August (Twilight)

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I feel a lot. And i feel like i can't exactly tell people, so i write down everything i feel instead of talking about it. This is the easy way for me.

Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



I hope you understand

That I fell in love with you

But I can never tell you

Despite how much I want to

I'm just so afraid

I'm terrified

That you don't love me too

That I'm just not enough for you


I hope you understand

You're always on my mind

I lose my anxiety, I unwind

Around you

I can't think around you

You're heart is so kind

But those words I can't find

I'm losing my mind

Only around you


I hope you understand

I don't think very much of myself

I really hate who I am

And who I've become

But you bring out the best in me

You force me to be

Who I am

Not what I think everyone thinks of me

You understand me

You know me better than everyone else

But you'd still leave me

Because you're afraid of everything else


I hope you understand

That I understand

All that you've been through

I know it hurt you

It made you hate the world

It made you hate you

It made you not able

To do certain things

It made you unstable

Almost without feelings

And I understand

I don't need all that

I don't love like that

I just need you

Who you are

Even all the things you've been through


I hope you understand

You're not alone

Not while I'm here

You're heart has become stone

But I can make it silicone

I can't just stand by

And let you try to fix it

On your own

But I can't help you

If you don't let me in

I want to help you be happy

And just begin again

Somehow together we can be happy

And love even in sin


I hope you understand

That i love you

And everything you lack

Even though you can't love me back.


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