It's Just 'Human Nature,' Right?

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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018




If we were to compare our existence to that of beasts, shouldn't the results make us scared?

Not because humans think they are superior, but because we simply can't compare.

If you give the example of a horse, you'd think "the power, the height, the build!"

Yet we are not as strong or tough as the almighty horse's will.

You see a Hawk who's soaring above, the "Messenger of the gods;"

Its incredible ability to see the small is much better than our odds.

It may appear to be trivial to us because we fail to understand:

While they see something vital to them, we look over our needed strands

That could fulfill a life with joy, which we were given the full parcel of,

And create a peace and happiness... an idea implied on a turtle dove.

It's symbolism for love and tranquilness is hard to comprehend,

For our beings are not focused on new beginnings, but rather harmful ends.

We never think about humbleness such as that of a working ant;

It never does a "better" job than his cohorts because it simply can't.

It does not know how to outshine others, there is no passive rivalry.

Imagine no levels of status, an equilibrium within our own society.

Walking the earth with respect and consideration is a life that needs to be cherished,

Not making shameful decisions, leaving a wasted generation to perish.

Our stubborn ways and sinful minds make us most immoral by far.

A dog abandoning his owner we would find to be most incredibly bizarre.

They have the loyalty humans lack; we do not practice true trust.

Our time is consumed looking for "prizes" that fill us with foulness and lust.

So... do you feel hesitant when you compare your qualities to that of animals,

Showing love to your own kind instead of existing as emotional cannibals?

If a world exists where our lives and our thoughts were pure and just and equitable,

Maybe, just maybe, existing as a beast wouldn't be so terrible



Us as humans put up a great defense, most oblivious to the evil.

Some may realize how foul our nature can be, but elongate the upheaval.

Every day our immorality is shown, a poor decision being made and made again.

The potential for virtuousness exists where it's contained and trapped by men.

We as humans are complicated beings, complex, intricate, and tortuous.

We feel a thousand ways and think a thousands things, our minds are utterly marvelous.

Our complexity, personalities, and intelligence gives us beauty,

But with that comes the choice to do horrible things and we neglect our duties.

We're accountable for many things that we often take for granted:

The earth, the air, the waters, the lands, and everything that's planted.

There is no stopping to appreciate what was fortuitously given to us,

But more hiding, more forgetting, filling our own wounds with more puss.

Self-hating, self-harming, hostility and bitterness are omnipresent in each life

That our minds are polluted with degrading thoughts causing intense, emotional strife.

We judge and critique and inflict wrath to our own kind, unaware of the damage it's done.

Forgiveness is replaced with spitefulness, another psychological hit-and-run.

As humans, we overlook the qualities we need to express and openly take in,

Showing love and kindness to one who has no known happiness within.

We omit the unity that scarcely exists, separating ourselves apart

While surviving off each other with no appreciation of the given work or art.

If only we coexisted in ways that were honorable, ethical, and fair,

Then maybe it wouldn't be so grueling to simply say the words "let's share."

© Copyright 2019 Marisa Rain. All rights reserved.

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