Chapter 5: Legends of Wolves

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The next morning, we woke up to the smell of freshly made bacon, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip waffles and pancakes, my little siblings always fight over on the choice of which to make for breakfast, so we all had to comprise with making both. I swear those to always get into fights where someone willed up in the hospital emergency room from the fights and sometimes, they don't even fight at all. I do love family mornings because we always come together to eat some food and learn about our family history and legends or talk about what's going on in our lives. It's also one of the few times that we get a chance to spend time together due to the fact we all have busy lives such as pack business, sports, schools, etc. My mom always makes breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, school lunches, and snacks and pretty much everything; she is a pretty good chief while my dad, well let's just say he tends to have the firefighters always ways come to the house when he cooks. Sometimes my dad isn't allowed to cook without supervision since the fire department did yell at him for the last time, he had a cookout, he burned the steak and almost burn down the whole house. Now he only jobs in the kitchen are to only do the dishes or set the table depending on mom wants to be done. Hazel loves to help mom and aunt Leah with baking some yummy treats such as cakes, pies, cookies and anything you can think of, she always volunteers cleaning the bowels and kitchen utensils by licking them clean. She does have a sweet tooth when it comes to freshly baked treats or anything that is sweet related, sometimes when she sees a sweet treat, she ends up drooling like a dog who just saw bone. Anyways we all come downstairs for breakfast and sat down in the dining room to begin to start eating when my mother said.

"Now kids, you know the rules, we have to wait until the dad and uncle Ian get here," she said while putting chocolate and regular milk on the table.

"Awe come on I am starving, and you know I need to eat, so I can get taller and stronger, maybe someday I will be one of the best football players just like Colton and Troy. Plus, who knows I may break their football records" Max said while trying not to spill any milk on the table while slowly pouring Hazel and him a glass of milk.

"Well, I hope I will be just like Charlie and Kaylie when I get older with cheerleading. I can't wait until it's my turn to be the caption of the high school cheerleading team, also thank you for letting me a part of the team right now. I am learning new skills and how to be a good caption" Hazel said while stirring the chocolate Hershey sauce in her milk.

"No problem Haz, we love having you on the team and you are an honorable member of team captains' squad. You know you can help us by picking some girls to join this year team, Charlie and I would love to have your feedback and manthings." Kaylie said while fixing the younger pups a plate of food since she loves having this idea in her head about being a good role model for them.

"Gosh, if they don't get here in about a couple of minutes, I say screw it and let's just eat I am hungry," aunt Karen said while licking her lips at the sight of all the food that is on the table.

"Alright let's just eat, if those boys don't come we can make them a late," my mom said while grabbing some food to put on her plate.

"Hey, what about us? We are hungry too, and it's not our fault that we are stuck doing pack business and sorry Max you are too young to be in the meetings yet," Colton said while stuffing his face with waffles.

"Max, how about we ask dad and uncle Ian if you can attend the next meeting, I am sure that they will not mind," I said because while trying to cheer him up.

"I sure hope so, I hate being left out things such as important thing ss\uch as pack meetings and all that type of things," Max said while pouring some syrup on to his waffles.

"Hey, what's all with noise that is going on, I can hear Hazel and Max fighting over the chocolate milk again. Jesh you both don't need to fight over who gets the last glass of milk there is more in the fridge." fridge my dad said while making himself a plate of food.

"Max started it, not me and besides he is the one who took all the chocolate milk last time," Hazel said while trying to cut her pancakes in half but is struggling.

passed quickly, it was time to clean up and start today's lesson our family legends and history. My father and Uncle Ian always love to tell us stories about the history and legends of werewolves, sometimes it feels like we are in a class like being homeschooled. It's really important to learn about our history and legends because we are able to past it down through many more generations just like it was passed down to us from previous generations before us. When we are finished cleaning up after breakfast, we all went into the library which is huge which is one of the biggest rooms in the mansion, there are so many types of books from different subjects and even novels from many authors from all the world. The library is so huge that is like a mini version of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., but of course, that library doesn't have any werewolf history and legends like ours. Our library is two stories high, a few wooden ladders that slides all the way around the library,two big beautiful glass doors that leads out to the garden, a skylight that is a shape of a wolf's paw print that lets in lots of light, and big desk type of table with some comfortable chairs. The library is very peacefully in the early mornings such as drinking a cup of coffee while waiting for the sunrise. Anyways it was time to learn more about our people, we all sit in the library with our notebooks, books, and pencils ready to lean when all of sudden my dad comes in with his fresh pot of coffee and a donut in his mouth. My uncle and I came in a few seconds later and said.

"Alright, let's get to learning and since now we have the younger kids here, lets just doing a just start over again and besides we need to refresh the boys mind because they always end up falling asleep" Uncle Ian said wirewalking to the writing board to start writing the start of the history of werewolves.

"Alright let's start. Werewolves are also known by another name called lycanthropes, which means a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf, and in old English means"werewolf", which is"man-wolf."The history of the werewolf has roots in many diverse cultures all around the world which dates back to ancient times."Uncle Ian said while talking with a donut in his mouth.

"Do you know what he just said because I have no clue what he said with that donut in his mouth" Colt said while being confused as always.

" To do my werewolf homework for the next month, since I am helping mom and aunt Karen with planning Hazel's party," I said while trying my best to get him to believe me.

"Nice try twin but you still suck at lying, you better watch that tongue of yours. You don't want to lose it with all the lies you told me in the past years," Colton said while copying my notes into his notebook.

"Hey, don't forget to do my homework, being the beta has its perks especially with the ladies," Troy said while wiggling his eyebrows and smiling ear to ear.


"Bro, she is even scarier then mom and aunt Karen when we get into trouble when we missed our curfew. Now I know where she gets the whole "don't mess with me attitude look," Troy said while hiding underneath his desk, which is why he is scared of Hazel gets mad.

"Don't be such a baby. You know you are like what sixteen years older other, and you are such a little-scared cat?" Colton said while playing with his pen while tapping the desk.

"Alright everyone, it seems like we need to have more homework due to the fact you all was not paying attention except for Max and Hazel. You both can go to the kitchen and help with making lunch," uncle Ian said while standing I front of our huge table desk with his arms crossed his chest.

"Not my fault, in fact, I love homework, how about giving me a paper so I can write what I learn and know about our wolf history and legends," Colt said sounding sarcastic while packing up his stuff to leave the library.

"You know what Colt, that is not a bad idea. Thanks for the idea, so now you all will all write a six-page paper about our history and legends and it will be due at the end of the month" Uncle Ian said while grinning.

"Colt, you are a damn asshole, you know that right. Thanks a lot, now I have even more homework to do, you are damn lucky you are twenty feet away and not next to me because I will rip some hair off of you while in wild form. Well, know you can't defend yourself while turning."Kaylie said angry while with some loud growls coming from her chest.

"Calm down Kaylie, or you will need a dog shock collar. It would be funny though, every time you get all moody like this, I can zap you" Colton said while trying to not laugh.

"Oh, you are so going to get it, mark my words Colt. You better sleep with one eye open, don't worry I am won't do anything embarrassing like put makeup on you while sleeping and take a picture of you all pretty." Kaylie said while packing up her book bag and standing next to Charlie.

"Guys enough, excellent job on being the good role model for the younger pups. Now all of you just shut up, you all are giving me a headache and I have more homework to do while on top of school projects to do" I said while rubbing my temples on each side of my head.

"Alright, everyone, get out of here and go eat some lunch before I give you guys more homework. Damn, I just realized that I am the one who has two read sand grades your papers unless Adam who be willing to do that for me." my uncle Ian said while walking out of the library.

Just great, more homework to do thanks to my twin brother, sometimes he really needs to learn to shut his mouth and know when to open his mouth again. If he ever does it again, I am going to make sure that he wakes up with a nice makeover" Kaylie said while typing on her phone.

"Hey Kay, let's go get them damn paper done and better go clam Hazel down with some cookies," I said while turning off of my phone screen while looking at her.

"Yeah, let the boys have their turn with the books since they need it more than us because they are always slow with their homework anyways," Kaylie said while getting off the table.

After we leave the boys alone in the library, we went to go find Hazel to calm her down who knows what she will do. Hazel can sometimes have her hissy fits when it comes to homework, at least she gets to write a story which I love. Today went so fast like a blink of an eye. I can't believe tomorrow is Monday which is a good thing because I get to see my crush Alecx again, and we get to work on our art and history project together. He is so damn hot, like marshmallow melting in the fire for a smores which look so damn good by the way. Anyways after calming down Hazel, we all decided to come into my bedroom o watch a movie of her choice with lots of popcorn and cookies which always helps. Since Hazel fell asleep, Kaylie and I started to get ready for bed and get ready for school tomorrow. After we were done, we decided to head bed to sleep, since my bed is a king-size bed it can fit all three of us.

Submitted: March 03, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Jmarie Freiberg. All rights reserved.


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