The Three Angels’ Message

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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



I desire to be better

But can a leper change his spots

Through the course of anguish my soul craves peace

But can I alone bring such sweet release

If my heart be plucked from the fires hand

Such will only assure that I will not stand 

In Christ alone my hope is found 

For He alone offers solid ground 

For which my feet stand firm upon

As tempests blow and waves abound

Could we but see the artist mold our future

As a physician heals by needle and suture 

We would give our bodies sold

As though we were bought with precious gold

Yet here we lie in wait and hope 

As the world sinks lower as a man bound by rope

Sinking down to the depths of the sea

As God looks down on you and me

Wishing we would lay hold of Him to let the world see His light

That through this night many would receive divine sight

Could we but witness through eyes of peers 

All the ears which God has reached

All because we stood up and preached

We would bear the cross of shame 

Knowing it brings glory to God's name

For in the end there will be a black sky

Over the seas which groan until they die

Heaping billows of water rush the land 

Taking souls' lives as grains of sand 

Could death be found on the barren sod

All the wicked will choose it over God

For in that time hearts will fail for fear

For in this time many closed their ear

To the saving power of a cross stained red

As a tortured man lied upon it as dead

In that time a mark shall be enforced 

Endorsed by the most corrupt and vile 

All the while the righteous will flee

Up to the mountains by guided divinity

As all in the cities will suffer the decree 

As Sunday is appraised as a law of rest

Only to rid the world of the sanctified pest

In such time the Spirit of God is withdrawn 

Leaving many as gone with the wind

As four Angels lease upon the earth

A time of trouble to reveal man's worth

To see if he laid his treasure up in heaven 

Or bid to let it go for the leaven of sin

As the plagues begin to fall 

The wicked will see their gall 

In demonic anger they pursue the holy

Solely for the purpose of ridding their guilt

As they realize they spilt the blood of God

All in vain upon this earth's forsaken sod

As the righteous appear to be surrounded

Their faith is grounded as in the sky

A little black cloud appears to come by

Roaring with thunder the tempests blow

And with a blunder the seas crash 

As the Son of Man appears with a flash

A bolt of light which ignites the midnight 

And all the host of heaven is shaken as

The dead in Christ are taken from tombs

All who remain are translated

To a city prepared for the emancipated 

As Lucifer is left to scour the earth 

Only to wait for the judgment hour

1000 years after his reign of power 

And in such time he will bend the knee

And will declare God's majesty

Then will God’s power be revealed 

As the wicked then scour from His empire

As fire descends from the sky

Upon all those who rejected Christ’s alibi

In a blaze of glory the wretched become as ash

Then in a flash God makes all things new

The land of Eden restored alas

As the last grain of sand did pass through the old world’s hourglass

© Copyright 2018 Alec Worix. All rights reserved.

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