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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Science Fiction

Tanner Is a frim Anit-Extra Terrestrial believer. How ironic would it be if he was kidnapped by aliens?

Table of Contents

An Unknown

This is an excerpt from later in the book.
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Unsliced Bread

Aliens. Why on earth would anyone believe in them? I find it incredible that people are stupid enough to think th... Read Chapter


This took a while but i think it's at the point I can publish now.
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Chocolate Cereal

Updated from Wattpad I publish there before I publish here, so if you're waiting for the next part, it's already on Wattpad.
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Big Needles

I was getting hungry. Malik and I had been in our cell for almost a day or at least, what felt like a day. It was hard to keep track ... Read Chapter


Finally caught up, and 70699, if you're reading this... Hi. Hola. Enjoy. Don't get your arm eaten by a gator.
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I still hadn’t found my family or Zach. Or Halley. I thought they would be in our district, but… I didn’t know. One thing I notic... Read Chapter