an assassin's lovestory

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

a couple wolfgang and andrew live a good life, recently married, new into the real world, but every week wolfgang goes on business trips and andrew never turns a head until his aunt's wedding
wolfgang is forced to reveal his true identity and it makes more problems than needed

Submitted: September 18, 2018

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Submitted: September 18, 2018



Wolfgang: alright andrew i’m leaving!

Andrew: Baby! Not another trip!

Wolfgang: *kisses him* I gotta, don’t you wanna get out of this damned apartment?

Andrew: Well yes but, I want my husband here more!

Wolfgang: I know, I know, but this trip is gonna pay alot more than the usual ones!

Andrew: Alright! Well do you wanna go to my aunt’s wedding next week?

*wolfgang falls silent*

Andrew: Wolfgang please baby!

Wolfgang: We both know your family doesn’t approve of our relationship!

Andrew: I know, but I think we should still go! It’ll show how much of a sweetheart you are!

*wolfgang stares deeply into his baby blue eyes*

Wolfgang: Alright I will go only cause I love you

*kisses him lovingly*

Andrew: Merci! Where’d you learn that~?

Wolfgang: Don’t ask baby boy

*wolfgang leaves and andrew’s father calls*

Andrew: *picks up* hello dad

Dad: are you still with HIM

Andrew: *sighs* yes dad, i’m still with my husband

Dad: Why be a homosexual?! Alot of girls would fall head over heels for you!

Andrew: I fell in love with him, he’s perfect!

*andrew’s father sighs out of anger*

Dad: whatever, will you be coming to your aunt’s wedding *he says with a voice like thunder*

Andrew: Yes dad, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Dad: Good, you better!

*he hangs up*

*two days later Wolfgang comes back*

Wolfgang: *opens the door* i’m home baby!

Andrew: *he yelps in joy* baby!

Wolfgang: I made 4K over the trip! That brings us closer to our goal!

Andrew: *hugs him and holds him* You’re the best! I would never leave you!

Wolfgang: *is holding a bag* I also bought us some suits for the wedding

Andrew: WOAH! How much were these?

Wolfgang: I bought it with the rest of my college fund, I’ve already gotten my degree *points to a masters of medicinal science*

Andrew: You know you didn’t have to, these suits are really expensive….

Wolfgang: I know, that’s why I got them, I thought “hey they look nice and I can shove a massive middle finger in andrew’s homophobic families face!”

Andrew: *sighs* you’re something else love

*the both arrive at the wedding*

Andrew: I’m gonna go say hi to my family! You have fun!

Wolfgang: Ok baby boy, you have fun

*10 armed men run in*

Leader: *yells* alright i’m looking for a Wolfgang Lightingheart

Wolfgang: That would be me. *pulls out a golden desert eagle with a silencer on it* Now then, who’s ready to throw down?


End of part 1…..


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