Oppai Sugoi

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ahem... ... ...

Alicia, the blonde D-cup girl with luscious, gleamy lips and an otherworldly smile walks up to a geek like me in class... She's wearing a special uniform today though, an old german military uniform, it suits her. I do believe though that if she was any other girl, the buldges on her chest would have been impossible to spot.


Alicia does the peace sign with her fingers whilst chewing gum: Sup faggot? 

Papilo looks straight at her boobs: I, uh, nut much?... I mean not much! 

Papilo sweats nervously

Alicia trips on a forgotten eraser! 


She falls onto Papilo, and he enters head-first into heaven, the mountains of joy. 

All the guys get angry and all the girls get creeped out when Alicia gets back on her feet.

Papilo lets out a soothing "he he hehehe.." 


Alicia: Oh my dear lord! How am i ever supposed to have a man grant me the hospitality of marriage when i am no longer a maiden! 


Papilo creepily responds: he he hehehe! You can be my lewd temptress ssss 

Alicia loudly says "NOOOOOOO!" 

Papilo brings out his "gun" and loads it while he laughs "GET YOUR HANDS  BEHIND YOUR HEAD!" 

All of the girls and all of the guys except for one does his bidding. 

Mark, the shorthaired midget with piercings runs heroically towards Papilo to take a shot for the class. 

Papilo unloads his "gun" as he makes the sound: Eeeiiiiii nNRNRGGHNGHHHAaaaaaaah AIIIIIIDS! 

Mark takes the shot in his face


Mark states firmly: Yer a bloody twat mate, Ye should learn from the great Legolas, he always shot between the eyes, a fine young lad. You merely scraped my cheek, ye cheeky cunt. 

Papilo: OH NO! What have i done!? 

And everyone in the class goes "OH NOOOOOOOOOOO, HIS SPAGHET!" 

Alicia starts peeing and pooping on the floor. 

Everyone else does the same

Poop magically comes to life

Sings "I am the great mighty poo" 

*Script gets copyright strike* 


Author: Well, lucky me! I will not make a dime out of this MWAHAHAHAHA! Take that RARE! 


- Insanity End. 


Submitted: September 20, 2018

© Copyright 2021 M.D Knightley. All rights reserved.

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