Beauty In Their Eyes

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Stare into a person's eyes and you may see more than you bargained for.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Beauty In Their Eyes


Sad silent songs sing out,

A hidden beauty that changes.

Is it a heart's song?

Or is it a Love song?


Who can tell,

In the mist that slowly changes?

We place our bets in Life,

Yet we often get more than what we wanted,

When we cherish what we have and need.


Maybe I am just speaking,

Reciting a monologue,

For all to hear and see.

But maybe it is more than what we seem to believe.


look beyond the words

achieve a different style.


or are you.... trying to be.... 

someone else?


When you try something different,

Once you have seen behind the facades.

You realise we are all just kids,

Searching for light in our own personal dark cars.


The journey is not what it seems.

We are found in the breaking,

Made in the aching

And made so much wiser from the risks we take.


Our Lives are so much more than they appear.

We are beautiful leaves dancing in the wind,

Our lives are but a moment,

Yet we are so concerned with tomorrow,

We forget to live in today.


This moment is what I want,

But I do know that there is so much more.

So look beyond the obvious

And see the beauty and light

That is hidden in another beings eyes.


For when we find the beauty in their eyes,

Their beauty can change our lives.

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