A Knight's Vow

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A vow to uphold that goes beyond the likes of chivalry.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



One thosand miles I'll tread


Task complete before I rest my head


No man alive or dead commands my sword


I answer only to the Lord


I'm beyond kneeling and kissing rings


I owe only allegiance to the king of kings


I am a protector of pilgrims great and weak


The opressor shall rest in the vulture's beak


Whether it be black or red cross


I mourn each of my fallen comrades and their loss


But they are praised in song 


Cleared by all wrong


They earned a praise from the Seraphim seven


And a place among the ranks of Heaven


For our lord is the Soverign of Nazerene


By Providence my armor and blades sheen 


My enemies are the wicked and the soldiers of the morningstar


They I will hunt however far


For devils have no place in God's realm


They I drive out crosses adornig my helm


Jesus Christ in his majesty keeps me free from doubt


For him I cry my battle shout


For if God wills


I protect,hunt,and kill

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