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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



There is an abandoned and lost oasis.

It was last visited by those

Who saw the happiness and peace it contained.

The bright eyes, the big smiles,

And fun memories being made day-by-day

Was what made that oasis

Exist in value.

It lied among a place everyone wanted to see

Because of how it made them feel.

You never would frequent a more humble paradise...

Over many years it allowed constant wear and tear,

As no one else seemed to give back their care,

Taking each continuous moment for granted.

The waste everyone left, the lack of thought,

The blind relentless destruction...

A wonder is expressed how the oasis consumed

So much depreciation yet stayed so appealingly beautiful.

No one realized the serene was becoming turbulent.

Only once did it take a small crack

For someone to see that this area is flawed

And was soon to be unwanted.

Then, deserted.

The euphoria that gave the sanctuary life

Was left to dissipate and be suppressed within a confinement

Of desolation.

The years have gone and more still come.

There is an eternal desperation of wanted visitation

That has been long missed,

Needed care shown to a mistreated place of felicity,

And an envision of hope to recover such a forsaken space.


Wanted and thrown away,

There is an abandoned and lost oasis.

Lonely and left to suffer,

There is me.

© Copyright 2019 Marisa Rain. All rights reserved.

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