Chapter 6: Vomit

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Science Fiction

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You might be bored at this point. You might be begging to put this book down, or close the tab, or break your tablet.


Things are gonna get crazy soon, I promise.

I'm going to make this part of the journal short, because, as of then, life on the Euphoria was pretty boring. Halley and Zach's story is a lot more interesting than mine.

For now.

I woke up in our cell, incredibly groggy. That massive needle had done a number on me.

I sat up to see Malik sitting on his bed, staring at the floor, which he had turned invisible. He looked like he didn't want to be disturbed, so I didn't say anything. I'm not going to say I stared at him, because that's creepy, I'll just say I watched.

After a while, Malik started humming a tune. It was a soft, chill tune. It was honestly quite beautiful, but I had never heard it before. I closed my eyes, listening intently to the quiet music.

I was rudely interrupted by a loud rap on the door. Malik quickly stopped humming and looked up from the floor at the soldier who had walked in. His helmet was removed this time, revealing a... normal human face.

I don't know why I was surprised, this whole thing was all a government ploy, right?

The soldier was a gruff, gray-haired, white guy. He looked like one of those stereotypical military generals that would rip your limbs off if you didn't "follow protocol, soldier."

"Wake up princesses, breakfast is ready," he growled at me.

Breakfast? How long had I been sleeping?

I shakily stood up, I was past the point of hunger, and was approaching actual starvation. Breakfast sounded delightful.

I was wrong.

I was given a tray of what I assumed was food but looked like vomit, and that isn't an exaggeration. It had a yellow tint and was completed with orange chunks in it.

"I'm sorry, what is this?" I asked a soldier patrolling the cafeteria.

"Synthetic food, today's meal is mashed potatoes with carrots and peas."

"Why does it look like what I hurled in the toilet last night?"

The guard chuckled, "You guys get the leftovers," he walked off smiling.

"This place is the worst," I said to the air next to me, which I thought was Malik, but Malik had disappeared, presumably to sit down and eat his... mush. I looked around for him, which was difficult due to the thousands of people in the cafeteria.

That's when I noticed Maya. Maya was here! Finally, someone I knew, albeit not that well, but I still knew her. Upon further examination, I saw several more people I knew. Kids from school, around my neighborhood, that one old guy across the street who always got mad at us for accidentally throwing basketballs in his yard, which was fenced off. It made me miss home. I kept looking, hoping to find my family, Zach, or Halley, but I had no such luck.

I couldn't find Malik, so I sat next to Maya, who was chatting with several other girls.

"Hi," I said nervously. I had never been good around people I didn't know, especially the female type.

"Oh, hi," Maya said. "You're Jacob, right?"

"No," I said, "It's Tanner, I'm a friend of Zach's."

Maya went red. "Is he here?" she asked.

Did Maya like Zach? I swear I saw her eyes literally sparkle when I said Zach's name. "Not that I know of, sorry."

Maya looked crestfallen, "Well, you can sit with us, you look pretty awkward just standing there,"

I scanned the cafeteria again, trying to find Zach to tell him the news, but it was so large that it would take me months to find them. How big was the Euphoria?

I regrettably started eating my mush. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, but it didn't taste good.

I sighed.

How did everything go so wrong?

Zach paced around his room, it was fairly spacious

Zach paced around his room, it was fairly spacious. It had a queen size bed, a small bathroom, and a nice writing desk in the corner with a microwave and mini-fridge, and a TV. A bookshelf covered the wall where his bed was, but it was empty save for several pamphlets on what to do if the ship were to crash, which kind of terrified Zach because the pamphlets were pretty much screaming, "If the ship crashes you are going to die, period."

Zach was told that he would be able to leave his room once they lifted off, and it was taking an agonizingly long time to do so. He turned on the TV, only to see the only thing to watch was relaxing nature videos for meditation. Zach actually tried meditating due to boredom, but that only made him more bored.

The nature video was rudely interrupted by a picture of Halley and text reading "incoming call from Halley, press 'OK' on your remote to answer"

Zach quickly grabbed the remote on the bookshelf and answered.

"So apparently they made some modifications while I was gone," Halley said as a live video of her playing with a Newton's cradle on her nightstand appeared on Zach's screen. "They added nice TVs with this calling system. I'm happy and sad. Happy because now I can call people, but sad because they replaced the old ones, which were historic."

Zach laughed, "You interrupted my meditation session for this?"

Halley went pale. "Oh my gosh, Zach I'm so sorry! I'll hang up," Halley apologized quickly.

"I'm joking, I'm joking!" Zach laughed. "I-"

The video of Halley cut out and was replaced by a warning sign.

"All units to the front, all units to the front!" a voice screamed on the loudspeaker, "We're under attack!"

Under attack? Zach thought.

He skipped the elevator and sprinted down the three floors of the Ark to the front desk, where several hundred people were gathered with guns. Most of the impromptu soldiers were just normal scientists armed with AR-15's.

"Grab a gun, soldier!" Someone yelled at Zach as he tossed him a pistol.

Zach was surprised, but his smart-alec instinctively kicked in, "This is all I get?" he shouted back at the man while gesturing with the gun.

"You'll shoot your eye out!" the man growled.

Zach couldn't tell if the man was being serious or not, "I would take a Red-Ryder BB gun over this!"

The man either didn't hear him or was just ignoring him because he turned away and aimed his much nicer, much more dangerous gun out the now open front door of the Ark.

Silence fell over everyone like a cold, wet blanket. It was terrifying.

And then a scream echoed off the walls. Zach saw a soldier fly backward and slam into the wall behind him, unconscious, and gunfire filled the air. Zach dropped his gun and ran over to the unconscious man. Blood seeped from the back of his head. Zach reached for his neck, afraid of what he would feel, or better, what he wouldn't feel.

He gently placed his two fingers on the man's neck. He waited and waited, wanting to feel the thrum of the man's heart, but he felt nothing.

Zach had watched a man die. He lowered his hand and reached for his own neck, wanting to feel a pulse. He didn't know why, but Zach let out a sigh of relief when he felt his own heartbeat.

"WATCH OUT!" Someone screamed, snapping Zach out of his trance. Zach looked up to see another body hurtling towards him. Zach wasn't able to move out of the way quickly enough and was hit with brutal force, slamming into the wall behind him. He pushed the body off of him, relieved to hear a groan escape from it's lips. He didn't need to watch another person die.

Zach clamped his hands over his ears as the gunshots increased. He stood up and snuck a peek out the door. Thirty or so of the soldiers from the meteorite were trying to force their way onto the Ark. They were armed with the same guns they had used on Tanner and him in the car; the ones that looked like mini-guns.

Zach scrambled for the handgun he had dropped earlier. He had gone shooting with his dad and brother once and had almost shot his dad's head off when he forgot to turn off the safety. Needless to say, he had no idea how to use it, so he just pulled the trigger while aiming at one of the armored soldiers. He saw the bullet collide with a wall behind and to the right of the soldier. Zach cursed under his breath and fired again, and again, and again until finally, he hit the soldier, who was temporarily stunned but continued to fire his weird canon thing. A force hit Zach in the chest and he was flung backward with crushing force. He felt like his lungs were caving in, and he was slammed into the wall behind him. He felt an unbelievable pain radiate from the back of his neck and down the rest of his body, and then his vision went black.

Submitted: April 16, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Ethan Crandall. All rights reserved.


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