Seven-Year-Old Changes His Mind About Growing Up Fast

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A young boy changes his mind about wanting to grow up quickly.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



By Greg Miller © 2018



Seven-year-old Bobby felt he was very mature.


“I can’t wait to grow up,” he frequently told his mom, Bea, and his dad, Brad.


Bobby couldn’t understand when his parents replied with an emphatic “No!” to a request he believed was totally reasonable.


Bobby asked his mother, “Mom, may I please stay up an extra hour tonight to watch the big game?”


“Absolutely not!” Bea replied lovingly but firmly. “Tomorrow is a school day, so you need your sleep. Your mind needs to be refreshed so you can do your best and make a good grade on your math test!”


“Can we go fishing over the weekend?” Bobby asked his dad.


“No, son,” Brad replied. “I must work in the emergency room at the hospital. Due to the coming hurricane, they are anticipating a very high volume of patients.”


“Well, couldn’t you just ask someone to cover your shift, dad?”


“No, son. I’ve been off two weekends in a row, and now it’s my turn to work and help out. There may be a situation in which I can save someone’s life.”


“Well, okay,” Bobby whimpered. “But I’d really rather go fishing.”


“I know, Bobby,” Brad said understandingly. “I would rather go fishing myself. But sometimes in life we don’t get to do every little thing we want to do. When you’re older, you’ll understand.”


Bobby obediently walked up the winding staircase that led to his bedroom. He changed into his pajamas, knelt on the floor and said his bedtime prayer. “Dear Lord, please bless mom and dad, my friends and the teachers at school, everyone at church and let all those people who have never accepted Jesus as their savior have an opportunity to hear the gospel message. Thank you, Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen!”


The next morning, Bobby thanked the Lord for having another day of life, and went downstairs to eat breakfast before going to school. He walked the block from his house to the bus stop, where he met several other students.


Because he had obeyed his mom and went to bed at his normal bedtime, Bobby was well rested and his mind was ready to take on the challenge of the math test. He answered 24 of the 25 questions correctly.


Returning home from school, Bobby greeted his dad with a big smile. “I have made an important discovery, dad!”


“What’s that, Bobby?”


“I’m no longer in such a hurry to become an adult, dad! I’ve realized the faster I grow up, the less time I’m going to have to be a kid and just enjoy myself!”


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