lone travler

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a promise was made and has to be kept no matter how far it is.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Alone and tired, a traveler slowly making his way down a snow covered forest path. A slight jingling of bells of his Clydesdale’s harness and the crunching of the snow beneath his boots cut through the ever present silence .His destination and purpose for this journey unknown to his loyal companion. The night is bone chillingly cold, the only source of heat the traveler has is a blanket and his horse. How long he’s been traveling he does not remember, but his purpose constantly burning in his mind. The weary traveler lifts his head as he sees his destination ahead a large open field glistening in snow and ice. The traveler staggers ahead into the field. His companion stayed behind and looked ahead to see nothing but a stone in the center of the seemingly empty field. The traveler continued until he reached the stone and fell to his knees. A silent sob escapes his frozen chapped lips as he whispered “I promised you Emily” as he collapsed onto the frozen snowy earth beneath him.

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