Chapter 2: (2) The Art Project

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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  The next morning, I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping and the warm feeling of the sun from my open glass window doors on my big queen-size bed. It was like a nice peaceful summer morning, which isn't too hot but just right. I got up from my warm comfortable bed and went to go find Hazel, so we can make breakfast together like we always do. I went looking in her bed she wasn't there, so I went to go check in Colton's bed since she likes to sleep there too. When I found her, I was right, she was stretched out with her arms and legs out while laying on her back with her tongue sticking out like a dog who was enjoying a car ride with an open window and having the wind blow in her face. I feel bad for Colton because he got kicked out of his own bed by our baby sister. It was so cute I just had to pull out my phone to take a picture, as soon as my phone flash went off and all of suddenly Colton shot right up like a zombie from his bed make like coffin ready for hunt feast at a very scary cemetery on Halloween which scared me to half to death. As soon as I got my heart back and breathing to the right rhythm where to should be, Hazel woke up with a confused look like she missed something really funny which she did. Colton's hair was messy as usually with some covering his eyes just a little, I don't know why he likes it like that, I personally think he would look a lot better with a haircut that has some spiky to it. When Hazel saw Colton's half-asleep half zombie look, she just burst out laughing so hard that she fell off the bed with tears coming out of her eyes and sounding like a whale having an asthma attack.

After a good ten minutes all of us laughing, due to what just happened, it was finally time to get ready to make some tasty breakfast. About time to my stomach was growling in hungry, if I don't get any food soon, I might pass out or attack. As soon as we got everything that was on the floor back where it was in his bedroom from the little freak accident that he just had. While walking down the big spiral wooden stairs I slipped on the edge of the wooden stair and took a nice clumsy tumble down the stairs, it happens so fast that I thought I had blacked out. All I heard while I was going down, is my little sister screaming in a high pitch screaming, thinking I couldn't hear but I can. When I woke up from being unconscious while lying on the bottom of the stairs, I started to think where I am, am I dead, what is going on and many other things. I swear I have bad karma with random gravity checks once in a while, I am pretty sure I have bruised my right wrist and hand. It's a good thing that it wasn't my left hand which is my dominant hand, it is all bruised with black and blue also hurts like hell. I went to the pack doctor which she was working at the local hospital in the emergency room to see if she can somehow do her wolf magic in my hand. She made me take some x-rays and told me that I had a bruised and a fracture which is why I am going to have fun wearing a cast for a few weeks to a few months. Well, this should be fun with a cast. I hope I can get it off before the Halloween moon festival since I would have to turn in a wolf while the full moon is out in the night sky. In human form, if you break or fracture a bone, then you are going to let it heal in human form but in a wolf, it's totally differentwith the healing process.

Anyways when the nurse told me it was time to pick out the colors of the cast, I picked white, so I can draw on it, I was thinking of some of my favorite things like a wolf or something. Once the cast was done with the hospital emergency room trip, which is very wolves friendly with medical people who are also werewolves since this town is a mix of humans and wolves. About 30 minutes after the hospital, I was late for school which wasn't a sad thing since I had to stop to grab some breakfast. Well, this should be fun to explain to the teacher and everyone else at school why I was late and having a cast on my wrist up to my half of my arm. I'm glad I have pain pills that the emergency room doctor gave to help ease the pain of recovering, I still wish I was in my wolf form to heal, so I wouldn't have to have this thing on. As soon as I walked into school, I walked straight to the office to give them my note saying why I was late. After I had left, I went to go find my second class which is art and I can finally use the class to decorate my plain white cast. This should be fun telling people what happened, and why am I in a cast all day, I hope people don't freak out because it can get annoying by repeating the whole story each time.

As soon as I walked in the art class I had about twenty pairs of eyes staring at me while I just walked in like I went missing for a month or something that sounds like it should be on the news. It's a good thing that today is free time, so I can go decorated my cast with assorted colors of permanent markers. Since it was a free day in art, I asked the teacher if it's okay to if I can borrow her off limit markers surprising, she said yes. After I grab the markers' walker back to my seat, I put my headphones in and started to draw a little wolf pup with the sun, the moon and star birthmark that my sister might get when she turns into a wolf for the first time. Once again, my earbuds got taken out of my ears byAlecx, he has this confused look on his face while looking at my almost finished cast.

"What happened? Are you okay? Are you in pain? How did that happen? I didn't see you this morning by your car parking spot with the others"Alecx asked while trying to catch his breath like he ran a running marathon while his face is red.

"Calm down, it's just an accident, it will heal in time. The reason why I wasn't there with my group is that I was in the emergency room getting this thing on with other tests. It's only going to be on for about a month or so, I hope it comes off before the Halloween harvest festival, wait you were looking for me this morning?" I said while looking at him a bit confused about what I wasn't sure if he has a crush on me or just being a caring friend who happens to be a hottie.

"Um... no, I wasn't, I just thought well maybe... umm. You wanted to walk to class, or something likes gets some breakfast," he said while blushing and trying to act as normal as possible.

"Sorry about that, how about a rain check like tomorrow or sometime soon," I said while trying not to blush and totally act like a girly girl.

"Yeah sure I think my mom is starting on us from her desk, I heard there is this art project that we are going to start today. Do you want to be my partner for the project?"

"I don't mind being partners with you, do you know what the art project will be about?" I asked nervously and trying not to blush while looking down at my desk.

"Yeah, I do, but I am not going to tell you because it will ruin them and that would be rude," he said while staring into my eyes while doing the sad puppy dog look that always works for people.

"Attention class, welcome back to art class. Today we will be is doing a project, that involves a partner and about the history of this town with werewolves and hunters that went back about a hundred years back. Yes, I know there is some sort of war with werewolves and hunters in a mix with humans in this town, which means this why I pick an art project that involves all three types of people. So, the idea of this art project is to mix everyone up and get to know each other with partners. I am hoping this project will work since I did notice that a few of your students are having some problems with each other. Alright before I call names I want to explain this project, in each group you will have to use your art skills of making an art portrait of your partner with an essay on them to get to know each other and this will be due at the end of the month which I am giving you enough time to collect information, do the paper essay with the art piece and remember being creative. Alright, let's get started with names, so the first pair isAlecx Knightly and Charleigh Hale. You know what this will take more time, so the list is posted on the board and remembers no switching partners" she said while finishing her short lecture of the class while she was fixing her mess of papers on her desk.

"Hey, cupcake? Do you want to get started with this project or you want to wait until to later" Alecx said while staring at me from his desk which just happens to be next to mine.

"Did you just call me cupcake? Any other cute little nicknames you got for me, it would probably be better than what other people call me." I said while staring down at my blank notebook paper trying to think of what kind of ideas for this project.

"Actually, I do, but I will just save them for other times. But cupcake is a good fit be because you are all frosting, sprinkles on the outside but just one flavored on the inside," he said while winking and blushing.

"Okay then save them, but we should really get started on this project. I have one question for you, so is Mrs. Knightly your mother and did you do something to put us together as partners." I asked him while jotting down some ideas in the notebook.

"Yes, she is my mom, and we I asked her If it's okay for us to be partners, she was fine with it," he said while looking around the art room trying to not to make eye contact.

"Good, maybe that is a good thing or before I forgot the class will ring, we should swap phone numbers, you know just in case if we both questions or something. I said while writing down my phone number which I hope my twin brother doesn't get all mad at me for doing this since he is the older one and the protective alpha.

"Okay, well here is mine and well I am always here in the art room when I am not at football practice or somewhere else. Also, see you around I hope maybe at lunch," he said while swapping numbers just before the bell ring which was time to switch classes.

About ten minutes later, it was time to go to history class which I am ready to get this day over with due to having so much homework and then cheerleading and football practice with the meeting. I really hope I don't have another project to do, which will suck what I hope it doesn't have to be like an art class. Once I got to my locker, I switched the books and other things I would need for the rest of the day since the morning classes went flying past like a sonic flash bolt in the speed of time. As soon as I closed my locker door, my twin brother's face popped out of nowhere which scared me to half to death. He was staring at me like he wants to yell at me, I don't know if I am in trouble or something, but he looks pissed.

"Hey Colt, what's up? Um... are you okay, you look pissed? I asked him while taking my cheerleading jacket out of my locker.

"Yeah, I am because I am having trouble with this whole art and history project. I have a girl for the project, and she is really cute, but the problem is I don't know how she will react to me being a wolf: he said while looking at his phone while texting one of his football teammates.

"Well, I don't know her, but what is her name?" I asked while double checking my book bag for all the things I need for the last class of the day which is my twin brother.

"Her name is Emily. She was at your cheerleading tryouts the other day. Here gives me your book bag, I will carry it to class for you" he said while looking down and give me his twin brother look which I know I can't fight him with that look.

"Okay here you go, let's go to math class. I heard that art and history teachers put this huge project together, which is helpful because we can spend two whole class period time with homework time to get this project done. Oh, by the way, Emily seems like a nice girl. I am putting her on the team just don't tell her that, yet she has to wait until we deliver the news" I said while we both are walking into history class together while other girls in the class who doesn't know that I am his twin sister.

When the final bell rang, we are all ready to home after a long day. I am surprised I didn't see
Alecx at the end of the day, which his locker was close to mine. I am guessing he is in the art room, while his mom is getting ready to leave for the day. I can't stop thinking about him and this huge art project, I have no clue what to do for this project like I can draw him in pencil. Well, I have some time to think about what to do with different ideas. I am glad that the first year of a junior year went by fast since today I don't have to do cheerleading practice. I decided to go home and draw out some ideas for the art project. Which is going to take a while because I have so many clever ideas for this art and history project.

Submitted: February 23, 2019

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