The Bumpy Ride of the Journey of Life

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Kishan has a son born to him out of wedlock after he elopes with a married woman to Myanmar, where they both live secretly for four years. He comes back to his parents after the death of his
paramour. His parents happily accept his son Rishi as their grandson. Kishan starts teaching in a local school, where he falls in love with a Christian colleague named Chelsea. They get married and
Chelsea treats Rishi as her own son. All are very happy as a family. Rishi is extraordinarily brilliant as a student. The story runs like this ….

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



An old woman has fallen on the footpath while walking as she was hit by a motorcycle, which had gone out of control due to its fast speed. People nearby rushed to help her. Fortunately, she isn’t hurt much except that she has developed bruises on her face and right shoulder. When asked where she lives, she tells that she lives in a nearby old-age home called Prem Dham. Some people help her reach there.

As soon as her invalid husband sees her, he begins crying loudly and asks, “What has happened to you Shanti? How did you get injured?”

Shanti says consolingly to Kishan, “Don’t worry; I am Ok. I was hit by a speeding motorcycle. I have sustained some small bruises on the face and shoulder. They will heal up after a couple of days.”

He retorts, “Why should I not worry? Tell the manager of Prem Dham to call a doctor to check you up properly.”

Shanti again pacifies him and says, “Ok stop worrying too much. I will ask the manager to call a doctor.” Kishan couldn’t be pacified till the doctor examined her and confirmed that the injuries weren’t serious at all.

By now Kishan is relaxed and lies back against the headrest of the bed since he feels weak due to stress caused by Shanti’s condition. After a while, he slips into a reverie of cascading events of his life as far back as when he was of 24 years old.

At last, he wakes up from the reverie exclaiming with resignation - How many surprises does my life hide in its bosom? They don’t hesitate to startle me at every turn of life!

At the age of 24 years -

Kishan has recently completed his BEd. after graduating in biology and has started teaching biology in a local higher secondary school in Allahabad. He gets an offer to give tuition to a boy in class 5 at his home, whose family stays at a short distance near his own residence. He doesn’t decline the offer because it will keep him busy in the evenings besides some extra earning. Everything goes on smoothly. Over time, the mother of the boy gets attracted to Kishan, who, being in the prime of his youth, too gets attracted. Gradually, they express their love for each that becomes intense with time. Soon they both develop physical intimacy, making their emotional bond stronger day by day.

Somehow, her husband gets its wind and one day he catches them kissing each other in a compromising position, which confirms his suspicion. He has a tiff with Kishan and asks him to stop coming to his house. But they both are so amorously in love with each other that they continue meeting secretly.

One day, Kishan’s parents are informed by her husband that his wife Mouni has eloped with Kishan, telling that they had been having a love affair for quite some time. This makes them quite upset. They expect that they would return after some time. Neither Kishan’s parents nor her husband could find out their whereabouts, though they tried their level best to do so. When Kishan didn’t return for a year, they resigned to their fate.

One fine morning, there was a knock at their door. When his mother opened the door, she was surprised to find Kishan standing with a boy of three and a half-year. She was so happy that she hugged him tightly, tears rolling down from eyes and called her husband excitedly. When he saw Kishan, he too was shocked at first but soon hugged him too. They both welcome him inside and ask who the boy with him is. He tells that he is Rishi his son and their grandson. Rishi was born out of wedlock with Mouni. His parents hug the boy in turn, showing their acceptance. After chatting for some time, his mother asks about Mouni he had eloped with. He told that she had died six months back due to Hemorrhagic Dengue fever in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, where they had been living all along after going from India.

A new lease on life -  

Kishan’s parents happily accept Rishi as their grandson and desire that they all live together. Rishi gives them a new boost to live, lifting them out of their gloominess. Rishi is admitted in a school close by. Kishan also joins a school to teach students of 10th standard. It appears that things begin to move on the right track.  

A colleague of Kishan, named Chelsea, who has a charismatic personality, begins fascinating him. She has many positive qualities that Kishan admires. Gradually, they move closer to each other and, in due course, they fall in love. Finally, they express their desire to marry each other. Kishan tells Chelsea about his past, clearly telling all about Rishi. He also impresses upon that she will have to give his due to Rishi in their life.

Kishan broaches the topic of marriage with his parents cautiously as he isn’t sure of their reaction as Chelsea is a Christian. But they agree happily to his decision.

His mother asks him: “Have you told Chelsea about Rishi?”

He convinces her: “Yes I have told her all about my past and Rishi. She hasn’t raised an objection to it and has promised that Rishi would get all that their son must.” This helps remove the anxiety of his parents.

After a month, their marriage is solemnized with full participation of both families. The marriage ceremony was held with full fanfare and everyone enjoyed all the functions to the max. 

Rishi grows up –

Chelsea treats Rishi as her own son and both she and Kishan begin to dote on him. Sometimes, Kishan’s parents warn them against too much doting lest they might spoil him. After Chelsea becomes their family member, peace and harmony begin to reign over the family. So, one day Kishan’s mother suggests that Chelsea may be re-christened Shanti (Peace). All agree to go with her suggestion, including Chelsea. After a few months, she is re-christened as Shanti in a ceremony held for the purpose that is attended by close relatives and friends.

Despite everything going on well, unfortunately, no child is born to Shanti and Kishan. They took recourse to IVF a few times but, as the fate would have it, Shanti couldn’t succeed to become pregnant.

Rishi’s performance is quite good in pre-school classes. When he enters school, his performance improves further, which becomes better and better with every passing year. Over time, Rishi becomes the favorite of his teachers, which earns him jealousy of many of his peers. He passes high school final with 95% of total marks. He also passes intermediate with flying colors acquiring 97% marks.

He works hard to secure admission to an IIT. His hard and sincere efforts fructify and he succeeds to secure admission IIT Delhi, which is a matter of great pride for Rishi and his family. Rishi happily joins IIT Delhi. He is always on his mettle in the institute, consistently showing good performance.

His parents and grandparents notice a change in his attitude that he has become insensitive towards them. They think that it is probably because of the stress of his studies and hope that he will be his normal self after his studies are over. In due course, Rishi finishes his course in electronic engineering from IIT. His parents and grandparents are extremely happy. When Rishi lets them know of his desire to pursue a management degree from an IIM, they all feel so proud of him. And they encourage him to do so, promising to extend their support in every possible way. But his callous attitude towards parents and grandparents keeps nagging them.

His hard and concerted efforts again fructify and he gets admission in IIT Ahmadabad. It‘s really like a dream come true to get admission in such a prestigious institute. On learning the news, their happiness knows no bounds. In due course, he acquires the most-sought-after qualification in the field of management. Rishi’s parents and some other acquaintances feel that he has put on airs and has begun behaving haughtily. This really hurts his parents as he always behaved well with others, though he had been insensitive to their feelings.

One day, when Kishan and Shanti are having tea in the evening sitting in the small lawn of the house, he pours out his agony about Rishi’s behavior and tells: “Shanti, Rishi’s behavior at times worries me a lot. He may not be able to sustain good relationships with people unless he changes his behavior. I remember what the Buddha has said in this regard – Ego is just a small three letter word, which can destroy a big twelve letter word Relationship.”

He continues: “Ego is like a dust in the eyes, without clearing the dust we can’t see clearly. So to see the reality, we have to get rid of Ego.”

Shanti says: “Kishan, you are absolutely right. You know, today I woke up in the wee hours of the night because of worry about Rishi. I tried to sleep again but couldn’t. So, I quietly went to the other room and read the Bible for half an hour. And only after that, I could sleep.”

She continues, “The Bible says – Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

Kishan nods in agreement and sighs deeply. They both fall silent for a while before starting to talk something different.

A fortnight after graduating from IIM Ahmadabad, Rishi plans to hitch-hike to Rajasthan along with some of his friends, since campus placement program will begin after two months. He is excited about it as it will be a novel experience for him.

He informs his parents that he would be going on a hitch-hiking trip to Rajasthan for one month. He tells that they shouldn’t worry about him as he will stay in contact with them. But he once again disappoints them because he doesn’t bother to contact them while being away on the trip.

Rishi can’t hide the excitement and fun he and his friends had during their trip. He tells his parents all about it. He gives some lame excuses to justify when they questioned why he didn’t contact them.

Rishi now eagerly awaits the commencement of campus placements as he has high expectations of getting a very lucrative job offer. At last, his wait ends because the job fair commences at the campus, in which many national and international companies participate.

Rishi is offered a job as the Production Manager by Bell Canada – a giant telecommunication company of Canada. He will be posted in Montreal, Canada. He readily accepts it as it is one of the most lucrative jobs offered at the fair. Since he informed his parents and grandparents about the offer, they have been on cloud nine.

After a fortnight, he leaves for Canada. It was a tearful send-off as his parents and grandparents also come to the airport. They all were emotionally moved, his mother being the most tearful when he departed.  

The beginning of a new chapter –

After reaching Montreal, Rishi never tried to communicate with his parents. It was his parents who always tried to contact him first. Eventually, they also lessened making contact with him but never gave up totally as he is their own son. They always send their positive vibes for his well being.

Three years later, Kishan’s father died due to a massive heart attack. His mother couldn’t bear the shock of husband’s death and after six months she also left for the heavenly abode.

Age began taking its toll on Kishan and Shanti. They decided to shift to an old age home - Prem Dham, where there are good facilities. They shifted after selling off their house and investing safely its transaction proceeds so as to get a regular income to support themselves.

After one year, Kishan had a stroke resulting in right-sided hemiplegia. Though he has recovered, he can only walk around with the help of clutches.

The inmates of Prem Dham live like a big family, supporting each other in all possible manners.

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