Chapter 4: (4) Girls Day

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When the first weekend of the school year finally came, I honestly don't know who is more excited the younger kids or us the older kids. It's a good thing that there are not teenagers and have to deal with high school homework which was way harder than easy elementary school homework. Although it would be kind of funny to see, the younger kids try to do our homework for once and to teach them that high school homework isn't that easy. It's a lot harder than they think, sometimes I just say screw just going to help the younger kids with their easy homework projects and not do my homework expect when it comes to art. Sometimes I am lucky to have some sort of art class each semester of my high school years, even if it's together to choir type classes which I don't mind as long as I get to have free periods which I ask for an art class to get better at my artwork skills.

When I work up this morning, I found my bed full of bodies in my bed. I guess everyone wanted to sleep in my big warm comfortable bed. I have no idea how the guys can fit in the bed with our girls, they are sure some big furry monster bed hogs that is for sure. Anyways I feel bad for Hazel because Colton is snuggling while sleeping with her little wolf stuffed an animal and she has some serious issues when it comes to her stuff animal. When Hazel wakes up and sees that Colton has her puppy, well he is going to have fun getting beat up by a little girl. There is one thing that one thing that you don't do when it comes to hazel and that is stealing her favorite confront stuff animal. One thing about Hazel is that wherever she goes she will always have her stuff animal no matter where she is, also it's like when she doesn't have it in her hands or in her book bag, she will freak out so bad that she will end up having a huge hissy fit. Sometimes it funny when she has a hissy fit over her stuff animal and when her bunny steals it, well that's just funny watching her chase her bunny with the stuffed animal in its mouth.

Since it's a Saturday and there is no school today, I thought it would be a nice special for Kayla and Hazel if we just have a girl say at the mall while the guys do whatever they do on the weekends. Since my mom is the Luna and her best friend Katie is the Luna beta of the pack, I thought it would be nice to they have a nice telling girls' day with us. As soon as everyone wakes up to get breakfast and get ready for the day, the guys are probably going to go train and do some secret pack business well it's not really a secret in the Alpha and Beta family but the rest of the pact it is.

When everyone is up fully awake, ate breakfast and got ready for the day, the guys went off to the office to learn about leading the pack and all the pack business while we girls were off to the mall to have a girl's day. Since it was just the four of us for girl's day, we decided to take the pack limousine since the guys don't need it. Since my family is the top wolf pack of the country, we are basically like royalty. We all pulled into the limousine and headed to the mall. About twenty minutes later we arrived at the best mall in the area. While looking out of the car window, I saw people pointing and whispering to us who were kind of funny because think it's some type of joke but it's not. We got all out of the limo and everyone was in shock by the looks of it for seeing the royal wolf family in a public area especially when it comes to the seeing the two tops females of the pack. Once we got inside the mall from people staring and talking, we decided to talk about where we go first.

"Mom, I think we should go shopping for the harvest moon festival which is hopping in less than a few months, it's never to be prepared than to be unpaired. Besides this is Hazel first one and hope she is able to change into a wolf pup. "I said while looking down at a very happy four-year-old.

"Yeah let's go, mommy, I want to get a sparkle pretty dress and too look like a princess like I am. That's what daddy calls me his princess, please mommy I promise to not get any chocolate on it like the last white sparkly dress I had" she said while doing her cute and cuddle puppy look and giggling.

"Alright let's go dress shopping with other things and they go to the spa. Also, I was thinking of going to eat at that new fancy restaurant here in the mall" my mom said while looking at her watch to make sure we have enough time.

"So, ladies let gets this day started and now let's go get Hazel her dress first, after all she will be presented to our world as the new the animal pup who will begin to shift on night of the moon heaviest festival which is a tradition," my mother said while smiling because her last baby is going to be a little fur ball wolf.

"Aww. Why do I have to go first, I mean why they go since they are older" Hazel said while having her arms crossed her chest and looking a bit sad.

"Hazel if you go first then we can go build a friend to get your bunny a dress and stuff too for the party," I said while hugging her.

"Yeah and get both moms a furry friend too, I'm pretty sure they can't say no to your cute cuddle sad puppy look,said while holding her left hand while walking to the dress shop.

Okay, let's go get this over with besides I still get a pretty sparkle princess dress. "Hazel said while looking into the store windows as we passed by while holding her stuff animal wolf in her arms.

We finally arrived at the dress shop. The store was playing some good music by the way Kayla was singing along to the song that is playing on the television in the store. The first thing we wanted to do was to find Hazel a perfect beautiful princess theme dress with lots of rhinestones and sparkles, just the way she likes her type of dresses. After all, this is her very first harvest festival which her big day with entering the wolf world just not a part human but as a part wolf and human. I remember it was Kaylie, Troy, Colton and I very first harvest festival which is also our fourth birthday, it was one of our best birthdays we ever had. It was very special because that is the say where we all shared a birthday and we were becoming wolves and officially joined our werewolf community with our very first transformation. It was like a royal outcoming and a huge fancy ball, which we all had to wear formal clothes that were with our pack symbol and colors which is a Celtic touch type of theme. This happens during the fall season and during the first full moon which sometimes can be very exciting with the whole town comes together just to celebrate. This year is very special because it happens to be Hazel first harvest festival and since she is about four years old, she will officially transform into a wolf pup for the very first time. My family is very excited about this because legends say that once in a full moon, a child will have a special birthmark in a wolf form that symbolized that he or she is a special wolf, which can be either the first-born child or any child.

There was only a couple of times that this legend really happens in our pack's history with a young pup with a special birthmark, it only happens when in royal pack bloodlines. Since my family and the pack bloodline is descent from the very first royal werewolf family in Northern America, so far for a couple of centuries there wasn't a special wolf pup with his or her own birthmark. Sometimes it can skip any generation, or sometimes it can happen when there are twins. I am hoping it happens to someone in the pack soon, I do have a royal birthmark with my twin, Kaylie and her blood twin Troy. It was really rare for two sets of twins to be born on the same day and is the royal Alpha and Beta. We are known as the royal twin's packs, which isn't our fault that our mothers gave birth to us on the same day. Anyways once we finished picking out the dresses and went to the spa for our girl day, we went home to see what the guys were up too. Once we got back to our house, we walked in the door and well there was a huge surprise.

"Oh my gosh, don't you boys look dashing in those tuxes. I can't wait for the harvest festival, which this year will be a special celebration I just know it," my mom said while setting the stuff down on the kitchen table.

"Daddy, I got a princess dress and I also got my nails down because I didn't want to be left out on girl's day," Hazel said while showing dad her toes and hands with a fresh set of a manicure and pedicure.

"Well, I guess we are all set with everything for the harvest festival, which is coming up very soon. I can't wait to see what happens" Aunt Karen said while putting some of the shopping bags onto the counter.

"Well, I certainly can't wait to see my little princess in her princess dress; I can't wait to welcome Hazel in the wolf would too." my dad said while trying to steal Hazel cookies and milk.

"I can't wait to show off Charlie and my matching sparkling dresses, while the boys have to match us, and I do feel bad that they have to wear pink and purple ties," Kaylie said while she was speed texting on her phone.

"Alright everyone, today has been a busy day for all of us, and since it is late we should all go get some sleep," Uncle Ian said while stuffing his mouth with some of the left-over cheesecake.

"C'mon Hazel, let's go watch a chick flick movie with Kaylie in our match onesies pajamas and eat some popcorn. Night everyone sees you in the morning'' I said while holding my hand out for her to grab.

"Night everyone and hey boys the next time you steal my doggie, I will punch you in the nose," Hazel said while yawning and mean mugging the boys.

We all heard upstairs to go to the bed, but us girls wanted to watch a chick flick movie and still stuff our mouths with lots of yummy popcorn. Once we got dressed in our pajamas, we all snuggled in our warm matching colorful fuzzy blankets with some big bowls of yummy popcorn. Hazel made sure she had her puppy tucked in under her blanket and making sure she was all settled in for our movie. Just like always Hazel loves to be in the middle between Kaylie and me for some reasons like having nightmares, being protected from the boys and well she doesn't like to sleep alone. Hazel and Kaylie fell asleep in the middle of the movie, so I just turned off the tv, put the popcorn bowl on my side table and fell asleep while sharing my big warm comfortable bed.

Submitted: March 03, 2019

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