To Whom It May Concern: A Love Letter

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Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



In my life I’ve made a lot of mistakes 

Things that weigh heavy on me wish I could undo 

From my short comings I've learned many lessons 

know in my heart these will not repeat with you 


Dark days behind me and dark days to come  

Caught in a storm I just need to see your light’s there 

My legs may be weak but I can fight my battles on my own 

Just wipe the blood from my face so I know you care 


I can promise you the same on your hard days 

When your lost and the sun’s gone down 

I can guide you through those dark waters 

Your lifeline to pull you in so you don’t drown 


I'll keep your head above water even if I’m still sinking 

My troubles may haunt me but they won't haunt you too 

The heart I have hurts but it still pumps 

It’s full of breaks but the thought of you makes it feel new 


I'm not perfect but I'm not too damaged to love 

Have faith in my heart and my words spoken 

Please know you don’t need to fix me 

I just need you to love me while I'm still broken 

© Copyright 2018 Jay Jacques. All rights reserved.

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