Painful Love

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Pain in love.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



Changing and changing and going to change on, My nation is changing and still continuing to move on.

Past days were bad that lovers used to kill themselves to keep their love live long after death.

Past days were worse when lover used to kill his lover for love which filled with hatery.

Present days are getting unimaginable and huge changeover in parents to kill their own children without supporting their love.

Should I feel happy for the lovers those who used killed for themselves to prove their true love. Or should I feel sad that they couldn't live long with their true love.

Should I feel happy that instead of getting cheated by a lover, he/she atleast ended life with painful death to live peacefully.

Or should I feel sad that lover didn't feel the true love of a true lover so he/she got killed for that cruel love.

Should I feel happy that understanding between lovers got improved and matured to get married irrespective of their parents will and start new life.

Or should I feel sad that parents kill their children cruelly as they married against their will.

Why do god create a world to play with everyone's emotions with the different generations?

A peace lover gets hurt due to this hateful world.

Parents gets emotionally cruel to kill their children's love.

Children get emotionally bonded to others love to hurt their parents.

Lovers get emotionally weak and kill themselves and their parents dreams.

Lover kills his/her love emotionally due to their weakness in expressing their love.

I would support the ones....... Who understands their lover's true love..... Who understands their parent's true love...... Who understands their children's true love....... ........and help themselves and help everyone to let the love live long.

Yours loving Indian lover, Pandi Ram Prasad.

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