Who created the Creator?

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It's just what goes on in my mind after my reading of human history Maybe that helps me to I find someone who changes the reality of life Or tell me something about what I'm looking for

Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



Who created the Creator?



Chapter 1

Who created the Creator

Chapter 2

Creator of fear

Chapter 3

Creator Leave Planet Earth

Chapter 4

Creator without rival

Chapter 5

Creator and Equality

Chapter 6

Creator and humanity

Chapter 7

Creator and secrets of life

Chapter 8

Creator when needed

Chapter 9

Exploitation of the Creator

Chapter 10

When does the Creator disappear

Chapter 11


Chapter 47


Who created the Creator


Depth: Who are the creator of the enormous universe and everything?

Stranger: the creator.

Depth: Well!

Depth: Who created the Creator?

Stranger: Well, I do not know

What is this strange question?
Where do you come from these questions Depth?

Depth: Well, I ask myself first when I can not find any solutions then I ask you

Stranger: Well, where do you want to reach your thinking?

Depth: Well, I will tell you what I know if it is true or not and will look together

"Here the story begins"
If I tell the truth, a lot of people will blame me
If I lie, a lot of people will blame me too
If I tell you I know the truth, I'll lie to you
If I tell you I do not know anything, I'll lie to you too
My silence does not mean I do not know anything
But my saying will not change life either
Maybe if I told you a story from the beginning, how the created the Creator, it may change your outlook on life

Here we begin the story of the beginning of humanity and knowledge of human beings that there is a Creator

Creator of fear

Humans have worshiped many things in this life for the salvation
Because of the fear of darkness
Because of fear of death
Because of the absence of truth
Because of the unknown future
Because of many doubts
Of the things that human beings worship
Fire, sun, seas, mountains, trees, humans, animals, idols, money, power ..... etc
They left the worship of these things when they found that they did not frighten them and did not have a supernatural power
Then came intelligent people to guide humans to a new path


Creator Leave Planet Earth

When did the Creator leave Planet Earth and who sent the creator from the planet earth to space?





Creator without rival



Creator and Equality



Creator and humanity



Not completed yet



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