Chapter 1: (1): First Day of School

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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 BEEP! BEEP!! BEEP!!! BEEP!!! The alarm clock is going off...

The warm sunshine through the big black curtains of my huge Victorian oak glass windows that goes out to my hug wide porch that has an amazing view of the forest and spiral staircase that goes down to the ground of the forest property. My bedroom was on the second floor, and I got to have a medium balcony that has a big swirly staircase going down to the ground. I was lucky to have this room because it was looking out into the beautiful forest and it was right next to my little sister so that I could keep a close eye on that little-spoiled troublemaker. My bedroom has a huge walk-in closet which is filled with lots of different clothes and even girly type clothes for extraordinary events such as weddings, parties, and that type of stuff which I'm not really into dressing up but I have its just the way my mother has made me do since I was a child.

The smell of the morning air after a good night of storming, the smell of wet leaves, tree bark, and the smell of a few pounds and a hidden small type of lake all mixed up into one that makes you feel like you right in a forest you can smell and feel it through your veins. Anyways it was just about the right time for the sun to shine through my windows just about an appropriate time to wake up and get ready for the first day of my junior year of high school. Since it stormed last night, I know my little sister must have crawled into my bed because she is scared of storms and can't sleep in them without her family member near. I can feel her kicking and tumbling around, and her breathing and heartbeat picking up the paste after a thunderstorm. All I can hear and feel is my sister waking me up.

"Charlie, Charlie wake up, wake up it's time to get ready, C mon," she said while jumping up and down on the bed and keeping doing it over and over.

"Give me five more minutes, then I get up alright Hazel," I said in sleepily voice and slowly waking up.

" Nope now, before you be late for school. I wish I can go to school with you, but I can't, and mom said last night she is making some chocolate chip pancakes " Hazel said while getting the bed and opening the window curtains to let in more light.

"I'm up jesh Haz; alright I'm getting up just chill. You better go take a shower, and I meet your downstairs, " I said while slowing getting out of bed and stretch my arms and legs out.

"Yay, see you in a bit just don't take too long!!" she said while walking out of the room cheerfully and jumping with joy.

As soon as I got up, I walked straight to my walk-in closet that had too big brown oak doors with dark handles. Looking around the huge closet for my favorite dark blue jeans with some holes, red v neck top, and black converse. A bit later I took a nice hot shower and finished getting ready by brushing out the tangles out of my long chocolate brown hair, finally getting dressed for the day. I begin to quickly clean my bedroom and bathroom making sure there is nothing on the floor before my mom goes nuts if there is anything on the floor. It had taken me about ten minutes before I finally got to leave my bedroom before I left, I grab my book bag, iPhone and reading with writing the tablet that is two in one type of computer and a few other things for the day.

When I got downstairs to the kitchen, I could see my brother eating like two big football players that just got out of practice. My sister, brother and our best friends who are siblings as well as they were laughing at the two big-fat cows eatings known as the guys while my mom was making more food because they were eating it. I join in by throwing my book bag down at my chair and begin to eat as well.

About thirty minutes later it was time to leave for our first day of school, I mean it's nice to get back in school get to see your friends, teachers, and stuff but it's like a whole new different world. Anyways Kaylie, my sister Hazel and I got into her brand-new black mustang and started to drive down the long driveway while my brothers Colton, Troy, and Max followed in his red jeep. Kay and I had to drop off my sister Hazel and little brother Max at the middle school while the guys went to go pick up some of their guy buddies from the football team. It wasn't really a problem to drop her off since it's on her way.

About ten minutes later we arrived Hazel school, I can't believe it's her last year of middle school which is a huge relief because she does get to go to school with some kids from the pack and not by herself. We said our byes for the day and watched her run to her friends throw the car windows then drove off to our school. Today is our first day of the junior year while our brothers are now seniors. Kaylie drove right to her parking spot and turn off the car to wait for the guys. We waited for a few minutes and saw Colton's red jeep pulled up and parked right next to us. We all got out of our cars and started to walk to the front door of our school. All of us were popular, everyone wants to be us because we were at the top of the pack of the biggest and strongest pack in the country. In fact, everyone knew us everywhere we go, some people thought we like a royal family and even own the country, we don't but our dads are the two top council leaders. We can get anything we want, but I rather not a spoiled daddy's girl like Kaylie and Hazel, I like the oddball of the girls more tomboyish than them but hey I like being myself and not changing who I am no matter what.

My brother Colton is the quarterback of our school all-state football team, Troy and Max is the half and fullback, more like the first and second and takes the biggest and hardest hits it's a good thing that there are werewolves. Kaylie and I are the co-captions of all state of cheerleading, she made me do a cheer with her I had no choice, but I really don't mind dancing. I'm surprised I'm good at cheer with my clumsiness. I just glad that I don't do anything dumb in cheer while in a game huge mistake. I can't image what I do if that really happens during a huge game like the playoffs, I would be some embarrassed like go run and hide somewhere and never come out type.

Kaylie parked her brand-new black mustang car in our sport while my brother Colton pulled up in his spot with his old dirty muddy truck, I don't know why he just gets a new one and it's not that hard to buy one. We got out of our cars and started to walk up towards our group that was waiting for us to get here by a huge tree, and that was our spot. When I was on the last step of the stairs Leah jumped onto my back while Noah her twin brother popped out of nowhere and yelled boo really loud and fast. Damn both of them scared the hell out of me and almost made a trip right onto my stomach while stepping on the top step. I have no idea why there wanted to scare me so bad, but it worked holy howls if there do that one more time, I swear it will be some fun payback.

Everyone was ready for this day to get over and get home, so we can have a group run it's like a tradition for us every first day of school or even our last we always get together and ran. The school bell rang exactly at eight 'o clock telling us that school is now in session and ready to kick off the school year. We started to walk to our homeroom thankful we all have been assigned the same room for the first week of school, then I guess no more homerooms and that really sucks. At least we all get to have lunch and some classes together, speaking of classes I really hope I can that one advanced art and get some stronger at my art talent.

The homeroom teacher Mrs. something I don't know her name since I wasn't paying any attention, she was passing out our class schedules in alphabetic order and talking to some other students about theirs. Finally, I got mine I quickly scan mine's and yes, I got the classes I wanted even I art class too, I am so happy that I could just get up and dance I don't care what people say I'm good at it.

The morning was slow even the classes that I have like science; math; social studies and even some class that I never really care about something with computers. Its almost lunch thanks god I am really hungry, of course, I am a werewolf I can eat twice as much as a human. Before I can to go lunch, I had my new favorite class my art advanced class, I was so happy that I would've skipped down the halls and sing I'm off to an awesome place where I can bring me to imagine the world to live oh blah, yeah something like that.

When I enter the class, I felt like I was in heaven like this where I belong welcome home Charlie HA, I wish that could happen. Anyways I found an empty desk took out of my sketchbook and start to draw more onto my wolf drawing for my little sister while listening to music on my iPhone blocking out the world, so I can be in mines.

All suddenly I was pulled out of my own little world and felt someone's hand on my neck from pulling my earphone out of my ear, how fucking rude I mean I don't do that to people ugh some people these days don't know how to be polite. I turn my head to my left when my pencil in my hand I look like I am about to kill someone, I quickly put it down since this guy's face looks like he was about to piss himself that who we really funny oh man I wished that happens oh well maybe next time.

Holy fucking howls excuse my bloody damn language, but he is so damn hot with those green-blue eyes and dark guy medium long hair that his bangs almost covered his eyes and his perfect face. I think I'm about to have a wolf heart attack oh my god I hope I'm not drooling or nothing yeah that's really attractive and I would be so embarrassed. He sat right next to me in the desk that was right next to me "oh my god" I really got to chill my tail it's just a boy but a really dreamy hot yummy one.

"Yo, wolf girl, nice drawing and that's really good you should become an artist," he said while leaning over my desk getting a better view at it. His cologne smells so damn good like he is in some type of heat, he smells like some kind of guy's ax and a bit of guy's smell.

"Umm... Thanks not to bad yourself, nice batman, drawing maybe you should draw more superheroes oh and got to have some bad guys too," I said while staring at his drawing. I can't stop looking at him damn my wolf was starting to kick in I guess she was getting a turn on or something by him.

 what's your name?" He said in a husky sexy voice damn I am about to purr like a cat that was in his lap curled up in a ball and him rubbing my belly as I lay flat on my back with my arms and legs stretched out.

"I'm Charlie, yeah, I know I got a guy's name my dad named me. My brother Colton who calls me Char Char for short I don't mind it at all." I said trying to still keep my wolf calm by mentally slapping her in the face and pushing her down.

"Sweet, your name fits your pretty little wolf like your drawing," he said while looking at the front of the room like something was about to start who knows.

 why are in here like in this art class aren't you supposed to be in auto or gym class ?" I asked while closing my sketchbook.

"Actually, I have that after lunch auto than gym what about you?" He said and whipped his head to my direction and looking at me like I just set him to turn on like fire in a fireplace.

"I have that too, so I guess we are going to be on the same classes and even lunch too," I quickly had said before the art teacher started the class.

" Hello, my fellow artists, on everyone desks, is the information of this class, with the agenda and that stuff if anyone has any questions let me know alright. Oh, and my name is Ms. Knightly you can call me Ms. K if you want. So, let me tell you about myself I love art that's why I am teaching it, I just moved here with my handsome son; daughter and my stunning husband. I heard a lot of this Mystic Falls town. I know history and that stuff. So, let's get this class started today I would like to see everyone art ability by drawing something and anything you want so goes express yourselves while I finish my painting" she said while talking to the whole class into the front by sitting on her desk crosses legged.

Alecx, oh my wildness just thinking of him just gets me all sparkly and firework type, anyways where was I oh yeah, he and I started to talk and even showed each other's artwork until the class was over damn time fly fast. He said he had lunch, auto, and gym class just like me I guess this should be fun and very in stating. Alecx offered to walk me to lunch I wasn't sure if I was okay since my overprotective brother who told me he will always drop me off and pick me up at my classes for some reason.

My phone quickly vibrated it was a text message from my brother saying he was sorry and if I can make it to lunch by myself since he hard to talk to the school office about getting his classes switched to mine. I texted him back saying it's fine and reminded him that he has a copy of my classes including AP ones too and see him at the table. I told Alecx it is fine and if he wanted to sit with us since he was new, I think, and I wanted to polite and not mean or anything. He gladly accepted my invite for lunch which made me smile oh god I hope I'm not blushing because it would be so weird like I have a crush on him or something.

Anyways when the bell rang to let out the class Alecx took my extra books into his hands, so I had no trouble with them, I told him I can take them what's an extra few pounds going to hurt, but he instated, so I gave up. We walked down the hallways side by side every few minutes our shoulders should touch, it made me have some kind of electric fire type run through my body, it was weird but felt just right and it was an amazing type of feeling. I had never felt this before I heard it was one of those signs of knowing you are going to be mated or near your mate. It can't be true I mean he smells just like a human, but he had this tattoo on his right wrist that looked like a bow and arrow like hunting type of tattoo. If he is my so-called "mate, "I would be in some much trouble. If he was then oh jesh I know I wouldn't keep my wolf self in control. Damn everything about him his eyes, hair, lips, six-pack abs and more would make me drool like a lost puppy who seen a dog bisect for the first time in a while. I know I can't stop thinking about him, smelling his scent around the school, feeling him around me when I know he isn't, and it's driving me crazy I mean like I would want to jump him right this second and make him all mine.

When we finally arrived at the lunch room, which is mostly packed with other wolves and humans, since our town mostly has humans than werewolves for our own safety. I sniffed the air and smelled my wolves from about fifty feet away thanks to my super wolf nose. I grab Alecx's hand by the look on his face he looks like he is enjoying it like he wants to hold my hand all the damn time or something jesh creeper or something. When we reach the table, all of my brother's pack wolves was looking at me with their mouths hanging open like they saw a ghost or something. I looked down I saw my hand still holding Alecx's hand quickly let go and starting to blush like crazy. I saw Kaylie's eyebrows twitched up and down while giving the is so hot isn't your wolf purring yet type look, I swear she always gives me that look when I am near a guy. Damn, where is almost time to find our mates I just hope mine isn't a human that would suck I mean really suck like a sticky gum under a table or on the bottom of your shoe that kind of type? Finally, Kaylie started to talk since the whole table was quiet as a mouse trying to sneak a piece of cheese in a trap.

"So, hottie what's your name? Are you new here? How did you meet my best friend and sister? Where are you from? " She said while talking fast and finally catching her breath.

. I am new here, in fact, I just moved here from a small town called Riverwood Hills in Washington. I just meet Charlie in AP Art; I guess we have the rest of the day with the same classes. Any more questions please free to ask and don't be shy." Alecx said while looking around at the table.

"You must like art, sports, and cars than just like our Charlie isn't that, right? Oh, by the way, I'm Kaylie's her best friend and sister the one and the only. This is Troy my twin brother, right next to him is Hunter, Cassie, Jacob, Skylar, Max, and Lindsey. There is one person who is too lazy to show up, and he butters his butt here soon, so he can meet you." Kaylie said while she was cleaning out her purse like she is looking for something.

"Nice to meet you guys, so how many sets of twins we have here because I kind of confused just a bit," Alecx said while looking around confused as hell by the look on his face.

"There are two sets of twins. We just have two friends who are a lot like so basic like a pair of twins two peas in a pot since both one of each of their parents died, so both of the living parents fell in love then got married so now there are siblings. Now the twins It's Troy and Kaylie, Charlie her twin brother speaking of the devil here he is about damn time I was getting hungry," Max said while trying to keep his stomach calm down the boy does that dude be hungry that it's like hearing an earthquake close by.

"Sorry I'm late the office ladies wouldn't let me leave without telling them about of football team for this year like goals and that stuff. So, who is this never minded char will tell me later, let's eat? he said before kissing my cheek while putting his tray of food down while I look down in front of me thinking where mine is. Well damn, he forgot about me ugh now I got to get my own lunch.

"Colty, you forgot my lunch, it's fine I go get it it's no big deal you need to eat. Are you coming to Alecx?"I said while getting up and grabbing my wallet for my lunch.

 and I was standing in line getting our food, I paid for his since he was indeed new and oh damn yummy, damn I wish he was my lunch hehe focus Charlie telling myself to calm the hell down no need to go hyper or something. Anyways today lunch was Mac n' Cheese with mini corn dogs, freshly baked brownies, salad and a choice of drink. I got all the food since I'm a wolf and I'm hungry plus I love eating a salad with French dressing and having a bottle of water. Alecx, on the other hand, didn't have the salad he had a plate of mini corn dogs, a bag of chips and soda. We walked back to the table and start chatting once again.

"Alecx this is my overprotective twin brother, Colton, by the way, he is older by five minutes. Colty this is Alecx the new guy I meet in art class. Oh, and did you get your classes switched to mine as you wanted too" I said while pouring the dressing onto my yummy salad.

, and yeah Char I did by the way you better help me in art I swear I don't want to get a bad grade, so I can't play ball," Colton said while eating some chocolate chip cookies trying to talk right.

Alecx said while looking right at him damn his face was red like he said something wrong, while Colton's face was super red and pissed off while having food in his mouth and a plastic fork in his hand.

"Brother, he's kidding it's just a joke relax he won't even try, he will have to go with us if he wants to touch any of our girls," Jacob said with a serious face while looking at Alecx when the lunch bell rang.

When the lunch bell rang, it was time to head to our last three classes of the day which is auto, gym and then free period which all of us have the same last class. When free period comes around, I find out Alecx was trying out for the football team, I just hope my brother goes easy on him, and he said he was good at being the kicker the guy who kicks the ball into the space between the upper posts of the football goal. Kaylie and I were on our way to pick up Hazel from school and to get something to eat. While we are on our way, we couldn't stop talking about Alecx he is so dreamy, hot, sexy oh boy he was my type I can just tackle him and lick anything yummy off of him. He kind of reminding me of the guy who was in the woods near my house that one night when I went to my private clubhouse.

Anyways we picked up Hazel, she practically ran to the car when she saw it like she was a spy in the top-secret mission. Got to admit it seeing her run like that was pretty funny though and the expression on her face was like she knows she wants ice cream. We always stop at the cave ice cream place where there is always family wolves hang out, eat, or whatever people do. I order the extra-large banana split with extra toppings, I know hazel will have a hissy fit if she doesn't get the ice cream right jesh it's just ice cream and not the end of the world. We ate the ice cream as fast as we can, so we all can go back to the high school for cheerleading tryouts which Kaylie and I were co-captains and Hazel, she practices and helps us with the team.

About ten minutes later, we are finally at school on the practice football field ready for tryouts all dressed in our practice clothes. The guys were on their own field messing around whatever guys do until it's their tryouts, I know our brothers are helping the football coaches with their tryouts. I really hope Alecx makes the team. I spotted him by the water fountain without a shirt on right there I swear I could have a heart attack I mean he is smoking hotly. I notice there were bow and arrow type tattoo on his upper back area right between the shoulder blades in black ink.

It also has a weird word with a different type of language right under the tattoo maybe I ask him next time I see him or wait for the best time. I was snapped out of my daydreaming of Alecx from Hazel she said something that I couldn't hear...

"Kaylie needs you back at the cheer area let's go, come on. Charlie, are you listening to me?" Hazel said while tugging on my arm trying to get my attention.

"Sorry Haz, whatcha said I zoned out," I said while giving her my best puppy eyes and face trying to see if she forgives me.

"Hey! Only I can use those sad puppy eyes and face beside no wonder why the guys can't say no my princess parties. And Kaylie wants you back for tryouts" Hazel side while dragging me back to the girls.

"Finally, let's get these cheer tryouts started, everyone please stretch and gets ready in a bit we don't want injuries," Kaylie said while looking at the clipboard with all the girls' names on it then handed to Hazel.

"Sorry, I was zoned out by looking at a hottie over at the football field with the guys. Okay, I am here so let's start by introducing everyone including us the co-captions and our manager. Well, my name is Charlie this is my best friend Kaylie and finally is my little sister Hazel. She is the manager of the time more like helping us out so if anyone needs something just go to her. So now Hazel is going to be in charge," I said while looking at every girl who is trying out.

"Hazel if you please do your thing, you know what to do. Okay, everyone pays attention when Hazel calls your name introduced yourself, don't forget to say what cheer position "Kaylie said while she is grabbing the whistle around her neck just in case.

"Ready girls now when calling your name please tell us how you got in cheer, any flips you can do, and some background too, Emily, Becca, Hannah, and finally Megan your turn guys," Hazel said.

Emily stepped forward to introduce herself; "Hi, my name is Emily, but you can me Em for short, I started cheerleading since I can walk, and it helps me with my gymnastics. I can do and front and back flips with tricks here let me show you" she said before she got into her position and started to so many flips, twists with jumps.

Kaylie, Hazel and I noticed that she was a very good power tumbler, the look on her face and her mouth were hanging open as she saw herself on television. I made a mental note in my head and remember that she needs to be added to the team with that performance. The other girls took their turn which they did be amazing, Hazel wanted to show them her tricks and dance which I have no problem at with her showing off. After we took a break which all the girls went to go watch the guys' football tryouts, I noticed Alecx standing around the team water cooler drinking water from his water bottle. He looks so damn hot I mean like not enough water can stop him being so damn hot. I really need to control my female wolf hormones before it gets out of hand. Anyways it was the end of the cheerleading and football tryouts, we all hopped into the two cars that we drove to school and headed home which I was dying hungry I know everyone is too. When we got home, which only took about fifteen minutes, we all showered, got changed and also ready for dinner. Our family dinner is just the alphas do beta families in which we live in the same mansion, and we were also a family.

Thinking in my head while walking the steps while Hazel was skipping down the stairs with her favorite stuffed animal which is indeed a gray-white wolf named Skylex, I wonder how the tryouts were for the guys and also for Alecx. I really hope he made the team I would love to see him on the field playing ball while I was cheering on the side. Finally, reached the dining room I sat down in my favorite chair while the rest of the family sat in theirs. Since it wasn't, the girls turn to choose for dinner. The guys picked their favorites as usually just basic sports type food. My mother was the first one to speak, and she asked us...

"Darlings how was the tryouts was there anything interested," she said while cutting up her bloody steak just the way she likes it.

"Good, football tryouts were great, there is a new player who is a really good football player. He played since he was a kid. He sure does make a very good running back and also the kicker. He has a good powerful kick that every time he kicks the ball it goes straight into the goal post." Colton said while cutting his bloody rare steak just the way he likes it.

"Cheerleading tryouts were awesome, there were new girls who are also good some of them did cheerleading, dance, and gymnastics while growing up. I think we will become state champions again " Kaylie said while pouring some of the ice sweet tea in her glass while Hazel is holding her glass to Kaylie in saying that she wants some of the drink.

"Today in school, I got to finger paint I painted myself in wolf form. I always wanted to know what I look like as a wolf. It's sucks that I didn't get to change yet maybe sometime soon" Hazel said while poking her fork in tiny pieces of steak.

"You will soon honey, oh don't worry, not everyone transformers at once just in their own time and I got a feeling you will very soon," Aunt Karen said while she was helping Hunter cutting his steak, he always needs help to cut his steak.

"That would be sweet if you got a rare royal wolf birthmark like a prophecy or something. If you do have one in your wolf form, you would be leagued" Hunter said with a killer smile on his face.

"Oo... like a half star and the moon now that will fit your personality, plus I hope you don't get it on your butt although that would be funny," Troy said while laughing trying not to choke while having some bloody chewy steak in his mouth.

"Today in the office I saw this little cute bunny hopping around the room while I was working with Adam. We almost thought it was free food that was just there waiting for us to eat it, plus I was thinking of a bunny burger for a little snack before dinner" dad said while cutting his steak up with an evil funny grin on his face.

"NO!! Not ginger don't you dare put one filthy paw on my bunny. She is not a damn chew toy or a damn snack just hopping around the house" Hazel yells on top of her lungs with an angry look on her face with her eyebrows knotted and her steak knife in her hand ready to stab someone just in case if it does happen.

"Haz, relax and breath his is just kidding he won't really do it so pleases put the knife down. By the way, you look very funny like that I'm glad I got a picture of it hmmm... might as well put as my new screen wallpaper. Ahh... Well, it's set and done" Luke said while clicking some bottoms on his phone while Ian was looking over his co-council president shoulder.

"Send me that a photo it's going to her door but in a poster with the caption saying keep out oh you will be my next meal in bold letters," Ian said while he was trying to hold his stomach while dying laughing not trying to fall off his chair.

"Oh, ha-ha the very funny dad and Uncle Ian, I am so laughing over here by the way game on," Hazel said with a serious straight sarcastic face while staring both of them down.

"Anyways who want some dessert? How about some delicious peanut butter and chocolate pie? Boys wipe that drool off of your chins, it makes you guys look like a little girl who just saw a hot superstar walking by" mom said while holding the desert while aunt Lily following her with some extra plates and forks to the dinner table.

"Yeah, you also look like that when you see a hot girl walking past you guys, maybe you should just use your fast football skills to scoop them off their feet and do whatever you guys do that I don't want to know," Kaylie said with an evil smirk on her face.

We started to eat the double chocolate and peanut butter cream pie with vanilla ice cream and lots of whipped cream. Hazel had pretty much had her dessert all over her face she is a messy eater when it comes to her favorite dessert. When dinner was over, we all clean up the dining room table, the guys went off to go to their first day back to school tradition run while we girls were set up for a movie night in a movie theater with popcorn, drinks, pillows, and blankets. Hazel always love movie night especially when it's her turn to pick the movies. We always end up seeing some family with a sad dog death scene I swear she is the first person who ends up crying when the sad death part happens. During half of the movie, the guys burst through the movie smelling all sweaty and out of breath from the run, mom made than all go take showers and change in pajamas the for the rest of the movie night.

Submitted: February 23, 2019

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