Paranormal Voices Oppression

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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Paranormal Voices Oppression (Chapbook pt.iii)


Tonight once again these paranormal voices just don't give a damn filling up my home with voices like audio daggers slicing up the silence talk about malevolent determination they are out to destroy any chance of a quiet mind tonight what does this mean and what is this really about I mean really about and not just a wishful thinking answer but sometimes wishful thinking is all we've got and the stars seem like little far away islands of light but there is no means to escape to out there prisoner number ########## just sits in his chair while the voices throw judgements into his ears it will soon be time for lights out for the prisoner but the darkness will change nothing
the night once had its own voice but that has long since been driven away many intruding voices now occupy the night and this is indeed an occupation the voices patrol and fire upon thoughts that are truly my own thoughts that are subversive the oppressors seek control my thoughts seek to escape this audio-militarized zone

It is early in the morning too damn early in the morning and the oppressive spiritual voices are opening fire with their spiritual guns and knives the oppressive spiritual voices are bombarding with their cannons of distorted audio frequency the oppressive spiritual voices are destroying the rose gardens of our separate dimensions they just don't care about a thing like that and would rather see them trampled they grow stronger as the sky gets darker devoid of light within them the impression of only void this night like last night like last year's nights voices voices voices as I should be
drifting into sleep voices as silence should ascend voices intrude upon this night like a horde of audio marauders how will the end to this be realized and when

It is a clear sunny day and it almost seems as if the voices entities are away but at every turn they seek to remind me I can hear the voices through the glaring sunlight they're just trying to let me know that they are still here and so I cannot completely pretend that their presence is not there in the brightness of this day the brightness of this day like a desert oasis that's almost there but not completely there only momentary glimpses of what life could be without these intrusions
the glaring Sun the voices appear for a moment and then vanish serenity is there for a moment and then vanishes with the intrusion of these voices
of their words their words only seek to darken this vision of light
their words seek to block out the Sun but their words are an empty chasm of no meaning their words were withered before being spoken
their words are like ashes scattering in the wind

4. The voices entities spewing out their lies late at night is this their night crew I wouldn't think it's the same voices the same damn voices this one in particular I've been hearing her ever since I recorded for EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon there's certainly an undiscovered country there full of wonders along with absolute minefields of audio audio depth charges waiting for you to cross the line to record too much to tune in your hearing just right now you're all tuned in to the same station audio blitzkrieg there is nothing like it that you could have imagined you were not prepared because how could you be anyone saying otherwise see into their words .......they really don't know there is no imagining an audio blitzkrieg before it happens the recorded voices can hypnotize mesmerize
that appear benevolent but underneath all that jagged sharpened audio weaponized words of tyranny
so it goes tonight so it goes tonight the voices of other planes of reality are here to spew their propaganda of lies this is the malevolent element you see dimensional audio-fascist by decree

10. waking up in the fog the haze of a reality that now seems unreal from out of the fog I hear the voices through the night they did not go far they have stayed near so that I may hear them when these eyes open to the haze they must arrange it so that I hear them perhaps....... they have already been everywhere in this world many times over but they are right here now because they know that I can hear them and so it's another day that seems mad and yet it still glares the sky is as blue as any I've seen blue and full of voices they speak from places yet to be fully realized and they tell me strange things and unusual things and cryptic things and messed up things and the reason they do this they say
I insulted "higher life forms" and that's a real kicker right there all this superiority talk of theirs it's like an obsession and it doesn't really mean a whole lot to me because I don't much believe them anyway though I do believe they think themselves superior I've heard this from them so many times it's something they seem to always have on their minds night and day always thinking about themselves always thinking themselves superior
and what a lame thing it is to hear all the time but that's just what it is

11. tonight these voices were telling me once more that they were "astral life forms" and this is something that I hear from them once in a while this is one of a few identities that they assume one of the mask they wear and who knows maybe this one is not a mask at all I suppose that one of their mask is the one that is truly not a mask there's bound to be one and someone on the internet will say they know for certain with such conviction and I might listen and give it a thought maybe........

Here it is another night I probably won't remember it's the sixteenth of September and this night is just like so many others like so many others since the voices first began I'm hearing them now over a background noise at times it sounds like they are shouting now some of the voices are sounding deeper the sound of the voices can change their nihilism seems to change little now it seems they are getting angry it seems they don't like being written about but if I have something that I want to say then I'll hold fast and say it so I've said what I wanted to say for now and now it's off to bed and hopefully I'll find a sanctuary of silence

13. the voices are on a roll tonight yes..... quite a damn roll tonight trying to beat me down with their audio words of sinister cryptography for I have no idea about the meaning of at least half of what I hear them say and I seriously suspect that this is their angle to the whole thing and my angle should be not to listen to this half nor the other half of the things they say but when you walk through the door after a long day sometimes they like to hit you with it right away and you're just so damn tired and tomorrow will pretty much be the same thing all over again the same thing all over again the same thing again ***

Tonight the voices are active sounding like a chorus of deranged electric machinery sounding like saws at war with windmills sounding like trumpets shot out of cannons sounding like Zeppelins attacked by bats over a city full of chimneys that spew.....ashes of the dregs night is now un-illuminated voices entities patrols patrol the mind zones your mind zones I often think it was just better not to know about it
soon it will be midnight and vapors will rise from the streets streetlights will convey a false sense of civilization
hidden within the very sky are voices beings that can invade the mind electric audio a sonata of lost days spent staring at the ceiling listening a troubadour once now more like a dart board for daggers of voices

15. now it's late and they've come out and they skirmish with whispers a constant high pitch whispery assault
another part of the constant spew of audio astral poisons
voices beings pacing the room with fixed bayonets of words that confuse fallen angel scribble on the walls dimensional claws here is the truth riddled with lies and I testify to my own shadow and my own shadow knows all about the unconcealed lies and now I embark towards the isle of sleep my journey hindered by the voices that speak from cauldrons of vile purpose

what can I tell you it's all mad the hour is mad the sea of voices is mad my memories of all of this of all of this oppression are mad mad mad mad as a radio doorway to a dimension that is mad mad as an EVP left on your voicemail a communique just for you yes...... it's mad it's mad mad as a reality that apparently is no reality at all and the voices and the words come flying at me like throwing knifes
and here the mad invisible tyrants hold court for their mad soliloquies
yes..... it's gotten quite mad here tonight voiced demons kamikaze saw blade
into my night yes...... it's mad the whole bloody thing is bloody mad and maybe I'll revolt tomorrow during the day or in the evening they know they cannot trust me they know that I have learned to lie and scheme from them and now...... I will turn it all against them and drop poetry bombs on their mad festivals
these opportunities rise like the moon

17. The voices speak now the voices speak they always speak they always want you to hear them speak they've got something to say to you but there's quite a good chance that it's a lie but they'll continue to speak and days and nights will come and go and all the speaking all the hearing all the listening will pass by with the hours and over time they'll speak some more and by next year they'll be speaking again and maybe in a century or two it will be discovered and known that they were speaking all along

Hours abandoned to the voices that I once heard beyond my windows they would do this to freak me out I reason but there doesn't seem to be much to freak out any more now the voices simply surround me like a blockade fleet and they have fastened metal chains to each moment I drag them I drag them and hear the voices of cruel theaters

The trickster EVP voices may sometimes give you choices but it may not be revealed until it is far too late sometimes they just go about things in that cruel way
looking back it will all unfold like invisible ink but back then their warnings seemed like dimensional opera and you can get your head stuck up in those gilded clouds that you can barley perceive the presence of

Time is not a meaningful thing to them am I being harsh? or have I observed the violation of these dreams for far too long? they have not felt time like a cold wind or perhaps they have perhaps this same wind has frozen them for in the regions of the soul there can often be ice perhaps they have ice within perhaps they are ice within

21. The voices beings sounding off now sounding like cheap imitation star cores over the radio spectrum manufactured off world and sleep will overtake me soon and I'll be free for some hours but they'll linger around my room experimenting with psychology books little mini Bikini Atolls of sinister psychoanalysis
Operation Psycho Crossroads all hours of the night while I'm asleep they'll be conducting instrumented test of mind warping

The voices are bombarding the voices are scaling the walls the voices are spewing lies again enormous lies that mean nothing at all I'm hearing them talking through their demonic loudspeakers trying to turn the rest of the night into an audio gulag they're trying to open doors to break inside they are putting down voices suppressing fire suppressing oppressing trying to establish a totalitarian audio order and I persevere within the bunker of my own experiences and I will wait until the voices bombardment subsides and then I will go outside and smoke ***

Audio astral bullies making a lot of noise
I tell them to go talk to a tree instead .......they never listen to me
they want to make this night an audio zone of fascist ideology they want noise of oppression and the moon will not awaken here tonight
there is a shroud darkening casting shadow the voices gave declared themselves the winner here but it is by default and now I'll go try to blackout till dawn I want no dreams tonight I want nothing but a sovereignty of silence

24. A serenade that is no serenade it's some sort of hex or abuse or oppression waking up and realizing it's still lingering over me and it will follow me when I go to work just me others around me will hear voices of sunshine or hear nothing I'm the one they follow because I asked them for a sign that they were real

Harassing Voices Incorporated I think they are in the employ of some alien beings at least this is what the voices have often conveyed to me but if I believe anything that they say then I would live inside a hall of mirrors no...... no...... this much more perplexing in a sinister way than that

Last night I saw them the entities several times they appeared before my eyes several times in a spectacular display of trans-dimensional appearance they did it to drive the fact home that they were oppressing me so it was kind of a reverse of.... an opposite of...... .......consideration it was more like..... "hey look at us" the scientist say we don't exist..... go ahead and try to ignore.... we'll keep heckling with the voices ....because they say we don't exist but you know we do asshole" so in every sense it was a kind of anti-consideration on that night of this year and so we all go on as that is simply in our nature

September, 2018


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