My Brother

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Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



Many would say well you really didn't know each other

You didn't share the same mother

But they always say never judge a book by its cover

So with that said never judge my love for my brother


We went in different directions with promises of meeting

Very seldom speaking

Never a warm greeting

Time never healed these wounds

That kept the cycle repeating


And a COLD February day will snatch 

Any chance of getting it back

Righting the wrongs

But maybe more time was never the issue

This was just the path we were on


So I will not mourn your death

I will mourn the time is gone

The smile I didn't see much

The laughter I never heard

A bear hug or a kind word


A late night call just to talk

I'll never have a remembered walk

Or a good enough memory to spark

A smile

All the while, thoughts of what could've been

Running miles 


Well there is no one to blame

We were just different souls

With not much glue to keep us bonded 

As life unfolds, 

You went your way and I went mine

But.... Maybe in time

Just maybe in time


I would've ask “Who's house yours or mines?”

A glass of red wine

A past put behind

All in due time....


Well one last time

With one last chime

I'll tip my hat not knowing if there'll be a next time

I bid you farewell,

Rest well dear sweet brother of mine

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