A Beautiful Concoction

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Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



I am A Woman
I am a jungle of emotions 
An array of thoughts
A flood of ideas
I am a beautiful concoction 

I am a woman
At times I live in harmony with discord 
Surrendering myself to my desires 
I become one with selfishness 
The fruit of knowledge dripping from my lips 
I am not sorry
My lips are capable of birthing destruction 
If I wanted to
I could annihilate you 
With words
That would plunge deep into the crevices of your heart
Leave you marinating in your pain
Yes my tongue
Is a defiant fire
That refuses to be put out

I am a woman
I am rich in curves and gentle places 
Swaying hips and sweet temptation 
At times seductive but most fearful 
Of men
Who take what to them does not belong 
To you I am a bed of roses you feel should be plucked for your own
But what happens to a flower 
After it's been violently ripped from the ground 
It can no longer call itself a flower 
After it is withered
And used
And finished with
I am so much more than something you "finish" with
I am a woman

And I know I may not always look like much
But inside
I tower high
I am as powerful as the sun
As mighty as a sequoia
As fierce as a lioness
I am magical
I am infinite
I am only mortal
Though how could I not believe that the universe can bend at my will
When life can begin inside of me
Wars have been fought over me
The  hearts of past lovers have shattered in front of me
As you can see
It is had for me to view myself as anything other than magnificent 
And why should I?
There was a time when I was viewed 
As nothing other than an enticing house slave
A time when my role was only 
To flatter men with egos so homely
Pardon me if you dinner isn't ready
Yes sir
Sure honey
Anything for you sweetie 
My worth then
Was the same as it was centuries before
And is now
I was still A Woman
In a world where forgetfulness reigned
So now I'm merely reminding you to never do the same
Don't you ever forget 
That I am worth
Every speck of gold and silver
Worth every diamond
Scrapped out of the bottom of 
Every mine
My mind is a masterpiece 
I have been a masterpiece 
From the day I slipped out of the womb
I have resisted
and conquered
and loved 
and created
I am A Woman


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