I Don't Gamble

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Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018





Love is initially a gamble as wishing is to pray


You put chips into a plot as the plot can chip you away


If the plot doesn't resolve your conflicts and colors then you gray


With your losing hand, as you're losing your love's hand both ways


With the lost cash and remembered cache, you consider if you should stay or don't play


To hold on to the memories and gamble the little cash left, or to delete the cached haze


You can't send the wedding cards if you don't have the winning playing cards to display


If she's a queen and you're a jack, you're only good for a game of croquet


If you're an ace and she's a queen, appearance over value is what will outweigh


To get rid of social and economical weighs is to be seen without misstate


If love is a gamble, then it might be because of your own self-dismay


Look at yourself to see if your chips stack up, everyone else is including the valet


Playing it safe is no longer passe, now becoming a mainstay


If love is a game of luck, I'd wouldn't want to win any day


Your opponent, that Ace that drives the nice car might be served more entrées


But you being the humble pair of two's is stronger even though it doesn't show right away


If love was one of those twos, you'd never let go of that hand of clay


Because a strong foundation is better than what the Ace promises like a fay


The King should not be considered a rank, but a quality of manhood, it may


Nor is Jack a rank but a man that is contrary to a king must uplift his chances even if it is naivete


To check a hand could be to save yourself from further stray


To check is to be patient and for further ardent investments to delay


Perhaps the love you are gambling for is holding flowers that’ll be someone else's bouquet


Perhaps you'll find they weren't worth gamble, or even behind you inveigh


Yet you bet, and call their bet, even though they might be waiting for better cards to come their way


You've come too far to fold, the love plot is too large to hold or give up at bay


You're at the shoreline, but it feels more like an unsure line swarmed with stingrays


Because I've begun to realize the gamble was would not fulfill me like a ship on a shoreline would by a quay


The revelation is that I'm a silent wild card in a world of pairs, high rollers, and high classes that create affray


People don't seem to see the wild card's worth, like the worth I see in myself is mislay




If I have a weak hand, going all-in a can resume fatal, because a better hand could make your chances filleted


Though the greatest intimidation and sudden execution to this playful engagement could be the simple act of going all in


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