te amo mi corozon

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Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



Why can’t I forget you

It’s been far too long

Last I saw you were so cold

And now alass you’re gone

You left me here alone and broken

You left me here to cry

Now you refuse to speak to me

And every day I die


You stole my heart, you kissed my lips

You said you loved me true

But now I see you’ve not loved me

The same as I love you


I can’t believe you lied to me

You swore you’d never go

But as you left you told me that,

Now at least I know


Why would you say that

What made you think

That saying that to me now

Wouldn’t drive me to the brink

I opened up, I shared my story

And I can’t imagine why

After everything I’ve done for you

You would leave me here to cry


I only want to say one thing

Te amo mi corazon

I will forever, even though

You left me here alone

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