story with no end

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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



The story with no end


17 and it all started with that 17 years old girl in black, the girl that He knew since his/ childhood but never spoke nor touched.


Waking up that morning that woke every thing in him, a young troubled guy that barely takes anything that seriously, in the back of his mind he is confused on what to expect and what to be expected from, he is dressed all in black, walking towards that university in which her older sister used to study to meet her and hang out for a while. As he gets closer and closer to where she is, he gets nervous, confused yet excited. There she is standing beside her sister, he sees her from far away stepping towards her. ‘’Hi’ that’s the only thing she said before her sister interrupted saying ‘’ don’t be late’’. 

Looking at her a beautiful girl full of innocence just like An angel with those amazing eyes, lovely cheeks, mesmerizing beautiful face that got him enchanted from the first time and till the end of time.


He’s trying to play it cool trying to cover up the confusion and the nervousness by being stupid and goofy,  but deep down his heart wishing she will like him and how is he. He made fun of her that she couldn’t see for a long distance, she was so shy so innocent too beautiful. 


And that is how the next 11 years began.... 11 years of heart breaks yet joy of a life time , unforgettable moments of beauty and love.


He saw her for a couple more times after the first meeting and then it’s summer break he did not have a phone she used to text him on his sisters phone. Him and her those teens that did not know what they will become nor what they will come across, thought it was a thing that will go over a span of the summer break. 


Summer break ends she is a college student and so he is , they are still communicating and talking. ‘’Dunes verdure’’ he was walking next to her joking around and then, the first time he touched her hand, he was waiting to do that for a long time, how he was longing to feel a touch of her finally happened she responded by holding his hand back without looking at his eyes because she is shy. They walked all that day holding hands getting the feeling of each other the joy of touching someone you like that ignites all different types of feelings and emotions till they reached that stairs of the ground floor standing holding hand really close to each other but no one is around he is nervous to make that move of having that feeling of her lips on his, he got his face closer to her she stepped closer and it happened the kiss that he will never forget till his ending day, the feeling the rush of emotions was like never before, it lasted for a couple of seconds before they heard someone coming down those stairs. Red cheeks shy eyes was all he could see.


They started to see each other more and more talking more and more every single day,she met his best friends she is one of the clan now. Hanging out together feeling that true innocent childish love that have no boundaries no expectations no nothing but sincere love. The building at the corner right of that street witnessed kisses that never ends feelings that will always live through him and her. 


And so they start growing up together hand by hand,heart by heart. But he was stupid, naive and took her for granted she was generous forgiving moreover the most love giving person on the face of the planet.


Come let’s hang out at my place he said she responded and the rest is all between bed sheets . love, emotions unforgettable moments that he and her shall cherish forever it became a habit to love each other almost on daily basis. 


How stupid selfish and arrogant he was not knowing how much he loved her and took her for granted because she loved him with every single piece of her heart, he used to get upset if she texted him too much not knowing that was a blessing. He fooled around and she figured it out and she forgave him the first time yet the second she also did forgive him. 


Till that day came at the 3rd year of college he woke up in the morning to a phone call from her sister shouting and blaming him on how and why she was stepping at his home and so the downhill road began. And only then when he started to feel he might lose her, he felt the burden of the world crash upon him, he loved her more than everything but he didn’t know it, she was the in and out to everything, she was the soul of his soul, and he crashed he crashed so hard that nothing could revive him but a word from her. 


After a short while she called him her voice is not the same he feels that she is tired exhausted full of pain. She wrote letters to herself that he still have till today the letters of him and her a letter full of heavenly agony. She said against all odds I’m with you and she did till she couldn’t take it anymore the pressure was too much the burden was to heavy. 


He started to recall the day he kissed her how she took care of him how she loved him how he loved her, that time she was ironing his shirt with her tears, her voice when she say ‘I love you’. That day she was in his arms kissing for hours and hours, that day walking by his side, him looking at her with all the love in the universe in his own eyes towards her. The day he made her cry watching those tears streaming down her face agonize him, kill him a bit by bit. The day they kissed infront of the whole world, back sheet of a bus at her college, all the days they met and couldn’t held their selves being away even for a feet from each other. The day they spent the whole day together, her sweetness her love her caring. And that night that ended up at her place and all emotions love affection broke free, they were two souls sharing the same body, him and her became one so close to each other.... 


Flashes, back to reality, she is not with him now he can’t hear her knocking at his door going to his room waking him up with those gentle kisses from a heavenly lips. Oh god how he misses her footsteps toward him, how he miss her breath next to him how he miss her. Problems and more problems comes in between of them her parents stood in her way from seeing him meeting him or even talking to him. She is in pain he is in pure agony. Till that day that everything went down with no holdups, this is it she is gone she disappeared out of his life. 


He couldn’t recognize or believe she is gone forever and for the first time of his life he felt hopeless, helpless, weak, realizing a life without her is no life, a way without her will always end up dead, he crashed he cried his heart out between him and his own self, agony,pain , heavy heart. She is gone he went crazy he went mad he lost it, he crawled to the dark side of what is known as depression. He is depressed can’t feel anything around him and he is only 22 years of age.


The strength he always loved in her finally gave way , she could never stay, and in that day after a silent peaceful night she took his heart away, in his dreams he could see her, he could tell her how he feels, he could hold her, and it felts so real, but he still feels the pain he still feels her love. How he wished he wished she could’ve stayed.


He walked to his mom in sadness and pain and told her the whole story, his mom that loves her and adores her. Mom said’’ son if she is meant to be yours she will be it might be now but it might be in 4-5-6 years but eventually she will if she is really meant to be’’. He felt broken no one can help him to get her back. 


With time he decided to move on with his life believing that he can, a year passed and he still sees her everywhere , she is built in his heart and eyes he longed to her he misses her he still loves her. He observes her from far away on those social media platforms in pain. He started to think that she is over him if not she would have came back. The pain the regret that she might not know how much he loved her, how much he adores her, how much he worships her. In agony from the all mistakes he had done.


Till the night he saw her at their village, his heart stopped, the whole universe stopped for a while, memories killing him, her beautiful eyes walking right beside him as they never knew each other, it killed him from the inside all what was now is gone. He is back to square one devastated, depressed. Not knowing what she is feeling towards, couldn’t believe she is over him and like he is just a thing from the past. He started hallucinating how she loved him how they shared life, love, breath and way more than that. He felt like as if life betrayed him.


2-3 years passed and he did not get over her she is haunting him she is everywhere, he tried to get to know someone else but couldn’t, she lives in him, she his the air he breath.


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