Beowulf Impression Short Story

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This is a small summary-style short story written for English class where the student must use a selection of key words and ideas from Beowulf (while knowing almost nothing about the original
story) and using them to create their own short story. Beowulf was the first ever written English story, written by Anglo-Saxons somewhere between 700 and 1000 AD. It takes place in Denmark. * *
Disclaimers: Cover art is not mine. * I do not own the original Beowulf story. (Obviously. :D)

Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



For twelve years did three fierce battles stretch on deep in the northern lands, incited by fault of the infamous King Hrothgar and his contempt for the Normans, envious of their power and wealth. War raged like a crimson dragon's fiery breath—but one new hero, who happened to be the king's son, wouldn't stand to let the honor and power of his kingdom dwindle away. In a meticulous ruse, he set up his own father and overthrew him, then, taking his place in the hereditary line of kings, ended the war at last and rightfully restored the reputation of the Danes.

The hero would have the respect of his people for a long time to come, but suddenly, the time of song and celebration was cut short; the hero's mother came rushing into the mead hall one night, hollering and waving her arms in terror as she described something horrible she'd seen. The former king of the Danes gone mad, Hrothgar, had been suspiciously wandering the town at night, and she happened to pass by just at the right moment: what shocked her was not her husband, but the obscure, shadowy figure of a large monster, its ghastly outline only visible by the moonlight. It violently grabbed Hrothgar in its massive jaws and, though he was let go of after Mother scared the creature off by the pelting of stones in its face, he was left with what was no doubt a mortal injury.

However unworthy of a king Hrothgar was, the hero had a duty as his son and the new ruler of his kingdom: to avenge his father, protect his citizens, and bring the warriors back together for a mysterious monster-hunting adventure—but the Danes alone, their numbers small after the long war, would not be enough. It was time to unite the Normans and the Danes, and that would take more than just swords and armor. 

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