Beefing up for luv

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Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



I haven't seen her precious smile for a week, but today, i'll get to go on a.. a... a date with her. I feel really nervous, this awkwardness doesn't suit a guy like me, but i guess even the toughest of men can become harmless flowers out for the ones they love. 

Our date is going to be a picnic on the meadow where we first met. I can't help it, i've never had a soft spot like this for anyone before, she's unlike any other woman, she truly is unique, she's traditional and always treat me with respect and kindness. If there's a perfect girl for me, it's her.

I look at my watch, 10.20 on this lovely saturday morning. It's an hour long walk, but it's worth it, i put on my white, silk shirt, i roll up the sleeves so my muscles are visible. I want to look good for her, i put on my smooth and clean black shoes. Wearing jeans that suit me perfectly. 

I really hope she'll like it. 

There's one thing i won't forget, the bouquet of roses and purple chrysantemums. 

I exit the house, lock the doors, eager with anticipation. I really hope the date will turn out well. I've been training a lot more since i met her, i wanted to beef up for her. I think this relationship can last forever if i play my cards right. 


She and i always do this fun thing when we meet, i bring coffee and she brings milk whenever we go out together, she completes me. 

As i've been preoccupied inside my own mind all this time, i did not even notice how far i had gotten. I'm already there, and i can see her on the windy meadow. The wind touches the grass in an almost poetic way. Her eyes meet mine, i'm really nervous, but we both smile and i hurry towards her.

Overtaken by this overwhelming feeling of love, but i'll be strong for her and our future together.

I put my bag on the ground, i open it, i take the blanket out and spread it so we can both sit. I'm preparing the picnic as she makes her cute sounds. She must be nervous too heh.

When i finish, she puts her beautiful face right by mine and i take the chance, i kiss her soft, wet lips. I feel alive, she even puts a bit of tongue into it. She makes another one of her cute sounds as she backs away a little. 

I grab the bouquet of roses and chrysantemums and hold it up to her. She seems overtaken by joy as she makes her sounds and begins eating the chrysantemums. 

She's wearing the same type of clothing that she usually wears, she really likes the colours black and white. They go together and blend in harmony. The perfect harmony of spots. I grab my thermos flask filled with coffee and ask "Do you have the milk?" 

She nods, i grab her luscious tits and begin squeezing the milk out, some i put directly into my mouth as i lick her nipples and some i pour into the thermos. 

I wish that i could live every day like this...

For hours, we had a ton of fun together, and when the night time had arrived, we were watching the stars, they shone upon us, but not as brightly as we shine to eachother. 


That passionate night, we shared right there is a night that i will never forget <3 

My beloved Moo <3... 

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