I Hate Love

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It's poison?!!

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



The pain is real, the pain I feel, from the gutless slut i chose to feel for.

It's a sapfest and I knew it and I still fucking fell for it. Every woman Ive ever loved

every woman Ive touched, touches my heart long enough to put a knife through it. 

Personally, I'd rather have a bullet in my lungs, at least at that point something useful would leave me breathless for a palpable reason.

Decapitate every being packing a fleshy wet wedge between their knees, yep, it;s the killing season.

I get it, my meanness can be as offensive as a pussy bleeding, but I don't deserve it.

But a broken heart is never the answer only a wicked and fluid cancer, suicide only panders to those bold enough to take these ill advised chances.

I know this may seem sexist, and I know I may seem restless, but can you blame me?

I just wanted us to be we, her and I you and me.

I could possibly explain myself but I'm not myself, you see?

What are words? What is this love that you speak of?

Just misplaced thoughts meant to do harm. For your love, I wouldve given my all, nothing less than my leg or my fucking arm.

But who really cares? Why bother to split hairs, you'll never read this, and I'll forever mean this.

Paint these blood spattered words on a wall that I'm building.


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