Into The Woods

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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Towering trees are in the distance,

The grass is ever so green on the other side

I am overwhelmed with temptation to venture into wooden waters.

Child-like wonder has never felt so fresh, my eyes are staring wide.

I don’t want to miss a single detail of this sacred forest land,

First I must begin the journey to the promise land by getting out of this sinking desert sand.

I was left to melt in the summer heat of late June,

Stuck in survival mode, I placed myself in the comfort of never taking a chance.

Discovery has consistently been my favorite passion; to find new souls with stories untold.

To find abandoned ruins and revive them with a hopeful trance.

Learn new things, try a different pace, take the long road but have some fun and play.

It’s not really the adventures you have, but the conversations and people you uncover along the way.

This haunted forest of dreams, reality, and nightmares is that of legend.

Every tale, every myth, is truly remarkable.

Honest and pure is nature that welcomes you with beautiful mystery.

The flowers blossom in soil that is unchangeable,

All things living here flourishes with passion.

This is where I must come to stand my ground, to grow with happiness and compassion.

Into the woods of tall fur I go,

The smell of evergreen is so sweet;

I chose this path in aspiration of finding who I am,

I hope to discover a lake with my reflection so I can finally be at peace.

This treasured forest is filled with many pleasant memories

I just have to find my own, and hopefully in return, I will unearth my sanity.

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