The despair of life and Loss of hope

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Yep, just depressing. Sorry.

I would generally never explain poetry but... It all does come to an end. Life doesn't last forever, we try to find as much meaning as we can, we search for happiness... We fear death, even though
it happens every day... We can't experience it, but death does come to all in the end... That is the curse of life, that it will one day end.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



The truth that we fear is that all things do come to an end.

But even with all the knowledge... I still can't help but shed that tear.


We play, we try, we reach for life

We see the light and feel the hope

To be plunged just straight into despair

For the light to bend on darkness slope


We do not offer a merciful end 

to infants who curse the world

We are in heart just too weak

In these fragile shells we are up-curled.


You can give them peace with just one grip

But you do not have what it takes

You miss the chance, the moments slip.

Dealing with the pain and shakes.


To give a life

To offer hope

Just to suffer

Can you cope?


We are all forced to take that breath

A downward spiral that ends with...


The curse of life

Is that it ends...





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