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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Zakuro – Hello Haruhi how are you?


Haruhi – I am fine so how is you father?


Zakuro – He is fine so how did you get court up in this host club?


Haruhi – Long story;


Hikaru –Wow, Haruhi’s cousin is hot;


Honey – I wonder if she likes gingerbread biscuits.


Tamaki – There is one way to find out;


Tamaki picks up a plate of gingerbread biscuits;


He walks over to the table where Haruhi and Zakuro were sitting.


Tamaki – Sorry to interrupt but would you ladies like a gingerbread biscuit?


Zakuro turns;


Zakuro – Are they gluten free?


Tamaki – Gluten free?


Haruhi – She cannot eat anything that has wheat in;


Zakuro – But thanks anyway.


Tamaki turns and walks away;


Honey – What happened?


Tamaki – She does not like anything with wheat in;


Honey – Oh;


Kaoru – Let me and Hikaru talk to her;


The twins walk over to the table;


Hikaru and Kaoru – Hay Haruhi how are you?


Haruhi – Oh hay Hikaru and Kaoru;


Hikaru and Kaoru – Do you mind if we sit with you?


Haruhi – Sure;


Hikaru and Kaoru sat down;


Hikaru and Kaoru – How about a game;


Haruhi – I don’t think my cousin wants to play that identifying game;


Zakuro – What identifying game;


Haruhi – Guessing which twin is who;


Honey – They are spending a long time over there;


Tamaki – Yeah and daddy does not like it;


Kyoya – Is someone a little bit jealous?


Tamaki – Jealousy is for the weak and shallow;


Haruhi – I will make it easy for you Zakuro that’s Hikaru on the left and that’s Kaoru on the right;


Hikaru and Kaoru – Wrong!


Kaoru – Now you have to do a forfeit;


Haruhi – If it involves me dressing up as a French maid I will not do it;


Hikaru – Well you can always be naked;


Tamaki walks over to the table;


Tamaki – The only person that can see Haruhi naked is me!


Zakuro – You saw my cousin naked?


Tamaki embarrassed;


Zakuro – Haruhi is an independent girl with A’s on every subject and the least thing she wants is some pervert looking at her naked flesh for his own pleasurable needs whether if it is for a second or for  the  past 24 hours!


Zakuro gets up from the table;


Zakuro – I am going up to my dorm I will see you tomorrow Haruhi;


Haruhi – Take care;


Zakuro turns and walks out from the music room;


Tamaki – That was not meant to come out;


Haruhi – Well it did;


Haruhi gets up from the table;


Haruhi – Well it’s time for me to go home and hit the books;


Kaoru – Would you like some help?


Haruhi – Nope I am fine;


Haruhi turns;


She walks out from the music room;


Kyoya – Well this is turning out to be a funny night;

Honey – Yeah;


Kyoya – No gluten free snacks and Tamaki slipping out his secret crush on Haruhi;




Honey – Hay Kyoya;


Kyoya – Yes;


Honey – Can you get gluten free snacks?


Kyoya – Why yes of course but it will cost a lot more;


Honey – A lot more;


Kyoya – Yep;


Honey – How much?


Kyoya – 65% higher than the average price we pay for snacks;


Honey – Okay;


Kyoya – But don’t worry it will still taste good;


Honey – Would it?


Kyoya – Yes;


Honey – Great;


Takashi – Come on Honey it’s time to go;


Honey – Alright;


Takashi – See you in the morning you guys;


Honey – Goodbye;


Takashi and Honey turn;


They walk out from the music room;


Tamaki – I am so embarrassed right now;


Kaoru – Are you still ashamed about the hiccup about having feelings for Haruhi?


Tamaki – Please go so I can reflect on my shame;


Hikaru and Kaoru – Alright see you tomorrow Tamaki;


The twins turn;


They walk out from the music room;


Tamaki – Oh what a world a beautiful girl angry with me just because of my secret feelings for Haruhi;

A female chauffeur walks into the music room;


Female chauffeur - Your ride is here Master Tamaki.




Zakuro’s roommate – I still cannot decide which club to join;


Zakuro – What are the options?


Zakuro’s roommate – The horse riding club, swimming club, cooking club, and the drama club;


Zakuro – Go for the one you are most passionate about;


Zakuro’s roommate – Horses;


Zakuro – Then join the horse riding club;


Zakuro’s roommate – What about you?


Zakuro – Still deciding;


Zakuro’s roommate – Well you are good at acting so why don’t you join the drama club?


Zakuro – I could but it clashes with my classes;


Zakuro’s roommate – What are your classes?


Zakuro – Maths, English, Geography, Science and Biology;


Zakuro’s roommate’s cell phone rings in her dressing gown pocket;


She takes it out;


Zakuro’s roommate (on cell phone) – Hello;


She begins speaking French;


A knock on the dorm door;


Zakuro walks over to the door;


She slowly opens it;


Two really handsome boys standing outside;


Zakuro – Can I help you?


Handsome boy 1 – Gosh you are beautiful!


He goes down on one knee;


Handsome boy 2 – Tell me dear fancy joining the Elite club;


Zakuro – What club?


Handsome boy 1 – The Elite club;


Handsome boy 2 – Only the smart and beautiful people like you can join this club;


Handsome boy 1 – Tell me sweetheart what is your name?


Zakuro – Sorry I am not interested;


Handsome boy 2 – Don’t you want to be pampered by boys like us?


Handsome boy 1 – Go to lavish parties and get given expensive gifts?


Zakuro – So let me get one thing straight you buy expensive gifts for girls like me just because of their looks?


Handsome boy 2 – Not just looks;


Handsome boy 1 – Brains to;


Handsome boy 2 – So what do you say?


Zakuro – My answer is no;


The first handsome boy gets up;


Handsome boy 1 – Fair enough;


Handsome boy 2 – You have broken our hearts fair maiden;


Handsome boy 1 – Consider you on the Z list;


Handsome boy 2 – On less you decide to change your mind?


Zakuro slowly closes the dorm door;


Handsome boy 1 – Z list it is then;


The two handsome boys turn and walk away.


Inside dorm;


Zakuro’s roommate – Who was at the door?


Zakuro – Some boys wanting me to join a club;


Zakuro’s roommate – A club;


Zakuro – Yes;


Zakuro’s roommate – What club is it?


Zakuro – The Elite club;


Zakuro’s roommate – The Elite club;


She flicks through the school’s club book;


Zakuro’s roommate – Ah here we are oh no it’s one of those luxury clubs that are filled with wealthy bachelor pretty boys looking for beautiful girls to spend millions on;


Zakuro’s cell phone rings on her bedside table;


She walks over to it;


Zakuro picks it up;


Zakuro – Hello;


Haruhi’s voice – Just checking if you are okay;


Zakuro – Yes I am fine just now some really handsome boys asked me to join a club;


Haruhi’s voice – What club is that?


Zakuro – Some wealth club that only those that attractive can join;


Haruhi’s voice – Does this club have a name?


Zakuro – The Elite club;


Haruhi’s voice –Did you accept?


Zakuro – Now why would I want to be pampered with lavish gifts just because of my beauty?


Haruhi’s voice – When you say lavish gifts what do you mean?


Zakuro – A price tag of a million;


Haruhi‘s voice – Is this club for real?


Zakuro – Yes I am afraid so;


Haruhi’s voice – Anyway I must go see you in the morning;


Zakuro – Goodbye Haruhi;


She puts her cell phone down on the bedside table;


Zakuro’s roommate – Was that your cousin;


Zakuro – Yes;


Zakuro cell phone rings;


She picks it up;


Zakuro – Hello;


Man’s voice – I was wondering if I could see you;


Zakuro – Who is this and how did you get this number?


Man’s voice – Let’s just say a friend of a friend gave it to me;


Zakuro – Delete my number from your phone immediately;


Man’s voice – You see my girlfriend and my daughter have gone to Canada for 2 weeks and I am all alone and in need of some sexual pleasure;


Zakuro – Where are you calling from?


Man’s voice – In a Lamborghini parked outside the gate of a school;


Zakuro – What school?


Man’s voice – Ouran High Prep;


Zakuro – What!


Zakuro’s roommate – Is there a problem?


Zakuro – How did you know which school I am in?


Man’s voice – Let’s just say someone close to you told me where you were located;


Zakuro puts her cell phone down on the bedside table;


Zakuro – This has to be a prank;


Zakuro’s roommate – Well you could go to the front desk and ask the security guard to make sure this person does not walk into the school;


Zakuro – I have a better idea;


She picks up her cell phone;


Haruhi’s home;


Haruhi’s cell phone rings besides her;


She picks it up;


Haruhi – Hello;


Zakuro‘s voice – Sorry to disturb you but can you ask your father to come and pick me up from school;


Haruhi – Why what’s happened;


Zakuro’s voice – Something has cropped up;


Haruhi – What has cropped up?


Zakuro’s voice – I will tell you later but right now I just want your father to pick me up;


Haruhi – Okay;


Zakuro’s voice – Thanks Haruhi;


Haruhi – No problem;


She puts her cell phone down;


Haruhi (calls) – Dad!


Haruhi’s father (appears) – You called dear?


Haruhi – Zakuro just called she wants you to pick her up;


Haruhi’s father – I thought she was staying at the school;


Haruhi – She is but something has cropped in;


Haruhi’s father – What has cropped in?


Haruhi – She did not say;


Haruhi’s father – Alright;


Haruhi – Thanks dad;


Ouran High prep;


Zakuro was dressed and ready to leave;


Zakuro’s roommate – So sorry that your first night had to be this way;


Zakuro – If it was not for that creepy phone call I would have stayed;


Zakuro’s roommate – Have a safe journey;


Zakuro walks over to the dorm door;


She slowly opens it;


Two really handsome boys standing by the wall;


Zakuro – You two again;


Handsome boy 1 – So have you changed your mind?


Zakuro – Sorry I have more things to think about;


Handsome boy 2 – Like what?


Zakuro – My safety;


Handsome boy 1 – Your safety;


Handsome boy 2 – Who’s after you!


Handsome boy 1 – Tell us and will go and get them for you;


Zakuro walks out from the dorm;


She closes the door;


Zakuro walks along the corridor over to the stairs;


She goes down the stairs;


A man waiting at the bottom of the stairs;


Man – Why hello beautiful;


Zakuro – Look whoever you are I am not interested with your ball crap!


Man – Don’t you want to be treated like a real woman?


Zakuro – Not really;


Man – I can take you anywhere your heart desires;


Zakuro quickly turns and runs back up the stairs;


The man follows her;


Man – Can’t you at least give me a chance to get to know you?


Zakuro slips


The man catches her;


Man – That’s what happens if you run upstairs;


He picks her up;


The man carries Zakuro down the stairs;


Zakuro (yells) – Could someone help me!


The man walks out from the school building;


He puts Zakuro in the Lamborghini;


He closes the door;


The Lamborghini drives quickly away;




Man to Zakuro – You must be really excited to be out with me;


Zakuro – Let me out this instant!


Man – Maybe some music will help calm your nerves;


He turns on the radio;


Seductive music;


Zakuro – Oh hell no;


Man – Don’t you just like good sex music to lighten the mood?


Zakuro opens the door;


Man turns;


Man – Hay, what are you doing?


The man grabs the back of Zakuro’s hair;


Man – Close that door immediately!


Zakuro – I rather be hurt than being a victim of kidnap and attempted rape;


Man – Attempted rape I baily touched you!


A red car driving along the opposite side of the road;


The Lamborghini speeds past the red car;


The red car stops;


It U-turns and begins following the Lamborghini;


Zakuro’s cell phone rings in her jacket pocket;


She takes it out;


Zakuro (panicking) – Can someone help me!


Haruhi’s father’s voice – I am right behind you sweetheart;


Zakuro – Uncle!


The man takes the cell phone out from Zakuro’s hand;


He speaks;


Man – If you want to see your niece in one piece you have to bring me a million dollars and a helicopter;


The red car speeds up;


It comes near towards the Lamborghini;


Haruhi’s father – Don’t worry, I will find a way to get you out;


Zakuro – Hurry Uncle!


Haruhi’s father opens the car door;


Zakuro does the same;


Zakuro – The Lamborghini is going too fast;


Haruhi‘s father – There is a turning coming when that car turns you jump out;


Zakuro – Yes;


The two cars reach the turning;


She jumps out;


Zakuro lies on the road;


The Lamborghini drives on;


The red car pulls to one side;


Haruhi’s father runs over to her;


Haruhi’s father – Are you alright?


Zakuro – Yes;


She gets up;


The two of them walk over to the car;


They climb in;


Haruhi’s father – We will go to the police station first and then I will call the school for you to have a week off to recover;


Zakuro – Thanks but I want to be in school;


Haruhi’s father – But you have just been a victim of kidnap;


Zakuro – I know but my studies come first;


Haruhi’s father – No forget studying you are going through trauma and I insist you take a week off from school;


Zakuro – Alright;


Haruhi’s father – Good;


They close the car door;


The red car does a U-turn;


It drives away;


Next day;


Haruhi slowly comes up the stairs;


She sees the guys;


Honey – Good morning Haruhi;


Kaoru – Did you sleep well?


Hikaru – Gluten free cupcakes?


Takashi – They were delivered just a second ago;


Hikaru – Try them?


Haruhi – Maybe later;


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