Behind Closed Doors

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There are many things in the world of our everyday lives that we seem to forget. A dark alley, an old apartment building, a lonely man on the corner. It becomes background noise to our everyday
routines. When you begin to pay attention to what is happening around you, you see the pain you have become a victim of. You can see behind closed doors.

Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



Behind Closed Doors


In the darkness I hide,

In the trunk of a car is where I reside.

As I hide I hear them yelling,

Going out of their way to create hell and,

Outside I hear the cries,

of women we’re passing by,

Because their lovers are getting hooked on bad things that get them high.

Lifeless on a dirty floor is where they are headed,

But it’s too late,

the problem’s already imbedded.

It’s not the mother’s fault the children have been mislead and,

They wonder why the drug is legal on the streets,

When innocent people are in jail for smoking some weed.

Young children who become indoctrinated,

Made to believe in words from the mouth of Satan.

So many young lives that have been destroyed,

Stand up to Big Pharma blame them for the opioid.

At the beginning of this letter I was in a trunk,

can you guess why after the words I’ve spun?

They killed my cold blood,

said it was drugs,

my family hears the news,

cries and hugs.

I hope these words have helped you think,

Because a life has been risked to turn these words in to ink.


© Copyright 2018 Michaela Corkum. All rights reserved.

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