Dance of the Phoenix

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Seated gracefully on his perch

The phoenix gazes to the skies

He sits there, waiting patiently

For the moon to rise

And as the sun begins to set

As the sky glows gold

The phoenix rises his wings to fly

And soon the world will behold

The dance he does among the moon

He’s graceful in the light

This dance you see perfectly shows

A demonstration of his might

He flies all night, from dusk till dawn

He dances to and fro

So graceful, yet, so lonely in

This world he’s come to know


Thousands of years he’s done this dance

Too long without a love

He’s grown so lonely through the years

Without even a dove

What is life without romance?

Whatever could he say?

Even if he found a love

She may just run away


But something seems amiss tonight

His gut is never wrong

He stops his dance and listens close

Until he hears a song

His head perks up, he spreads his wings

He flies toward the sound

Flying far but knowing that

Soon she will be found


As he reached her he finally knew

His loneliness was over

As he walks, his mouth agape

She looks over her shoulder

They both flew up and began to dance

They both began to smile

They both had searched but didn’t know

How close they were all the while


In the light of the moon they danced all night

For they had finally found

The love they searched so long and hard

But never on the ground

Landing gracefully, they then embraced

They held each other tight

Never wanting to let go

They let off a lovely light


Every night when the moon comes out

They dance together more

Some say you can still see them

Just look out your door

All you have to do is look

Up into the sky

For they are still there dancing dear

Oh so very high

If you look you will see

Those lights that we call stars

But phoenixes reincarnate you see

Their life they give for ours

Their life, when gone, becomes a part

Of the sky above

So now we see every night

All because of love

Submitted: September 19, 2018

© Copyright 2020 feonixrizen. All rights reserved.

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Kossettes Novellettes

Wow this was actually magical to read ya know. Usually your stuff ibe read so far is soooo gritty and intense. This was intense and graceful. I liked it.

Im glad I found this one.

The idea of pheonixes making stars is amazing and stars being born of love is really cute.

I have alot more to say but I dont wanna ramble Feonix

Wed, September 19th, 2018 5:20am

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