My Best Friends Girlfriend

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

My Best Friends Girlfriend
Is A short Drama yet Romance Story about a 18 and a hafe year Old teenage Guy Named Duke who is Roommates with his Best Friend Damien and Damien Mets a Young 18 year old girl Named Vivian which
became Damien's Girlfriend...?"

But the thing is that Duke of course could have any girl he wanted, but see the only girl Duke wanted was his Best Friends girlfriend so this can go two way's which way will it go...?' what will
happened …?" How will this sweet short Drama romance story End...?" Who will get the Girl...?"

You till me how you like this Story by letting me know you Like it and or Comment on it please I'd Appreciate it thanks Enjoy!"

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Chapter One!”


In The year “1995” I was 18 and a hafe years old,

Male, The Names Duke I'm 6'6” tall, weighed 250IBS...Built , in shape I benched 450 and sometimes more depending on my mood, Bright-eyes long Blonde hair...?” And a Voice as deep as Thor's and needless to say no-more...?”

Me and My Best Friend Damien Shared an Apartment together he had his room I had Mine and one Bath...?”

We was still in High School, But out for the summer...?”

at this time, we both worked so thru the week we'd work and on Friday's me and Damien would invite our rattle friends over and Hang out, get High From all Hale to high Heaven, and get Drunk...?”

And how you ask seeing that we was Teenager's Well let's just say I had My Hook ups...?”

and with their Help I'd hook us all up...?”


We'd laugh carry on and I'd Play My Guitar we'd talk some Smack and Sheeit to Each other and Fuck around... you know what guy's do...?” It was Purdy Much how it was just bout every other Friday...?” It was all Good I was cool with that...?”

One Friday we did that and the next morning the Apartment was a mess I don't like that I have the bad case of O.C.D so I kept this Apartment Spotless...?”


Damien couldn't stand that but that's the way I am always had, have been and always will be...?”

Sure we had our good day's and our Bad day's I mean who doesn't living together but other then that enjoyed hanging out with him and the Guy's every other Friday Night...?”

One Friday night it was all good for a little bit...?”

Then I got Bored so I go to my room to get away from it all and pump My Iron which I usually do every night for bout an hour or two had just got done pumping iron so I was Hot and sweaty with a towel around my neck usually do it Shirtless and the top my jeans unbutton at the top. I go to the Kitchen to grab another Yeager Pop the top take a big Gulp...?”


Went back in the living room with Damien and the guy's sit in my c liner lite a Cig. And we was all just stoned , Drunk, Laid Back Cooling...?”

became a Normal Routine for me and Damien and the guy's every other Friday as planed until one Friday to my Surprise... I asked him so man the guy's coming over Tonight...?”


Damien said No, Man not tonight I have a date...?”

I said Oh Really is it anybody I know...?”

Damien said not that I know of man... she works with me...?”

I “Chuckled!” what making Burgers at Burger Kings man...?”

Damien said yeah man she makes the Jr. Whoppers when I make the Whoppers...?”

I went Burger Kings man Love the food but I thank I like My Concrete spraying Job Better man....?”


I said so She Purdy...?”

Damien said yeah man she Purdy...?”

I said that's good man...?”

Damien said so Big guy when you gonna Find a Girl man...?”

I said Eh... not really looking right now man...?”

Damien said OK man just be straight up with me man and don't take it Offensively But Man are you Gay...?”

I “Chuckled!” what...?” Man you wish, no man just not ready right now man for a girl Kay “Damn! What the Fuck man...?”


Damien said OK man I was just asking I mean you know I don't want to wake up one night with a dick up my ass man...?”

I “Cracked up!” what... you wouldn't be able to handy My Big Mother Fucker Dick man, and even if I was and I did then you wouldn't call me...?”

Damien said Fuck you man...?”

I said not before a dinner and a movie... Arching my eyebrow...?”

Damien “Cracked up!” Fuck man...?”


Look Imam go get ready for my Date I'll Talk to you later...?”

I Said OK... Have Fun...?”

Damien said yeah man... Thanks..?” he went took a shower to get ready and went out on his Date...?”

I'd just hang around the Apartment watched some TV. Got high and working on my sixth Beer... feeling good, Pumped My Iron for two Hours worked out, took a shower...?”

Wrapped a Towel around my waist Shaved and went to the kitchen popping another Beer from the Fringe when I heard Damien come through the door I walked in there so how was it...?”


Damien had brought her Home with him...?” when she turned her Angel-eyes on me I looked down at her, and swallowed hard My eyes went tense, she looked down my body...?”

I cocked My head up Like Ed- Lover..?” now reamer I had only a towel around me I happened to have done put my hair back up in a pony tail... and said Oh Hey...?”


She said Hey...?” you must be Damien's roommate and Best Friend...?”

I said yeah, then finally realizing I had only a towel around my waist, I said excuse me...?”

She said M-Kay...?”

I went to my room to get some Boxers and sweat pants on then I walked back in there bow-legit which is how I walk and said sorry bout that... didn't know he was going to bring you Home with him...?”


She said it's M-Kay and she said My Names Vivian and shook my hand nice to Met 'cha...?”

I said Pleasure...The Names Duke...?”

Vivian “Smiled:)!” at me...?”

I bit then licked my lips, I couldn't help but to gaze at her, I'm not usually this type of guy but she was fly I couldn't Bleeve my eyes How...? Can a guy like him end up with a girl like her...?”

Anyways it's been a couple weeks now and Vivian started coming home with Damien often on Friday's for the weekend...?”


She was cool with me and Damien and the guy's hanging out every other Friday Night she'd just hang out with us, why we got high, she would get Drunk...?”

I'd hang out with the guy's all though However I'd Stare at her most the time, sitting there in my Cline r laid back cooling, she wouldn't look at me but every once and awhile but I couldn't stop looking at her, sitting there holding my head with my hand trying to hide me from Damien looking at her...?” Eh...she caught me a few times, but I'm sorry I just couldn't help it...?”


But when she did look at me with them Beautiful- Bright- Angel-eyes I'd Cock my head yo like Ed- Lover..?”

This night when she came home with Damien she wore a Taut , Jean skirt, and a Tank top Dressed all in Whyte looking like Milk... Tank top showed her wee- taut-four- pack-tummy which had a Pearl Whyte belly chain, long Whyte Diamond hanging over her belly button...?”

jean skirt came a little down her perfect hips showing the sides of her Bikini Pantie strings, Perfect coca- cola Bottle Body, Perfect size Breast, tank top showed her cleavage, Long Bleach Blonde hair down to her Perfect round Taut Bubble Buttocks, do she was Beautiful everything about her was Humph...if Damn, in the back My Mind I was thanking touch me, please touch me...?” she just took My Breath away...?”


Yeah, and I know it was bad to feel that way about my own Best friends girlfriend but it was hard not to look...?” she walked in sucking on a big Fat Lolly Pop Bubble Gum smelt Like, she just hung out with me and the guy's, Lyke she was one of us... though However later on that night...?”

Vivian asked me...?” Duke can I barrow one of your Button up shirts to sleep in she said it was big and lose on her and she Lyked that...?”

I said sure, and gave her one of My Favorite Flannels...?”


Vivian said Thanks...?”

I told her Welcome then she went and took a bath. When she got out she smelt so”

She was Such a hot sweet girl...?”


Chapter Two...?”


But The next day which was Saturday I had to work and Damien and Vivian didn't they was off...?”

so when I got off work about Eh... 4:00PM It was Hot all day, I was sweaty Hot and annoyed, and in a bad mood and a young gun with a very Short Fuse... still Have that Very short Fuse...?”

Because My Boss was all up in My Ass like Fleas all the day long and all it did was piss me off more... and more, so when I walked through the door I slammed it shut and scared Vivian she jumped and gasped grabbing her Chest and swallowed hard as her eyes Narrowed looking up at me...?”


I just walked on, to my room to let off some steam, by Pumping iron until I had Calm down, then got in the shower and... took on this night we was watching some TV. And I sat in my Cline r, Damien sit in his and Vivian was sitting on the sofa Done took a shower, hair down and Brushed long bangs hung down the side her head and she had one leg straight the other one bent up in my Big Flannel shirt File n her nails...?”

I sit there in my Cline r and I just stared at her...?' Biting and licking my lips leaning back in my Cline r and stroked my finger over my lips...?”

just gazing at her was stoned off my Gore and was working on a Yeager so I was feeling Damn Good but I was calm cool and Laid back but why she was file n

her Nails I gazed up the side her smooth legs to her hip licking my lips Imam till you my eyes was glazed over but I know had to be watery a little up her...?”


I gazed at her God she was so Beautiful her hair was the color of the Autumn leaves, alive and glowing with a Flame that's can't be extinguished, She was Purdyer than all the roses of the world...?”

She was as Beautiful and tender as an Angel, as Graceful as a doe, and as Melodious as a Nightingale...?”

and Lovely as an Angel, of skin so soft, so smooth and as Whyte as snow, her lips of pale pink, her eye's as Bright green as the grass, and the trees in the Spring....?”


Have I should be....Have I need to be...?”

My Mouth Latterly watered “to taste of her” and I just knew she'd Taste of the heavens...?”

Sorry to be Blunt but I wish that I had Damien's girl I Know I could have any girl, I wanted, I had no Problems girls coming on to me, or even me Probably even getting a girl But, I didn't want just any girl, I wanted Damien's girl just something about her...?” almost Lyke I'd been with her before...?”

But that's OK I'm cool I'll play along with the she-raid, Because Obviously either or way it doesn't seem to be a reason to Change, Cause that is how I was, and that is how I'll be...?”


But I felt so Dirty when they started talking Cute it made me so Fucking sick, I'd Puke...?”

I want to till her that I Love her, and that I need her, and I want her but The point is Probably Pointless...?”

The way she watches him with those Angel-eyes and she's loving him with that body I just know it, and his holding her in his arm's late at night...?”


I wish she was in my Arms instead the thought of that just drove me Crazy, I don't know why... but it did, I got to where how touching her would make me feel, My Imagination Conjuring up things I couldn't Comprehend but sure liked the way they seen...?”

My Mind was going crazy on me... but I find myself looking in the Mirror all the time...?”

Wondering what she don't see in me I mean I've been funny, I've been cool with the lines isn't that the way loves suppose to be or was that just the way I felt within me crying to get out I didn't Know so really for once in my life I was confused but it didn't matter cause Damien got himself a girl and sorry but I want to make her mine so I guess Imam have to wait and see how this goes...?”

so Imam keep cool and play along with the She-raids

cause I don't see no reason to change, I am me and oh be Damned if that's not whom I'm going to be, But I couldn't stop looking at her Eh... yeah again she caught me a few times but Lyke I said Before I couldn't help it...?”


Well it's been a couple weeks later she still came over on the Fridays and stayed the weekends, but lately through the week before the weekends that she came somethings changed and it wasn't hard to defined that Damien was starting to act strangely tore her, tore me through the weeks before she came...?” “strange How...?”

I'd lean back in my chair, crossing my arms over my chest wondering why...The Hale he was acting this way, he had it all a Beautiful girl, Job, money what the Fuck was his problem...?”


Until One day during the week before Vivian came, was on a Wednesday I came home from work a little late for I had to work over and all as bid I saw red... walking in on him and a girl should I say Fucking on the sofa Vivian loved sitting on when she came that's when the Demons inside me started coming out from Far depth within me...Unleashing my Fury, with a Huskily Voice I said “What the Fuck is This man...I caught him red handed...?”

Damien looked at me and said Oh Sheeit and said man it's not what you thank as he covered this ugly ass red headed Bitches breast...?”


I said No, Then What the Fuck is it then... Get The Fuck out, as they both began to go I said Damien not you, pointed at her you... Get The Fuck Out Now...?”

She said but I don't have a way home...?”

I said No there is a Pay-Phone out side here's a Quarter call someone who cares and flipped it to her Get out...?”

She ran out the door and I round house Kicked the door Shut and I said What The Fuck man you and Vivian Brake up...?”

Damien said No Duke Man lately she's just been my back up man...?”


I said What Back up! How many Bitches you've been Fucking behind her Back man...?”

Damien said many man...?”

I said What you a ho dog now Damien Angrily...?”

Damien said Maybe man it's been Great I mean since I got with Vivian man so many girls want me and I can't help it, I can Fuck Why the Fuck not...?”

I took My fist at my head hitting it and said “What The Fuck man, I was really fared up can guess my eyes had Fare in them Are you Fucking Stooped or just plane out Fucking Dumb and Full of Cum...?”

I probably left knots on my head but at this time I did not give a Fuck, man Vivian's Fucking Beautiful, Fucking hot Man and you been Fucking around on her I came to him pointing My finger at him Give me one Fucking reason why I shouldn't Kick and beat the living Fuck out of you right now...?”


Damien said Did you have a bad day Big Guy...?”

I said What the Fuck man, No not until now thanks to you answer the question...?”

Damien said Because I'm your Bitch and your My Daddy...?”

Thank he was just trying to be funny but all he did was piss me off more... kind of just reminded me of My Bozo Nightmare of a Step Dad, which kind of Struck a Nerve made it worse really, right as I balled up my fist up taut till my Knuckles... Cracked, shoulders, Neck and Jaw getting real close to co-cocking him a Damn good hard one I instead said Get The Fuck out Now...?”


Damien did boy very quickly and I held back until he went out the door then Punched the door with bot Fist and head Butted it... and slide down back tore the door and took my hands on my head right when I felt a Stream of warm blood rolled From My nose along with tears...?”

I Hate when I get Angry cause I lose it and sometimes can't control it.... Lyke I said a Young Gun with a very short Fuse sometimes my anger is Lyke a Hand corn-aid that can't stop exploding I had to clam down along with cool down cause when I get Angry Boy I feel Lyke I had a shot of Gasoline and be hitting 116' I get so Hot I see steam I donno why but always had, Have, and Probably always will...?”


I sit there Breathing hard within I ain't got-ting that Angry for a long time, but I also ain't felt that much pain within for a very long time too...I couldn't Bleeve what Damien was doing to this poor girl and My tears came falling down, Lyke rain, yes Imam a big, big boy But I am very sensitive about things Lyke this, I couldn't calm down so I went to my room and let off some steam on My weights Lyke I'd usually do, Purdy Much since I was 8 and a hafe years old anyway until I'd Calm down then I'd go and take a shower and just went to bed...?”


Though I'm Sure Later on that Night I'm Sure Damien came back Home why I was out in the bed... lets just say I was Broken at a very young age, Mistreated me, Burning me, Beating me, was no such Beauty, No Love, No Life, Just “Pain!” but I will not get into that, but the next morning I was woke to go to my job...and He was there, but I didn't Speak to him...?”

Been Lyke this with him still for a couple more weeks later and I noticed something else that had Changed and it wasn't hard to defined that Damien Started Mistreating Vivian, cause she'd act Lyke everything...?”


Chapter Three...?”


Was Alright until I noticed her reactions tore Damien Lyke she was scared to death of him

and when He'd till her to do something she'd get up and do it very Quickly, I started getting Tarred of the way things was going...?” and no matter How much it hurt me deeply inside I just went with it...?”

Until” it was a Saturday night, I had just came Home from a couple my Friends house which was about Eh... maybe 10:00 or 11:00PM, I was stoned very stoned and drunk on top it I was feeling Damn good Until I went home I was at the door just about to go in When I over heard screaming and Damien Cursing and carrying on Hearing things falling and braking and... I got this not just a sick feeling but that feeling you get when your near a Bomb and you know the Bomb's about to Blow up that feeling I can't really explain it But I hope you understand what I mean... and deep inside I felt the Fare about to Bust into Flames with in me and I kicked the door open and I came in and Couldn't Bleeve my eyes I saw red again I Donno if Damien was so Fucked up he didn't Know what he was doing but he was Beating, pushing and choking Vivian...?”


Vivian was beaten, battered, and Bruised bleeding and all I could barely see her Beauty from the “Pain”

and I became the lightning before the Thunder and this time the Demons deep, deep within me Unleashing My Fury I Tackled Damien with all My Might and me and Damien started Brawling, I started Knocking off his Block and Dropped his face Flown... for this time Little stooped done gone and made me lose it My Flaming Temper was a Raging Fare Ball Blasting off all in Damien's face this time he done let off the fuse of My hand Corn-aid that wasn't about to Stop exploding, sure he got some good hit's, and kicks, but now I really did round house Kicks, Jump Kicks, Vivian Saw I hit Damien right in the jaw, I caught him with a left hook, right hook, caught him with a Jab, caught him with a upper cut, Kicking him in his ass, I head Butted him three times a Charm, he slide down the wall, I grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up and against the wall Thank my eyes turned Black, as I'd Tauten my hand around his throat, thank I Blacked out and would just Tauten my hand more and more around his throat until Vivian Came up in behind me taking her hands on my back OK, Stop, Stop please...?”

Suppose I snapped out of it some how I gasped and swallowed hard and head butted him again and let him go finally he slide down the wall she came between us facing me Kay, Kay Stop Please as her Beautiful Bright Angel-eyes Narrowed looking up at me...?”


Grasping my chest I was Breathless, was so Fucking Angry She'd Push me back away from him till Damien Breath, Caught in his throat dashing at the hot tears of “Pain” ran down his Blooded, Battered , and Bruce d Flushed Cheeks holding on to his throat and Said Damn man trying to Fucking kill me Fuck man...?”

I said Angrily “Maybe” trying to go back at him and she'd take all her Might to hold me back... from him... as I gazed at him with a stormy glare with an angry Curl of my lip and Cocked my head up Lyke Ed- lover and said get The Fuck Out! Very Huskily and don't... Come back Until tomorrow or I will Fucking Kill your ass, Oh and yes I was dead serious...?”

Vivian had her Back up against the front of me... Damien said Fine lets go Vivian...?”

Vivian shook her head No...?”

Damien said Vivian Right Now...?”

Vivian said No, Damien go by yourself you better go Damien I can't Hold Duke back much longer...?”


I was breathless but I'm sorry but she was right I was about to just lose my mind again, Vivian said Go Damien just go, I've got him but you best go now...?'

I know it was hard for her to hold me Back cause I was Fucking Hot....?”

Vivian Goes Go...?”

Damien got up and grabbed his Jacket I'm here trying to get to him again but Vivian would not let me, and he ran out the door Lyke a Fucking Bitch...when Vivian let me go I ran tore the door and she grabbed my four-arm, he left...?”


I turned to face her and said what the... before I could finished she Grabbed my face and pushed her lips against mine I was surprised she said take it out on me Duke Please, Oh God Duke please as she pushed her lips against mines again giving me a hard hot Tongue fun filled kiss I grunted with a Huskily Humph...?”

Vivian latterly Climbed up me thoroughgoing her legs around my waist I took her up against the wall... taking my hands up the side her legs taking my shirt up over her Ass and Fancied when I felt she had no panties on, I gasped when I felt her warm wetness against my taut Lumpy- six- pack- stomach My Muscles already popping out harder then stones as she Through her tongue down My throat, rolling her Tongue hard around and about mine I Kissed her back hard...?”


Vivian Eagerly taking her hands down between us pulling at my Belt and at the button of my jeans and zipper and I gave my hips a hard roll and Jerk we gasped then I gave my hips another hard, roll and jerk all the way within her and I couldn't help but Pump her Lyke I would Pump my Iron...?”

The heat, the heat between me and her was Much to Much Couldn't help but to pump her as hard as I would pump my iron she'd take my long hair down holding on taut to me as we kissed ever so hard had her Crying and Screaming out My name, Suppose I was full of Deiseal, became real hard power between her legs had her rocking hard up and down the wall her shoving her tongue wildly in and out my mouth soon, she'd dig her claws within my back


Ranking them down it leaving her Marks she would rock and roll up and down my shaft Lyke a Belly Dancer hard both of us now covered in sweat rolling down my face and over my lips Lyke rain on to her I know I had to have been hurting her but I couldn't help it... I was so Angry I just let it go...?”

Until finally she screamed and cried out Awe... Duke and cried out to me of Pleasure and Pain Oh... God Duke don't stop, don't stop finally her body went rigged and Jerked hard and Convulsed into one huge massive Arch against me and her hips went Psycho in spasm as her Love Box Clamp down hard around my Shaft Lyke it was Chewing it up in hard Vibe Lyke ripples and I knew she was having One Hale of a orgasm...?”


My lip curled Humph...Yea-ugh Lyke that I thought in the back of my mind, I went damn...?”

Vivian grabbed me around the head and she'd roll herself harder and faster up and down me Which lead me to My pleasure and “Pain” and I cried out Hugh...God...Imam...Cum...I tried to pull back out of her but oh no, She Locked her legs taut around me and went down hard on me I Grunted, Groan, swallowed hard, Once, Twice, Third times a charm she wouldn't let up so it took all my might to try and pull me out of her but there was no chance...?”


So I had no Choice but to give in to her as I swallowed hard and Grunted and I slammed me up depth within her and My hips jerked hard and I Convulsed into One Huge Massive Arch and I fail to her cleavage I couldn't move, I couldn't breath all I could do was Grunt Huskily and choking back on hard Sobs and felt for the very First time as... My Breath Caught in my Throat as I dashed at the tears that ran down My Hot sweaty red Flushed Cheeks of Combined Pleasure and “Pain” I'd gently kiss her cleavage and with every Hard Jerk of My Shaft I'd Curl my lip lick them, then Curl them again till I could Finally move and I then Thrust-ad slowly around and round in and out her...?”


Thought I'd never stop Cumming and splashing the walls depth within her felt so fucking good but hurt to at the same time, till finally my flowed slowed, one more Jerk within her and I gasped and Grunted with a Huskily and swallowed hard... Bear Hugging her loosened and my lips trembled hard and body was shivering as I gasped and cried with on her breast She'd caress me and hold me taking my head up and she'd press her sweet pout y lips against mine to ease me... I guess you can say Cum-med me down...?”

She'd let my lips go and her Beautiful- bright-Angel-eyes Narrowed looking into mine and said Better, I swallowed hard yeah, yeah...?”

Vivian said Angry anymore...?”

I swallowed hard again and said No...?”

Vivian took her hands down my Pitch red Hot sweaty face and simply said Good... this is I guess what got to her...?”

I said you OK...I didn't hurt you did I...?”

Vivian said yes but it is heal-able...?”

I started rocking my body...?”

Vivian said it's M-Kay big Guy...?”

I Bit my lip Sure...?”


Vivian said awe...yes sure...?”

I swallowed hard looked into her eyes...?”

Vivian said oh... your shaking Duke...and again guess was emotional but My breath caught in my throat I'm sorry but I love you, a voice called silently from within... as I gasped and she'd dash at the tears that ran down my hot Pitch red Flushed Cheeks...?”

Vivian said Duke and whipped away my tears she'd ask what is it Duke...?”


I said sorry nothing and let her down and I zipped up leaving my Button undone taking my Belt off and she'd pull my shirt down over her taking her bangs behind her ear and her eyes would Narrow looking way up at me as I was looking down at my jeans then I'd look down at her.. She'd Gaze at me My hair was down so my bangs wet from sweat hung down over my right eye she'd gaze up me and My Muscles all taut and Budged out Lyke Like stones Covered in Sweat I'd look back down at her with my Bright-eyes... noticing the way she was gazing at me so intensively...?”

Vivian said Oh God... Duke your”

I went so what... and swallowed hard...?”


Vivian said why... didn't I see it...?”

I said see what...?”

Vivian said Oh Duke your so... sexy as she looked at me so intensively...?”

I swallowed hard Cocking my head up Lyke Ed-Lover moving my big bow leg and said Sexy...?”

Vivian said ye-sh... Beautiful...?”

I gasped... and said Damien hit your head hard didn't he...?”


Vivian said No, Duke I mean it...?”

I gasped and said I donno Vivian...?”

Vivian gazed at me...?”

I said excuse me please... went into the kitchen and grabbed me a Yeager Popped the top and took a big Gulp looked and there she was again gazing at me...I Popped My neck, My Knuckles, My shoulders and My Jaw Humph... and Licked My lips...getting ready to take a drink of my Yeager...?”

Vivian said Duke...?”

I said yeah looking down at her...?”

Vivian said I don't want to be with Damien anymore...?”

I said then don't be, look in the mirror see who is the fairest one of them all, is me...?” Is it you...?”

Is it us...?” then I'd have to agree, so what does that mean then be with me Vivian and why... Because Un lyke Damien Imam say what's in my head and that is Vivian I Love you and swallowed hard now it's up to you Baby...?”


I said what you want, do you want him... or do you want me...Because I want you...?”

Vivian said you Love me, for how long Duke...?”

I said the whole time since you first came over with Damien...?”

Vivian said you wanted me too...?”

I said ye-sh...?”

Vivian said why didn't you till me...?”

I said what would have been the point it was pointless you was with I kept it to myself...?” “Sorry” so Imam tilling you now here is My heart...Do you want it, or do you want Damien...?”


Vivian said I'll Take it...?”

I said take what...?”

Vivian said your Heart you Big Silly...?”

I gasped...?”

Vivian said if you still want me...?”

I said then so be it I'm yours very quickly so it took me no time...?”

Vivian said “Really...?”

I said yes, But I arched my eyebrow I don't share and moved my Eyebrow's at her...?”


Vivian “giggled” need not worry bout that Big Boy your all I need and bit her lip...?”

I gasped.... thanking “DAMN!”


The End!”


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Submitted: September 21, 2018

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