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"Hawgree eyes is a short Erotica Love story about Two People a Male and a female that meets unexpectedly at a Pig Roast and Birthday party for the Females Father and his Brother which is her uncle
in West Virginia so there was drinking and carrying on Partying and really having a good Chin Din, with Music...?"

Her name was Angel and the Males name was Dean...?" They met each other unexpectedly, was having a Dandy good time, until a friend of the Family came... and ruined the Party One thing lead to

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Chapter One...?”


It was in June on a Friday angel had been staying on her Dad's Land in her Mom and dad's Camper it was by herself and the dogs, which she kept in Kennels in the Building she let them all run all day but she had to put them all up in the Building in their kennels for they was having the big pig Roast on her Dads land where they had more room for everything Angels cousin and his man was roasting the pig...?' they even got wood pow-led up y ah high for a big Bomb Fire for that Night...?”


The Pig wasn't the only thing they'd fest on everybody that was coming to it had to bring some foods that they cooked and later on that night They had plan to have S more's Cooked over the Bomb Fire...?”

the roast would start at 2:00 Pm. With their foods that they cooked to go with the Pig...?”


So yes as planed the pig Roast started at 2:00PM. A lot her Family from her Dads side was there after Angel ate something she started drinking with her cousin she hung mostly around him...?”

Around 4:00PM. Another one of her cousins showed up to the pig Roast with a friend which Purdy Much Drove him there in a Big High 4+4 F-150 Truck this guy was big and tall bout 7'0” tall roped with muscles which he carried this Huge cooler on his shoulder to the rest of the coolers with a Yeager in one hand sipping on it he'd put...?”


The cooler down beside one the other cooler's at the top of it, it said Yeager's on paper tape so people would know what was in it this big guy Carried that big Ass Cooler on his shoulder like it was nothing Plum full of ice and Yeager's after he put that down he lite a Cig...?” He had long Brown hair with blonde tips in a pony tail that hung down over the Broad width of his Chest...?”

he had a Whyte cowboy hat on and the rimes of it Hung down over his Bright-eyes he had a sleeveless flannel was open wide he was all roped with muscles Popped out like stones all over his Body with deep creases in all the right places her other cousin whom came with him introduced him to them all of them even Angel...?”

her Cousin said Angel this is dean, Dean Angel...?”

Dean looked down at her through the rimes of his Whyte cowboy hat and with a deep voice as deep as tho-rs just not his accent he said Howdy! Little Lady...?”



Angels eyes Narrowed looking way up at this guy she said awe... Howdy! He tipped his hat at her and walked off with her cousin to met Some more of the family Angel Couldn't Bleeve how big this guy Dean was, and he was a Purdy boy for Sure...?” she like y what she seen..?” he had the Purdy Est Bright-eyes she had ever seen...?” big Shiny Lips, big long heavily veined hands...?”


he had Beautiful hands he wore Two Golding Hooped earrings in his right ear...?”

and a tattoo on his left big upper Bicep of the sun Behind the American flag with a Hawk or Eagle flying over...?”

he walked Bow-legit and a voice as deep as tho-rs, she really liked...?” but he was probably way out of her league...?”


Angel Continued Drinking with her cousin Brad hanging around him for it had been forever since she had seen him he came to West Virginia From Florida her other cousin and Dean grabbed them a big Plate full of Food and was Munching down...?”

Soon Angel was feeling good and started having fun with everyone she was Laughing and hanging out with her Cousin Brad...?”


When all of a sudden she Caught Bright-eyes gazing at her through the rimes of his Whyte cowboy hat...?” and she turned back tore her cousin when the “Smile:)!” quickly left her face and her face went a warm Flush-full red...?”

and took a big gulp of her beer from the bottle- Ice House and licked her lips, when again she looked...?”


Chapter Two...?”


Again them bright-eyes still gazing at her through the rimes of his Whyte cowboy hat...?”

angel again quickly faced her cousin Brad again talking about Hawgree eyes...?”

she'd take another drink of her Ice House...?”

Dean would take a big Gulp of his Yeager and licked his big shiny lips...?” and talked to her other cousin and her Uncle...?”


But Dean would look at her again through the rimes of his Whyte cowboy hat...?”

Angel tried to pretend she didn't know it...?” when her Cousin Brad noticed Dean looking at her...?”

Brad said Girl you've got some eyes on you, Damn look at them abs...?”

Angel said Humph...who, what, where Brad said big boy Dean over there checking you out...?”

Angel looked Brad was correct bright-eyes was on her through the rimes of Deans Whyte cowboy hat...?”


Angel said oh well...?”

Brad said are you Crazy girl why you over her hanging around me Damn girl go talk to him, he obviously wants to talk to you...?”

Angel said Brad I don't know what to say to him...?”

He makes me Nerves Cu z...?”

Brad said he makes you Nerves why...?”

Angel said I donno he just does...?”

Brad said I bit I know why he makes you nerves...?”

Angel said what no you don't...?”


Brad said it's because his Hot...?” and his body is indescribable and you want to Lick his Big abs...?”

Angel “Giggled!” What... No I don't...?”

Brad said Oh yes you do...?”

Angel said No I Don't...?” your Full of Sheeit you crazy Fucker...?”

Brad “Cracked Up!” I'm Full Of Sheeit, I'm a crazy Fucker, I am not Standing over here with my Cu z, when A hot Guy like Himself is staring at Me...?”

Angel sad yes you are...?”

Brad said Girl go talk to the man...?”


Angel said No...? If Dean wants to talk to me he can come to me...I am not leaving this Spot...?”

Brad said girl you can't till me he doesn't look good...?”

Angel said Well yes I can, he doesn't Look Good...?”

brad “Cracked Up!” and your lying out your ass...?”

Angel said I am not going over there Brad Forget it...?” and took a gulp of her Ice House and Arched her eyebrow..?”


Brad said OK whatever girl... but Obviously Big Boy Dean's Got eyes for you..?”

Angel said no he doesn't have eyes for me he better use them for what they are for and that's to see...?”

Brad said yeah I know seeing you...?”

Angel said why don't you just stop it...?” Then somebody else started talking to brad and Angel Drunk her Ice House but when she looked Dean's Bright-eyes was on her again thru the rimes of his Whyte Cowboy Hat...?”


Angel bit her lip and Dean popped a Cig. In his Mouth and lite it started smoking it...?”

Which made angel want one so she took one out and smoked it...?”

Later on Angel was getting a tied bit drunk But so was Dean drinking all them Yeager's and working on another one...?”

Angel walks to the cooler to get another Ice House when she turned around opening it it Splashed right onto Dean and she ran right into him as her eyes Narrowed looking way up at him...?”


Angel said Oh My God so sorry dean...?”

Dean said it's OK..?”

Angel tried to dry the beer off his chest so sorry...?”

Dean “Chuckled!” taken her little hand into his big hand on his heart and said it's OK don't worry bout it, it will dry...?”

Angel took the towel from his chest Kay...? and swallowed hard...?”

Dean said your Nerves...?”

Angel said well yeah Maybe a little...?”


Dean said “what Why...? “Smiled:)!” don't be, I want Bite...why he rubbed over her hand...?”

Angel swallowed hard as her eyes Narrowed again looking way up at him...?”

Angel said why...you looking at me like that...?” you've been looking at me like that all day...?”

Dean said I'm sorry Little Lady your just a Beautiful woman...?”

Angel “giggled!” Beautiful I'm sorry but your Drunk ain't you....?”


Dean said I ain't lie I am well getting there but I mean what I said angel...?”

Angel Bit her lip OK Dean what do you want from me...?”

Dean said will for starters I'd like to hang out with you and get to know you which leads me to asking you if I could do just that...?”

Angel bit her lip Kay guess can do that...?”

Dean gasped whew...cool OK lemme grab me another Yeager and we'll hang out...?”

Angel said M-Kay...?”


Dean grabs him a Yeager pops the top and takes a gulp Kay he went...?”

so they started hanging out together and the more angel did the more unnerves she became and started feeling Comfortable hanging around him...?”

They Talked, they walked, they made S'mores together...?”

Angel found it was some kind of fun hanging around Dean, he was Humorous, made her Laugh... He was cool, sweet, and Nice....?”


They walked to the coolers...?”

Dean said would you like another Ice House My Lady...?”

Angel said yes please...?”

Dean Pops open the Cooler popped another Beer from the ice in a cool way...?”

gave it to her Arching his eyebrow why Smiling at her...?”

Angel said thanks and “Smiled:)!”

Dean said Welcome...?”

everyone was sitting around the Bomb Fare talking Angel sit in front of dean between his legs He'd just Gaze at her... and when somebody would talk to him he'd talk back, was Smiling Laughing and carrying on...?”

Angel found Dean a very nice, sweet Big Heart-ad Man, a gentleman, and just as her cousin Brad said indescribably Sexy...?”


It wasn't just his body that was it was him his face, his big shiny lips, His Bright-eyes, his Voice as deep as throes, she noticed he was as Beautiful as an Angel and smelt of the Heavens, his long Beautiful brown hair with Blonde tips down to the middle of his back bangs same length, his Broad Shoulders, very tall, Broad Chest Lumpy-Taut- six- pack- Stomach, Purdy pearly Whyte's, he was clean that's for sure...?”


Angel never thought how someone Lyke her... ended up with someone Lyke him, or how she ended up with his Bright-Angel-eyes on her... but it was so...?”

after Dean started hanging out with...?”


Chapter Three..?”


Her he didn't once leave her side....?”

Everything was as planed and so Perfect in any giving minute... Until Sheeit hit the Fare and one the Family's Friend came all drunk and Fucked up and started fighting Angel's other Cousin that came with Dean...Because his Daughter tried to say... her cousin tried to Rape her... the family's Friend was her Father and he started Kicking her Cousins Ass all over the place Dean tried to stop it but then her father Started at Dean, Pissed Dean Off and whew...what a Hot Flaming Team-per...?”


He punched Dean Busting his lip Dean Head Butts him so hard and somehow sliced the side his head then dean's nose would start bleeding... out of the blue dean had him all over the place put up a damn good Fight Deans face was Pitch-red as well as the back his neck diffidently was a Pure Redneck...?”

Angel Grabbed Dean at the chest and her uncle pulled the Family's Friend back from each other God The heat from deans Big body was amazing to Angel and he was Breathless, and very angry... he had lost his cowboy hat for it had fail off in the fight as well as his ripped Flannel on the ground...?”


Dean was shaking cause he was so Angry blood rolling down the side his head, and from his nose and lip was blooded too she stood near him and her uncle said Alvin I thank you better leave, Because dean man could rip you to shreds, Alvin's face was beaten and battered, Black eye, nose bleeding and lip from them fighting each other...?”

Funny though how little angel held Big Boy dean Back from Alvin....?”

her uncle said leave man now...?” her cousin beaten and battered badly to by Alvin...?”


Dean spit out blood from his mouth but was giving Alvin A Stormy-Glare look...?”

Alvin said fine stuck his Middle finger up at dean, dean just gazed that stormy-glare look with an angry curl of his lip his body was so hot, I mean burning Hot against Angel, shaking Breathless, and swallowed hard...?”

Angel's eyes Narrowed looking up at dean and she was Breathless trying to keep him from tackling Alvin again as she watch him looking at Alvin had deans arm around her and hand on her wee-tummy...?” which his hand was almost bigger then her tummy.


Angel didn't know why but the heat from Dean's big Muscular body against her was much to much, Bleeve it or not she... was Kind of turned on by his temper and the heat from his body like he had a Shot of Gasoline hitting 116' he was so hot she could see steam biting her lip... but for some reason Dean could not Calm down Completely....?”

After Alvin finally left she slide her hand down his on her tummy he gazed down at her and swallowed hard...?”


Angel said take a walk...?”

Dean said yeah please...?”

Angel said Kay lets grab us a drink and take a walk...?”

Dean said yeah Kay...?”

Angel's uncle grabbed deans cowboy hat and ripped Flannel....?”

why dean and Angel went for a walk why they was walking...?”

Angel said Dean as he took a gulp of her beer that was some interesting fighting back there...?”


Dean said sorry about that, he reminded me of my Bozo Nightmare of a Step dad...I Hate my step Dad sorry you though had to see that part of me... and swallowed his Yeager hard looking down at her...?”

Angel said you OK...?”

Dean said I am right now I won't feel a thing until tomorrow though...?”

angel said bend down here...?”

Dean did as she said she took a tissue out the pocket of her Short jean Skirt she had changed into after playing in the Creek with her cousin Brad and aunt y and she whipped the blood from his...?”


lip first then his nose, she said he didn't heat you in the nose why's it bleeding...?”

Dean said oh it does that when I get to angry, to upset, or to hot it always has...?”

Angel said oh...?” she whips the blood from the corner of his head she whispered awe...baby...?”

Dean said what, wait, did you just say awe... baby or do my ears deceive me...?”

Angel said what, No, did I sorry...?”

I just, it looks Lyke it would hurt... as her eyes Narrowed looking way up into his Bright-eyes and swallowed hard...?”


Dean was Breathless anyway he'd lick his big shiny lips for they watered to taste of hers with a slight curl of his lip her eyes narrowed up into his eyes rocking a little...?”

Angel said look Dean...?” it just looks Lyke It, it Hurts...?” trying to change the subject Humph... well before she could finish saying what she was going to say he Grabbed her behind her neck and pushed his lips against hers she jumped a little then melted into his kiss Lyke a Malthus to a Flame burned by his Fare and her Desire, his lips was so hot so sweet she couldn't help but to kiss him back...?”


to where they found them Both in a long hard tongue fun filled kiss...?”

Dean let her soft sweet lips go with a hard smack and they both Gasped...?”

Angel said Wow... as her eyes narrowed looking up at him Dean looked down at her so intensively...?”

Angel said what was that for...?”

Dean said I've been wanting to kiss you since I've laid my eyes on you...and asked May I kiss you again...?”

Angel said do you want to...?”

Dean said yes Please...?”

Angel said M-Kay...?”


Dean again pushed his hard breathing lips against hers again... Taking her Breath away...?” She couldn't resist or help kissing him back again finding them self's intertwined into another Hard tongue fun filled kiss...?”

Deans face so red so tense Breath hard and hot and before you know it Dean had Angel holding her up against a tree taking his big slow hands up her legs taking them up on his hips up the sides her legs slowly pulling up her... Skirt up and under her Butt...?”


Deans Breath Hotter as well as hers panting each others faces she took her arms up and under his Long hair as she kissed him back also hard taking her hand down his hair taking his pony tail down and his long bangs fail sexy down over his right eye and she took her hands down it again to his face it was Lyke they was Hawgree for each others Tongue...?”

Angel took her hand between them as she was latterly pulling at his built with big bull buckle unbuckling it then the Button and unzipping his jeans...?”

Dean Shuddered at her touch Angel ripped off her panties putting them in his jean Pocket as he was pulling up her skirt all the way up and over her Buttock's as soon as he felt her warm wetness against his Taut Lumpy-Six-Pack-Stomach he shuddered with a slight sexual curl of his lip against hers Angel would move in little circles against him....?”


Till dean could bare no more and wanted to feel the inside her now...as he kissed her harder he'd give his hips a Hard roll and a jerk They both gasped Finally their lips free his lips trembled only hafe way in feeling tautness now holding back his Breath....?”

Angel said please don't stop there...?”

Dean shook his head then gave his hips another hard roll and jerk with a sexual curl of his lip they Both gasped again He swallowed hard...?”


Dean then gave his hips another hard roll and jerk and his head fail to her Chest whispering Awe...God ye-shh, and swallowed hard soon they find a rhythm together drove poor big Boy Dean to a fevered Pitch thrusting depth within her...?” soon something deep inside Angel... Hit a nerve and he'd pick up his passé until every Muscle in his Body Popped out Budged out Harder then stones drove him crazy up sane and he seemed to have lost all control...?”

Had Angel Rocking up and down that tree...?” Whatever it was inside her Struck a Nerve deep within Dean Something he's never felt before and soon Big boy dean was real power Between Angel's legs Both of them Co-shined with Sweat, sweat rolling down dean he went off, had them Both Grunting, moaning, and groaning out Loud...?”


Until Poor Angel could bare no more as she W ranked her nails deep down Deans back leaving her Mark and cried our in her Pleasure and pain as tears Ran down her Flushed Red Cheeks as her Love box Clamped down hard and around Deans Love stick in Vibe Lyke ripples Lyke it was chewing up his Love stick which lead dean to his Major Climax as he breathed Grunted, Swallowed hard, Once, Twice, Third times a charm and he Cried out Imam cum...?”

Dean tried to pull out But Angel would not let him, as she wrapped her self Taut around him...?” Dean warned her two more times She still would not let up, he couldn't Help but to give in...?'


As Dean bit his lip and with a hard Roll and Jerk depth within her his hot big Body jerked hard against her and with a sexual hard curl of his lip he let it go splashing the inside of Angels walls he couldn't move he couldn't breath all he could do is Pout and grunt Huskily on Hard Sobs as tears of Pleasure and pain ran down his red flushed Cheeks he fail to Angel's Sweaty Breast...?”

kissing them, and with ever jerk his Love rod made depth within her a curl of his lip then he'd rub his lips together till finally he could move again letting all the rest of it go Then he'd gasped and grunted with a Huskily Humph...hmm...mm, breathless rubbing his sweaty face upon her breast with Sensitivity gasping for Breath he's look at her as his Stomach twisted ever so hard against her thighs...?”


Dean was shaking lips trembling her eyes Narrowed looking into his he's swallow hard and she take his face in her hands and gently kiss him to ease him, he kissed her back, then she let his lips go and say Better...?”

Dean swallowed hard Ye-sh...?”

Angel said good...?”

Dean said you OK, I didn't hurt you did I...?”

Angel said it's OK a little well actually a lot but it will heal...?”

Deans Breath caught in his throat as he dashed at the tears that ran down his red hot sweaty Cheeks swallowed hard and said Sorry...?”


Angel said No, No it's M-Kay I'll Live as she bit her lip... and said ready to go back now...?”

Dean said ye-sh...?”

Angel said Kay... are you going to put me down...?”

Dean said oh yeah, cleared his throat zipped up and buttoned and Buckled up...?”

Angel pulled down her skirt and took her hair behind her ear...?”

Dean gazed at her, obviously she Blew his mind and flipped his top she picked up her ice house and took a big gulp so did dean...?”


Angel said come on then...?”

Dean said Angel Breathless...?”

Angel said Humph...?”

Dean said was that all, is that it...?”

Angel said Dean I don't do one Night stands, and I don't get paid by the hour, so honestly hope not...?”

unless of course are you gay...?” Are you Married...?” or with someone...?”

Dean said No neither or...?” looking at her thru his long Sweaty Bangs...and cocked his head up like Ed- lover and Arched his Eyebrow...?”


Angel said your fucking with me right...?”

Dean said look at me do I look Lyke Imam Fucking with you...?”

Angel said No, No you don't OK well Now you do...?”

Dean “Chuckled” would you want me...?”

Angel said yes Most diffidently...?”

Dean “Smiled:)!”

Angel “Smiled:)!” back...?”

Dean said Kay...So Be it...?”

Angel said Good, and bit her lip took his hand come on big guy.

Dean pulled his long hair back up into a pony tail Grabbed his Yeager and they went back to the Party hand in hand...?”


Angel's Uncle said Better Big Guy...?”

Dean looked down at Angel never been better, Angel's uncle said good lose something giving him his Whyte Cowboy hat...?”

Dean said Thanks...?”

Angel's uncle said Welcome, Angel about to walk away...?”

Dean took her hand ah...ah...Ah! I don't thank so with a sexual curl of his lip...?”

Ah- oh Angel done gone and got herself stuck with a Huge Problem... that she now could not get read of... Big Boy Dean...?”


Dean said you ain't getting read of me that easy Baby-Gurl...?”

Angel Bit her lip and “Smiled:)!” she pulled him with her Oh come on you big Ga-loop...?”

Dean “Grind!” Yes, Hale yeah, Hot Damn! To himself...?”


The End!”


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