Retail Therapy #4

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I work in retail. Sometimes customers do things that drive me crazy but I can't say anything to them because they're the customer and I want them to come back and buy more stuff. So I started
writing poems about it. Hope you enjoy.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Retail Therapy #4

To the mother who, well meaningly, told her son
to stop bothering the man behind the counter with his stupid questions...

With respect,
I work in a comic book store.
Stupid is pretty relative. Our customers can get downright competitive
Arguing about who can beat whom, Magneto or Doctor Doom.
And is Spiderman a clone again?

The topics are so broad and so insane
That your son’s question seems downright tame by comparison

And it’s not just kids doing the shouting.

One moment it’s calm, the next Mr. 40-something is going off
like a Gamma Bomb.  Because he’s noticed this odd bit of ambiguity
About the strangest most obscure bit of minutia and continuity.

That’s the language of our community.

And your son is taking those tentative first brave steps
Seeing if he belongs.

Let me assure you that he does.

Walking into the store you’re likely to hear people arguing over
Who can lift Thor’s hammer. Marvel vs DC.
Iron Fist vs Shang Chi, the Master of Kung Fu.
And isn’t he an uncomfortable racial stereotype
left over from a less enlightened time?

Way back in 1989.

Your son wants to share something with me
that he has become passionate about.
You should encourage him.
Tell him that the things that he loves are not stupid.
Even if you don’t get it.

Especially if you don’t get it.

It may not be classical literature. But your son deserves an answer
And yes, maybe he would learn more if we discussed ‘To kill a Mockingbird’
and dissected the theme of the destruction of innocence within.

But I think he’d get more out of it
if we discussed Mockingbird, Agent of Shield.

And ma’am, your belittling the things he loves
is doing that destruction of innocence thing
For him.

So kid, the greatest superhero of all time is the one that speaks to you.
That resonates with something within you till you can’t put the comic down
and you can’t wait till next month to find out what happens next.

That’s who the greatest superhero is…
Or Spiderman.

Because hey… 
it’s Spiderman.


© Copyright 2019 Michael Porter. All rights reserved.

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