Alexa comes home

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We , meaning my husband and I, are now at an age when new gadgets only serve to complicate our lives. However that does not prevent us from buying them.....and struggling with them

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



I thought he was barely coping with THE one, when the MOTH ( man of the house) brought home a second woman! A couple of weeks ago he went with a friend to help him buy the much touted Amazon Echo which has answers to all your queries, or so they said...

 MOTH ended also ended up buying one ...came home and triumphantly handed it to me calling  it an advance birthday gift....then began his adventures with Alexa the Amazon , placed appropriately in the bedroom, while I stuck to my Bluetooth and loaded music on my many the drawing room...both at out our respective morning routine, me reading the morning papers, listening to music and of course attending to the demands of Man Friday, grocer, gardener, watchman, garbage collector et al  - multi tasking at its very best.

MOTH was at his yoga , meditation and exercise...not to be disturbed by anyone except, except, Alexa. If his knowledge of music titles is scanty, Alexa’s,  it would seem,  is even worse, to add,  she is whimsical and dislikes certain artistes and genres. Every morning at breakfast I would be regaled with Alexa’s latest howlers....asked to play Songs of TM Soundararajan, she decided to play Rajesh Khanna and Kishore Kumar numbers. Fine, next day when Kishore K was requested, she insisted she had no such songs in her collection. When I entered the room one morning and facetiously asked -  Is Alexa behaving. ... she heard  her name and said “ sorry I am not able to play that....! “ And carried on with whatever was playing! 

Moreover Alexa has now got used to one single voice, yes the male one, and actually finds mine unclear ....the only time I asked her to play something, Scottish Highland music, she said it was not part of her library.....YouTube is overflowing with it, incidentally.

Alexa can tell you the weather, the capital cities, and a lot of other GK stuff....I asked for  Trump’s speech, she was stumped. Had also not heard of former PM Bajpai,  let alone his poetry.

Alexa is certainly Indian with a non Indian name and wanna be accent.....but as with all other gadgets, it is going to be a long struggle before we understand Alexa and she accepts us....non nerds!


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