akito very softly into his ear.

[Kaze Toshiro] It bothers you...To see another man making her happy? Doesn’t it?

Akito stands up to get ready to walk out of there as Shinzuku returns from getting the towel.

Shinzuku walks over to Akito hands shaking to try to dry his pants off he just looks down at her.

[Akito Yamaguchi] We are done here...You want my company?... Come to take it from me...

Kaze goes over to Shinzuku and kisses her neck from behind her Akito gets so mad he punches Kaze in the mouth. As Shinzuku runs over to Akito to grab his arm from going to hit him again Akito looks at her then pulls his arm from her. Akito then goes to the entrance then exits the door in a fit of rage. Suddenly her phone starts to ring as she answers her phone it is none other than Junko in a panic.

[Junko Nao] What the hell are you doing staying with that jerk?

[Shinzuku Misato] Didn’t you tell me to leave Akito? Because of how he treats me!

[Junko Nao] But I didn’t tell you to go be with another jerk who treats girls like there nothing but prizes...

After there small argument Shinzuku gets misty eyes again then hangs up the phone trying to hold back from crying. Kaze walks over to her grabbing her phone from her then sticks the phone in his pocket.

[Kaze Toshiro] No personal calls!

Shinzuku apologises to him then bows she begins to clean up her mess on the floor as Kaze goes in the kitchen talking to the cook. Shinzuku sneaks over to the wall to listen in on their conversation.

[Kaze Toshiro] That prick will sell me his company...How did she know about the poison that you put in his cup?

[Cook] I have no idea, sir!

But before she could turn away to leave the maid caught her listening in on there conversation then grabs her and shoves her into the kitchen.

[Shinzuku Misato]......

[Toshiro Maid 1] I caught this little snoop listening in!

[Shinzuku Misato] You all where in on this?

[Kaze Toshiro] Your point?...

[Shinzuku Misato] Why do you want his company so bad? What is so fucking special

about it?!!

Then before any of them could answer her this dark dimensional breach opens up behind her and she feels something dark coming from it. Then suddenly a guy with lime green hair comes through the gate along with a guy with turquoise hair. The guy with turquoise hair looks so evil with his scary looking face and demonic eyes.

[Shinzuku Misato] Oh..my..god!! What the fuck are you?!!

Then the guy with lime green hair runs at her knocking her into the wall she falls to the floor knocked out. Kaze carries her to her room he opens the door with his other hand then gently places her on the bed. He turns to leave the room and lock the door behind him so she can’t leave. Suddenly she starts to dream about Akito who she for some reason is starting to miss his face and laughter. Meanwhile back at the Yamaguchi mansion Akito finally returns home he slams the door then Junko comes running she goes up to Akito.

[Junko Nao] How is Shinzuku?...When is she returning?...

[Akito Yamaguchi] She is fine...I don’t care if she ever returns...

[Junko Nao] She really cares about you...

Junko then kicks Akito in the knee then runs off to the kitchen Haru walks over to Akito puts his hand on his shoulder.

[Haru Daisuke] What did numbnuts want you for?...

[Akito Yamaguchi] He wants the business like I thought...Where is Chiyo?...

[Haru Daisuke] She is upstairs and refuses to come out...Kaito is with her...

Akito then heads up the stairs to see Keiko and Kaito in the room with Chiyo trying to talk with her. Akito asks them all to leave the room so he could speak with his sister in private everyone then steps out Keiko taps Akito on the shoulder.

[Keiko Tsukiko] I am sure she will be back...But maybe you should try to understand how she is feeling...Rather than writing her off just yet...

Then Keiko steps out of the room then shuts the door as she left Akito walks over to Chiyo staring out the window.

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] Why did you chase her away?...

[Akito Yamaguchi] She made her choice...There is nothing anyone can say or do...

[Chiyo Yamaguchi] You should at least call her...

Chiyo grabs his cell phone from his pocket then hands it to him after dialing her number he takes the phone from her. The phone starts to ring after the third ring Kaze answered her phone stunned and breathing heavily.

[Akito Yamaguchi] Where the hell is Shinzuku?!!

[Kaze Toshiro] She is busy right now and told me to let you know to not call her ever again..

Akito in shock hangs up the phone on Kaze and he stands up to head out of the room then looks back at Chiyo.

[Akito Yamaguchi] I tried Chiyo...But from now on I don’t want either of us calling her...

Chiyo starts to get upset but Akito just walks out then storms off to his office he slams the door so hard the others heard it. Meanwhile back at the Toshiro mansion, Kaze goes into check up on Shinzuku he looks all around the room. When she finally makes a run for it she jumps over the balcony to try and get to the door. She then opens up the door but is then kicked back inside she jumps up then rushes the lime-haired guy. But to her surprise, he disappeared behind her kicking her in the back of her leg knocking her to her knees. But the Kaze goes up to her then kneels down in front of her with one leg. With his hand, he lifts her head and gently kisses her on her lips. Shinzuku blushes then with all the force she had in her she pushes him away then tries to stand up. But the lime-haired guy walks over to her than with one arm picks her up by her throat. She starts to struggle when Kaze makes him drop her.

[Shinzuku Misato] What do you want from me?!!!

[Kaze Toshiro] You really have no idea who you do you?...

[Shinzuku Misato] I know exactly who I am!!

Then the lime-haired guy walks over in front of her then kneels down to her and grins at her.

[Mansei Sukiru] I am Mansei Sukiru...We are known as the Dejun!! We are the dimensional guardians...

[Shinzuku Misato] What the hell are you going on about?!!

[Mansei Sukiru] You are as well...And you better start doing as we say...Because if you don’t

you will pay dearly...

Then all a sudden a knock at the door Kaze motions them to hide he walks over to Shinzuku to pull her back to her feet. He leans into her to whisper in her ear pulling her close to himself as the person at the door kept pushing the bell.

[Kaze Toshiro] You say one word and I will let him kill you...Or Akito’s entire family!! understood?!

Shinzuku nods in agreeing with him then she goes to the door to answer it but when she looks up she notices Haru, Kaito, and Junko at the door.

[Junko Nao] Shinzuku!! Why the hell won’t you answer my calls?!!

But before she could answer them he orders her to go back into the kitchen then he looks at all three of them and grins.

[Kaze Toshiro] She wants nothing to do with you people!

[Haru Daisuke] Let us talk to her!! Or I’ll kick your little scrawny ass back to where ever you came from!!

But all Kaze could do was laugh at them then Haru tried to hit him but Kaito grabs him holding him back then Kohaku comes up to the door then drags them back to the limo.

[Haru Daisuke] You have seen the way she looked!! She did not even wanna be there!!

[Kaito Heroyuki] Yeah I have seen but this isn’t the time to make it bad on her...

[Junko Nao] We gotta do something...

But then Kohaku spoke up and was looking around the front of the mansion and he sees someone staring at them from the upstairs window.

[Kohaku Hayate] Now is not the time! We are being watched!

They all look at the second-floor window of the mansion and see a mysterious man looking at them from the window. Then they all turn to get in the limo they close the limo doors then drives off. Finally, they arrive back at the Yamaguchi mansion they rush inside the mansion and yell at the top of there lungs for Akito. Chiyo runs into the office and takes Akito by the arm to drag him downstairs to see what they want. So they both head downstairs everyone in a panic Junko runs over to Akito.

[Juno Nao] I know you didn’t want us to go over there but we did...And good thing we did..

[Haru Daisuke] That bastard! He is holding her against her will!

[Akito Yamaguchi] She is not my problem anymore...

Haru gets pissed off to the point he throws a punch hitting Akito in the face he then falls to the ground and Haru starts to hit him again. But then Chiyo yells at them Natsu runs from the kitchen asking what's going on. Then Junko runs to tell him about what happened he just looks at them smiling.

[Natsu Zenshiro] I know she will be ok...She has shown many times she is strong...

Akito then gets up then Natsu puts his hand on Akito’s shoulder looking at everyone in the room when he says. [Natsu Zenshiro] Don’t be so hard on the Master...He cares about her that's why it is hitting him a lot harder.

Akito pulls away from him to head upstairs he enters Shinzuku’s room then looks at her clothes in her closet as he falls asleep in her bed. Junko goes upstairs to check on him but he was not in his room so she sees Shinzuku’s door open peeking in. She sees Akito fast to sleep Junko goes into the room and covers him up. Then as she walks away she looks back at him then leaves the room Haru and Kaito come over to her she motions them to keep quiet. They smile at her then heads to the guest room to get some rest for the morning. Then Haru lays in the guest bed with his hands behind his head. Kaito falls asleep in the other spare bedroom he takes his glasses off then lays them on the nightstand and falls fast asleep.

The rest of the household starts to either leave there homes or fall asleep in their rooms.

Kohaku gets in his car then drives off but instead of driving home he parks down the street from the Toshiro Mansion. He sneaks up on to the roof then finds his way into Shinzuku’s room he silently puts his hand over her mouth telling her to remain quiet.

[Kohaku Hayate] Whispers” (Don’t make a sound they will hear us..)

He gently lets go of her mouth she begins to get a little happy smiling at him then leans in and hugs him.

[Kohaku Hayate] Whisper” (It will be ok..I should have never told you to do this..)

[Shinzuku Misato] Whisper” (It wasn’t you’re fault..We couldn’t of known..)

They smile at each other but then Kaze starts to turn her doorknob to her room but when he enters Kohaku hid from him.

[Kaze Toshiro] What are you still doing awake! We have a lot to do tomorrow!

Kaze then smiles at her looking around her room but then Kaze leaves her room then locks her back in Kohaku sneaks back out the window waving bye to her Shinzuku waves back at him. Then she lays back down kinda nervous it takes her a while but she finally falls fast to sleep. Mansei Appears in her room checking up on her when he looks out her window but when he turns to the nightstand there is a picture. He picks up the picture gently so he doesn’t disturb her the picture he is holding is Shinzuku and Junko standing together posing for the camera. He gently places it back down Shinzuku turns over so he starts to think she is waking up then he disappears from the room. But Shinzuku is still fast to sleep she starts having thoughts about Akito.

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