Chapter 6: Coffee Kiss

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Today is Monday which means another boring week of school, I am not a fan of Mondays especially when there are not enough days on the weekend. I would love to have some extra days on the weekends to relax and catch up on my projects, but can't due to the country stupid education laws where you have to attend school at least five days a week with the certain number of hours. No knows how much I just want to skip school today and sleep in but if I do that I wouldn't have good grades and attendance especially getting into a good Ivy League college. I would love to able to get some college scholarships for top colleges such as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, or even Stanford. In my family, we have a legacy at the top schools which is a family tradition, especially with the werewolf world. In fact, each of my grandparents went to the top four Ivy League Colleges which have started the family tradition. Monday mornings are pretty much the morning where the guys always rushed to their weekend homework or rushing to get ready for school because they tend to stay up late on school night probably playing video games or watching movies or whatever guys do.

At least we girls have our own bathroom because if we didn't it would be a war between the boys and girls with getting ready for school. One of the worst things with getting ready in the morning is when one of the boys hogs our bathroom because they can't wait a few minutes to wait for someone to finish using their bathroom. It really pisses me off especially when we take some extra time due to being a girl with hair, makeup, and good outfits. Anyways I woke up early to take a shower, get ready for the day, I went to go wake up Hazel and Kaylie. They both take a long time to wake up and get ready for school, I always end up helping to get Hazel ready for school because she is the slowest one to wake up and get ready. About twenty minutes later everyone was up and ready to finally eat some breakfast then finally go to school for the day. I walked down to the kitchen to make some cups of coffee with some bagels and cream cheese for everyone, for the little ones I made hot chocolate because they can't have coffee or they will drive their teachers up the wall with their hyperness although it would be pretty funny especially Hazel who is already crazy with her hyperness. About half an hour later, we are already at school. Everyone seems like they are vampires without their blood coffee especially in the mornings, every single person seems to look tired and very moody after a short weekend. When the first bell rang for homeroom, I grab my stuff for my first two classes and made sure I grab my water bottle with some snacks in just case if I get hungry. As soon as I closed my locker, I heard a familiar voice right behind the locker door.

"Hey Charlie, oh sorry to scare you and almost giving you a heart attack," Alecx said while looking down at me.

"No, it's okay, I should be using to it due to my little siblings who always try to scare me which sometimes it works," I said while closing my locker.

"Soo... you get easily scared like a kitten and a cucumber-like those videos on Youtube," he said while trying not laugh but ends up laughing a little bit.

"Shut up! It's not my fault. You try living in a mansion and have siblings scare you half to death at every chance they get," I said adjusting my bookbag straps.

"You live in a mansion?" he asked while lifting his eyebrows.

"Yeah, the biggest one of the whole community, in fact, you can't really miss it especially when the property is so huge. Maybe sometime you can come over, but I would have to ask my parents first because they own the whole Madison," I told him while being to walk to class.

"Sweet, I hope they say yes and oh yeah, we do need to work in our project. Do you have any free time tonight? I know there is a Starbucks around here in this town." he said while a cocky smile.

"Nope, I am free tonight. How about I meet you there like around six o'clock pm? It's not too late to have coffee anyways."I said while still walking down the hall with Alecx.

"Wait! Hey, I lost my number, can I borrow yours? " Alecx said while blushing a little.

"Umm. Yeah, you can definitely borrow my number." I said while blushing and did a wink at him.

"Here is my phone and give me yours so we can trade different numbers and we should take a picture of each other so we know who it will be," Alecx said while reaching out to give her his phone.

"Deal, but can you hold my cupcake bathroom, don't you dare lick it," I said while grabbing his phone and giving him the cupcake to hold.

"I am going to lick it if you don't hurry up before the bell rings," he said while trying to tease me.

"Okay, now smile and I want a nice picture of you like your contact picture," I said while I snapped a picture of him doing the German Shepherd cheesy smile with some teeth showing.

"Now it's your turn, hold the cupcake up so I can have it in the picture. Ready? One... Two... Three... " he said while pushing my cupcake into my face while holding his phone in the other hand.

Alecx, what do you just do? Did you just smash my cupcake in my face?" I said in shock.

"Well yeah, I did, but I didn't mean it, but now I have a good of you with lots of frosting on your face," he said while looking at his phone while typing my name into the contract name.

"What did you put as my name for the contact name?" I said while trying to look at his phone and balance on my tippy toes.

"I put the name cupcake, which really goes well with your picture," he said while trying not to laugh again.

"You better delete it or you better not show anyone that picture," I said as I punched him in the arm.

"Ouch, that hurts you know and I have to play the first game of the season you know," Alexc said while rubbing his left arm.

"Now you have my number and a really embarrassing picture of me. I really need to get to class, or my brother will send a search party out for me." I said while hugging my books and looking at other students walking passed me.

"Yeah, you do, I will see you later in our first class. Later cupcake," he said with a wink.

"For the last time, my name is Charlie, not cupcake!" Scrabbling shouted after him while he began to walk the other way while yelling at him.

"Whatever you say cupcake, it's still going to be your nickname and it will stick for a long time so you better get used to it," he yelled back.

After he had walked away, I turned around to walk in the opposite direction for my class and kept walking down the long hall before the bell rang. I was almost late to class due to the fact people wouldn't watch where there were going, sometimes I wished people look up from their phones and watch they are going before they can hurt someone by walking into that person. I don't blame them especially when some students use a lot of social media platforms and can't really take a break from them. I am one of those people who rather stay off of social media to avoid high school drama but I do use social media platforms to stay in contact with many people, share my artwork and keep up to date on what's going on in the human and werewolf world. Although many people follow me on my social media because I am like famous due to being a Luna who just happens to be the next Alpha, due to the fact my brother is in training to be the current Alpha because it's almost time to pass the role down to the eldest son. Technically my baby brother should be next in line but since I am a twin, the role goes to me if anything happens to my twin brother and the rules have changed to due to my father and Uncle Ian who is the regain alpha and beta. They wanted to change the laws to give Kaylie and I a chance to rule the werewolf world. With the new laws that were recently passed, we are now the Luna which means we can step in when our brothers need us or do other things like plan events such as Harvest Feast and helping the community.

School went super fast like a blur in a movie such as a car racing into the distance at the end of the movie. I can't believe the eight hours at school went so fast. Since tonight there was no practice for cheerleading and football we decided to go home to play some board games with the little ones. After a long, round game of Scrabble. I will go upstairs to take a shower and get ready for my date if you call two people of the opposite sex get together. After I was done with the shower, I stepped outside of my bathroom. I saw Kaylie and Hazel sitting on my bed with different outfits that they choose while I was in the shower. They both know how to pick some pretty damn cute outfits with some simple makeup, shoes, and well of a couple of cute different hairstyles. I swear they can own their own beauty salon with makeup, hair, nails and well, of course, some clothes too. I can't wait until Harvest Feast because it's a huge celebration about the werewolf history and traditions, I would have a princess type dress to thank Kaylie with her surprises. Anyways after I got dressed I Washed to my vanity dresser like for makeup and hair, Kaylie did my hair while Hazel brushed my hair and added some curls. About twenty minutes later the boys walked in with some DVDs of movies, they all looked like they saw a ghost when I turned around from the mirror to look at them and said...

"What are you guys starting at, it's just me with some natural makeup and all of you guys better shut your mouths before Hazel throws a cheese puffball in your mouths,? I said while sitting in a chair facing them.

"Well, you do look beautiful, so who is the lucky guy?" Hunter said while trying to steal a cheese puff from Hazel when she isn't looking.

"Wait, what guy? I am going to have to talk to him" Colton said with his arms crossed his chest while having that look on his face like he would do something.

"Jesh relax will you, this guy name is Alexc and everyone has met him lunch that one time because he was new," I said while putting some earrings in that Hazel got me for my last birthday.

"Oh him, yeah I like him a lot he seems pretty cool but if he hurts you in any way I can't hold Colt back," Troy said while helping Hunter out.

"Everyone I will be okay, we are just going to Starbucks to get some coffee or something and some food. I will back soon, it's not like I would run off with this guy " I said while fixing my hair in the mirror.

"If you need us, we are just a call or text away and we will be there in like three minutes," Colton said.

"Char can you please bring me back something like a frappuccino or hot chocolate with peppermint," Hazel said while giving some pennies out of her piggy bank.

"Sure, I can bring back something for you Haz and now I have to go or I will be late," I said while grabbing my bookbag off of my bed and walked out of the door.

I left my house as fast as I can without being getting harassment from my overprotective father, uncle and well, of course, my brothers. Once I got into my car, I typed the address of the closest Starbucks to meet with Alexc. It took about twenty minutes to get them there and find a parking spot. I got out of my car and went into the store to find a nice quiet spot to sit at and wait for him. I found a table that is close to the door but not too close because I don't want to get hit by a door or someone walking by. While at the table I was chatting Kaylie and Hazel some silly pictures with the some of the crazy flitters until I heard a laugh right beside me and saw Alexc with a cheesy smile on his face. My face turns into a couple of different shapes of red from being somewhat embarrassed, at least he didn't see me in my pajamas dancing on my bed singing some popular teenager songs which is good and would be very embarrassed too. While trying not to turn more red with blushing, Alecx said...

"You do know how to make a good impression especially when you make cute silly faces like that," he said while pulling a chair out for himself and began to sit in the chair.

"You shouldn't have seen that and tell anyone about it, okay?" I told him while getting my laptop and other school things out of my bookbag.

"Why? Who do I tell especially when you make some cute silly faces and besides your baby sister looks so cute with duck face "
Alexc said while grabbing his stuff out of his bookbag.

"My little sister Hazel thinks it would make me smile when does that face which it does," I said while getting my wallet out of my bookbag.

"Maybe I can meet her sometime soon, I think she would like me a lot after all who couldn't resist this face," he said while watching me count some money in my wallet.

"Do you want any coffee or something to eat? I can buy it. It's my treat" he said while getting his wallet out of his back pocket.

"You don't have too, I have some money in my wallet somewhere but it seems my twin brother went into my wallet and took my last twenty dollar bill. Well, this sucks, now I will have to take your offer." I said while looking a bit disappointed.

"What would you like? Do you want some tea? Coffee? Frappuccino? Refresher? Anything else like a brownie or cookie too?"
Alexc said while standing up to go stand in line.

"Um... I am not sure, but I can go with you so I can look at the menu." I said as I stood up from my seat and trying not to fall.

"Okay, but I am buying and you can order whatever you want cupcake," he said and winked at me.

"Again with the cupcake nickname? You know you call me by my name Charlie," I told as we started to walk towards the line.

"Sorry but that name still sticks and I know your name but cupcake nickname is so much cuter," he said while stopping in the line and looking at the menu.

"Fine, only you can call me that and no one else," I told him while looking at brownie in the display glass.

"Next! Hello, welcome to Starbucks! May I take your order" a teenage girl barista said while looking at both of us.

"Hi, I would like a venti size peppermint white mocha with extra whip cream and a warm brownie please," I told the barista.

"I would like a double chip frappuccino but also a venti size and a chocolate chip cookie please,"
Alexc said.

"Would you like anything else today?" she asked both of us.

"No thank you, that is all for now," I told her.

"That will be twenty dollars even," she told us.

"Perfect, here you go and thank you,"
Alexc said while handing the girl the money.

"Your order will be up shortly and have a good night," she said.

About a few minutes, our order is up and ready for us. After we grab our stuff, we went back to our table to do some studying and start our project. I started to eat some of my warm brownies when I said...

"So what do you think we should do for our art and history project since both classes are put together for this," I said while trying chews a little bit of the brownie.

"Well, we can do a family tree for the history and for the art we can do something like drawing or a video for the art part. We can use our artist talent to draw a family portrait too,"
Alecx said while logging on to his laptop.

"That is the best idea ever, and it's a good thing we have some months to work on this project," I told him while pulling up the family history that my father gave me.

"Yup, I do know that our families are different from each other," he told me while looking at his laptop screen.

"Well, that's a good thing right? Plus we can use this project to get to know each other better. Also before we leave, I would like to get Hazel a drink which she has been texting me nonstop about it, I will give you the money back when I get some more money soon, I promised" I said while replying to Hazel on my phone.

"Yeah no problem, actually you don't have to pay me back and her drink will be on me," he said with a smile.

A few hours pasts quickly,
Alecx and I had more coffee then a little kid on a sugar rush due to all caffeine it was time to go home and the store was closing up for the night. We both had to get home before our parents come to track us down or something else that partners do. While packing up I took a sip of my coffee and end up having some whip cream on my lips. Alexc looked at me and said.

"Cupcake, you have some whip cream on your lips, here let me get that for you," he said while leaning in.

Just like that in a matter of seconds, his lips were on my lips, my body felt like it was on fire with sparks like magic in a perfect fairy-tale story. I gave in and kissed him back. He tastes like strong coffee with a taste of sweet cream. I swear my heart was beating so fast that I can feel my heart about to burst out of my chest and my legs feel weak like jello. We kissed for more seconds and then decided to pack up our stuff to go home. After packing our stuff up with cleaning up after ourselves he walked me to my car and said goodnight with another kiss. I swear I almost fainted right there in the parking lot because of the kiss. A few minutes he drove off in his car and I drove home.

Submitted: March 03, 2019

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