“The perfect Murder”

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Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



I woke up with a chill, it was early around three in the morning. I felt like death. I had the flu. Funny thing is you can hallucinate with the flu sometimes. 

It did not help that it was a dark night out. I heard a yell from out in the hall. I looked at the bedroom door from my bed. I heard the yelp again turn into a scream. I managed to roll out of bed. I walked to the door. I heard the scream again and a voice this one shout 




It sounded like my dad. I opened the door and saw him talking to himself in front of the downstairs steps. I then noticed he had a garbage bag with him. 

He grabbed the bag and started walking it outside. He was grinning as if the load was heavy. I noticed a blood trail from the bag. He came back inside a moment later I hid behind the banister. He had a scrub brush and water and was cleaning the blood. He was still talking to himself.


“Oh man Jim how could you let it get this bad?”


He then looked my way. I ducked. I peaked my head out. He had a bloody knife in his hand. He dropped it into the water. He ran back outside. I ran over to a window and peaked out. He had slammed the trunk of his car shut.  He called the police. 

My dad came back inside and took off his gloves and smiled as the cops arrived on scene. A few seconds later the police raided our neighbors home. I saw the police arrest our neighbor and wife. I realized the body was in my neighbors car. 

My dad smiled and laughed as the officers took my neighbor away. This was bad news for me. Because my sister and me were living with a murderer.  The body was my mom. My sister was upstairs and had no idea what was going on and my dad presumed I didn’t either. Was this a hallucination?

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