Chapter 3: SuPriSe !!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: INSTANT FEEDBACK

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We finally arrived at the warehouse; Conner put a blindfold on me and we started walking towards the entrance. When he finally took off the blindfold, the first thing I saw was a row of volleyballs. I was so confused. So I started asking him questions:

“Wait…What is this place? I’m so confused.”
“This is my family’s birthday present to YOU! It’s your own indoor volleyball gym.”

“NO WAY!”, I started getting excited, “Like actually.”

“Yup”, Conner smiled, looking around then ar me again.

“Thank you so much!!!”

“No problem”, he paused for awhile, “You deserve it”

“Man.. now what am I supposed to give you for your birthday..”

Conner chuckled, “You don’t have to give me anything. Our friendship is all I need.”

“Awwwww okay. Our friendship will never end. Trust me!”

“Guess what.”


“Now I can play against you in volleyball, and no one will know.”

“Ooooo… but guess what.”


“I’ll always beat you!”, I smiled. The thought of me playing volleyball with just my crush alone was so funny. I’ve always wanted something like this to happen, but I never thought it would come true.

So many things were going through my mind. How did his parents allow him to do this. When did they ever have time to build this. Why were they being so nice.  Was this how he improved in volleyball? I’m gonna assume yes unless he was always messing around with me. In this moment I forgot about everything that had happened today and realized how much I appreciate Conner. And so we ended up playing volleyball until midnight. I didn’t care if I wasn’t at home anymore. All I wanted was to stay here with Conner.


Submitted: March 11, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Nhi Nguyen. All rights reserved.


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