The End

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Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



She longed for peace and tranquillity while living in the trenches of darkness. The most deepest and darkest crevasses in her mind often bled into her veins making her feel overly numb. The numbness overwhelmed her entire body while she felt comfort in her sadness. Sadness began to be where she resides day by day and night by night.


"Let the ashes fall and flake on my skin, hell on Earth with double the sin" she says as she sucks down her cigar. She halted her life to a downward spiral of hopelessness. She began to live day to day by her own rules without the consequences. She pushed away her dreams and fulfilled her voids and empty spaces in her heart. This life is endangered. This life is selfish

and she knew it. No one cared and neither did she, the walls are closing in on her and she

knows it.


Drinking and driving, driving and

drinking. Drinking earlier and earlier. Drinking with her breakfast followed by miscellaneous sex. Risky woman, it filled her thrill. Anything to feel wanted. Anything to feel anything but

sadness. If sadness came, the bottle turned upside down. Drowning the sadness until it soaked up the alcohol and returned with vengeance.

Love me never and respect me none,

My ruthless heart is on the run,

Running away from all that is fake,

All is fake and I cannot deal,

I'll just drown tonight,

So that I cannot feel,

All has taken from me,

And I give easily,

I don't know how to deal,

Please help me.

The letter she wrote stayed in her glove compartment and she rode recklessly with a bottle of whiskey. An emotional wreck behind high speeds and acceleration. This time, her sadness appeared with ten times the vengeance while she kept feeding it. She drove faster and faster to get to the otherside. Her body was done and mind was set to close her chapter of despair. Those lonely thoughts overwhelmed her mind as she braced for impact. She saw black and felt the depths of silence as she rose above herself. Tears of joy filled her ghostly eyes. Pain will no longer live through her veins.


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